WCW Thunder

Melbourne, Australia
October 18, 2000

Although several matches were booked for the final show of the tour from down under, everyone was focused on one contest - the Armageddon Match, in which 30 competitors entered the ring at 30 second intervals, with the last man in getting a shot at the world champion. With all of the big names involved, in the end, it was a "blast from the past" who took the victory and secured himself a chance at the gold. 

A vignette of kick boxing champion Sam Greco was shown. 

Rey Mysterio, Jr. with Tygress d. "Above Average" Mike Sanders
Tygress came to the ring wearing a neckbrace as a result of a guitar shot over the head from Jeff Jarrett on Nitro. Sanders praised the coaching job of Kevin Nash, saying that Big Sexy was taking The Natural Born Thrillers straight to the top. Above Average changed the rules to his Halloween Havoc match against The Cat to a three round kick boxing match. Miller, with Ms. Jones by his side, came down the aisle, ready for a verbal battle. Rey Mysterio attacked from behind, sending Sanders reeling, as Miller and Jones joined the announcers at ringside. After a big BroncoBuster, Rey went to the top, but was brought down hard by the Cruiserweight Champion. Sanders got mouthy with The Cat at ringside and got a low blow for his troubles. Mike was thrown back into the ring and was swiftly pinned by Mysterio, much to the delight of the Australian crowd. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson
Douglas said that he would roll over Big Vito and go on to win the Armageddon Match later in the show. 

Backstage, Kronik attacked Goldberg as he arrived to the arena. 

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson d. Big Vito
Vito took the mic and pumped up the crowd before his match against The Franchise. Douglas and Vito exchanged armbars and headlocks, as the two countered and reversed the other to start things off. The former Hardcore Champion landed with a headbutt from the top, but was distracted by Wilson, who jumped up on the apron to assist her man. Wilson threw a chain to The Franchise, who used it on Vito, all out of the referee's sight. Moments later, Douglas delivered The Franchiser for the win. 

Backstage, Ron Harris ran his mouth toward Goldberg and was slugged across the mouth by the former WCW Champion. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Crowbar
Crowbar tried to pick up Pamela, but was stopped by Awesome, who wanted to talk about the big Armageddon Match in the main event. 

The Boogie Knights d. The Harris Boys
DISQO said The Harris Brothers were stupid, just like the Australians. Heavy D came to the ring by himself, taking on The Boogie Knights in a handicapped match. DISQO and Wright worked Don Harris over, but the big man fought back with all he had. As the Knights celebrated on the turnbuckles, Big Ron arrived to the ring and disposed of Wright, before flattening DISQO and his duck. Don threw the duck into the crowd and the twins doubled up on Alex Wright. DISQO used a foreign object across the back of Heavy D, leading to the pinfall win. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Team Canada
The members of Team Canada argued amongst themselves over who was going to win the Armageddon Match. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Scott Steiner with Midajah Big Poppa told Pam that everyone would be coming in second place behind him in the Armageddon Match. 

Goldberg d. "Prime Time" Elix Skipper
Skipper talked smack on the microphone, unaware that Goldberg entered the ring and was standing behind him. When the "Canadian" warrior backed into the monster, he threw several punches, which only made Goldberg angrier. Prime Time was almost cut in half with a spear, before going down in certain defeat to the Jackhammer. After the match, Goldberg told Kronik that they were next. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Jeff Jarrett
The Chosen One called Sting a shell of his former self. Jarrett predicted that he would win the Armageddon Match and go on to his fifth reign as WCW Champion. 

"The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Billy Kidman and Konnan with Tygress
Steiner tore into Kidman right away, easily pressing him above his head with a press slam. Konnan caught Steiner with a shot, allowing Billy to connect with a big dropkick from the top. K-Dogg tagged in and dropped Jarrett with a rolling clothesline, followed by a face jam for a close two-count. Torrie walked down to ringside and pulled Tygress to the back by her neck. Big Poppa brought Kidman down with a Samoan drop from the top and applied the Steiner Recliner for the second submission win over Kidman in 48 hours. 

