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Professional Wrestling CollectiblesProfessional Wrestling Collectibles

Goldberg. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The Rock. Mankind. Sting. The Undertaker. Andre the Giant. Brutus Beefcake. Hulk Hogan. Hacksaw Jim Duggan. 

Comic-book superheroes and villains? Close. They're professional wrestlersand just as they've stomped opponents in the ring, pro wrestling itself is stomping its opponents in the sports arena. Professional wrestling is the fastest-growing form of entertainment in the U.S., and along with the sport's record-breaking popularity, the collectibles market for pro wrestling has skyrocketed. 

Professional Wrestling Collectibles covers every known aspect of the wrestling collectibles market for the millions of fans and collectors. It features hundreds of wrestling-related memorabilia including dolls and figures, autographs, Halloween costumes, photographs, posters and programs, magazines, games, videos, and moreall identified and valued for the first time in one book. 

From true-blue fans to casual observers, this book is a must-have for every wrestling fan. 

  • Pricing for hundreds of wrestling collectibles.
  • All-color book, featuring 400 photos.
  • First guide of its kind. 

Written by: Kristian Pope, Ray Whebbe, Jr.

Length: 160 pages, with 400 color photos

Published in: June 2000  

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