Outside, The Nature Boy Ric Flair arrived in a black limousine. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Booker T Booker told the Thrillers to prepare to be served by the big boys of WCW.

Tony Schiavone Interview: Sam Greco
Greco told Tony Schiavone that he didn't plan to change his style as he moved from the kick boxing world into the wrestling rings. He praised Goldberg as a great ambassador for the company. Tony welcomed him aboard and predicted big things for the newcomer. 

Backstage, Coach Nash and The Thrillers sang a Backstreet Boys tune to warm up for their upcoming tag team matches. 

Disqualification - Booker T and Sting d. Mark Jindrak and Sean O' Haire 
O' Haire tried to get cocky at the bell, but was put in his place, and to the mat, by The Stinger. The massive champions showed their tremendous strength as they tossed Sting from the floor back into the ring over the top rope. The challengers came back strong and, after Booker brought out the scissors kick and Sting delivered a Scorpion Deathdrop, Mike Sanders entered and floored the referee, causing an immediately disqualification to save the titles. Booker and Sting beat Sanders after the decision. 

Kronik d. The Perfect Event
There was no love lost between Kronik and The Perfect Event as all four men picked up right where they left off in their hot feud over the summer. It was back and forth for a short time, but soon Palumbo was taken for a ride in the High Time. Post match, Goldberg ran in, but was nailed with a chair and given the High Time as well. When Bill got up, Stasiak was still in the ring and fell victim to a Goldberg spear. 

Mark Madden Interview: "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
Flair came to the ring and strutted his stuff before settling down to answer Madden's first question - why was Ric in Australia? He said he was there to bring his son home, prompting David to come to the ring, dressed In a white coat. Ric told his son to forget about Stacey, but David reminded him that he had a DNA Match against Buff Bagwell at Halloween Havoc. The Nature Boy left the ring, once again telling David to come with him. Madden scolded David for raising his voice to his father, but was knocked to the canvas by the young Flair, who attempted to take blood from the announcer. Ric saw what was taking place on the big screen and came back in to pulled his son off. 

Countdown To Armageddon Match
Winner - "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome
Mike Sanders and The Cat drew numbers one and two to start the big 30-man elimination bout for a shot at the WCW title. Next in was Sean Stasiak, who went right after Miller, teaming up with his fellow Thriller. Chuck Palumbo drew number four, bringing the odds to 3-on-1. DISQO was next, and went after The Thrillers upon entering. The other Boogie Knight, Alex Wright joined his partner in the match, followed by Crowbar, Ron Harris, Don Harris, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Lieutenant Loco, and Big Sexy Kevin Nash. Big Sexy started the eliminations, tossing man after man out of the match, until he stood alone. Corporal Cajun was in and out just as fast. Kwee Wee was next, and suffered the same fate. Mysterio entered over the top rope, delivering a dropkick that took Nash off his feet. The WCW Champion was next and went right after Nash in the corner. That 70's Guy and Sting were the next two in, both to rousing ovations from the Australian crowd. Jarrett entered, and Big Poppa came with him, yet to be officially called out. Sting jumped over the top rope after Steiner and Jarrett, sending them all to the back. Kidman, Lance Storm, and Big Vito got their shot in, followed by the tag team champions, Mark Jindrak and Sean O' Haire. K-Dogg arrived to join the other Animals in the match, but was stopped by the tag champs. Brian Adams and Bryan Clark made their presence known, throwing guys out as soon as they stepped in. Mike Awesome was in the ring with Kronik and The Thrillers, until Goldberg came out, unofficially entering the match. With Awesome, Adams, and Goldberg left, Mike had a staredown with the former champion before the two came together for a double clothesline on Adams over the ropes, making That 70's Guy next in line for a shot at the gold after Halloween Havoc. 

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