WCW Thunder

Sydney, Australia
October 11, 2000

It was show number two in Australia as Sydney hosted Thunder down under on TBS. With both Mike Sanders and The Cat sharing the booking duties, the Australian fans were in for a double treat as the two tried to "out book" the other. In the end, they booked each other in two high profile matches - with Sanders meeting Sting, and The Cat taking on Big Sexy, Kevin Nash. 

Backstage, Scott Steiner attacked "Perfectshawn" Stasiak, telling him to let Mike Sanders know that he wanted a match with Booker T. 

General Rection and Konnan with Tygress d. Lance Storm with Major Gunns and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson
Douglas told Konnan that he was ready for him at Halloween Havoc. As Torrie started to put down the Aussies, Storm and Gunns came to the ring, challenging the crowd to respect the playing of the Canadian national anthem. Konnan and Rection charged the ring, sending Douglas and Storm to the floor. K-Dogg and The Franchise exchanged a series of chops, with The Filthy Animal ending up getting the double team on the wrong side of the ring. When Major Gunns tripped Storm in the corner, Torrie pulled her to the floor by her hair, prompting Tygress to tear into Wilson, all to the delight of the Sydney crowd. Rection tagged into the action, but was stopped by Douglas. Billy Kidman ran in and delivered the Kid Crusher to Shane, leaving him prone for Rection's No Laughing Matter moonsault for the win. 

Backstage, Stasiak told Sanders about Scott Steiner's request. Above Average told Perfectshawn to relay his response to Big Poppa, but Stasiak declined. 

Interview: The Cat with Ms. Jones
The commissioner introduced karate champion Sam Greco to the ring as the newest edition to World Championship Wrestling. Greco played to the Australian crowd, before thanking The Cat for giving him the opportunity to participate in WCW. The Natural Born Thrillers arrived on the stage, with Sanders asking Miller where he got the authority to hire new people. The two went back and forth, verbally jabbing each other, with The Cat booking Sanders in a match against Mark Madden. Above Average followed that up by scheduling The Cat to take on Kevin Nash. Miller changed his mind, replacing Madden with Sting in the match against Sanders. Stasiak was sent into the ring, but was knocked silly by a Greco front kick. 

Backstage, Sanders told Jindrak and O' Haire to go take care of "Thriller business." Palumbo and Johnny the Bull made fun of a beaten up Stasiak. 

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
Corporal Cajun and Lieutenant Loco d. Mark Jindrak and Sean O' Haire
The champions used their power early on their MIA opponents, bringing them to the canvas hard with big suplexes. The MIA took control with speed and agility, taking the big men off their feet. Loco found himself in the wrong corner and was brutalized by Jindrak and O' Haire. The Lieutenant tagged Cajun, but the champions stopped the Corporal in his tracks. Jindrak hit a huracanrana from the top and O' Haire set for the Seanton Bomb, but was knocked off the ropes by Loco. In the end, The Misfits scored the upset win to gain the WCW titles. Mike Sanders came out and announced The MIA as the new champs, but ordered a rematch to start immediately. 

WCW World Tag team Title Match
Mark Jindrak and Sean O' Haire d. Corporal Cajun and Lieutenant Loco
The Thrillers attacked the champions, taking them off guard after the bell. O' Haire grabbed one of the WCW titles and, when the referee wasn't looking, took it over Cajun's head. The double-teaming of the massive Thrillers proved to be too much, as they got the win and regained the gold. Sgt. A-WALL stormed to the ring and choke slammed both O' Haire and Jindrak after the match. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: "Prime Time" Elix Skipper
Skipper said that Billy Kidman had no business interfering in Lance Storm's match, and challenged him to a match for later in the show. 

Backstage, Mike Sanders told Chuck Palumbo that he was chosen to take Goldberg out later in the night. 

Disqualification - Kronik d. Booker T
Booker told Scott Steiner that he was ready to face him at the PPV. T told Sanders to send out anyone from the back. Kronik hit the ring, and the two-on-one match was underway. On the outside, Clark and Adams slammed Booker repeatedly into the guardrail, trying to wear him down before his big title match at Havoc. The referee was knocked down as T came alive, throwing a huge sidekick, but Kronik stayed strong. As the two were about take Booker up for the High Time, Goldberg ran in, spearing Clark to the mat. Booker got back up and he and Bill sent Kronik running, as the referee called for a disqualification win for Adams and Clark. 

Backstage, Chuck Palumbo spoke with his mother on the phone, asking for advice for his match against Goldberg. 

Backstage, Johnny the Bull told Kevin Nash that Mike Sanders had big problems on his hands. Nash said there were no problems, only solutions. 

"Prime Time" Elix Skipper with "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan d. Billy Kidman
The two former Cruiserweight Champions were all over, both in and out of the ring. The fans were solidly behind Billy, as he worked over the inexperienced Skipper. Team Canada came back, but after a missed elbow from the top by Prime Time, Kidman hit a springboard bulldog from the corner. Several pin attempts followed, with neither man gaining a three. Duggan slid a chair into the ring, distracting the referee long enough to hit Kidman with the 2 X 4, setting Skipper to apply the Overdrive for the victory. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Chuck Palumbo
Pamela asked Palumbo what his mother's advice was. He whispered it to her, but she blurted out loud that her advice was to run. 

The Lava Lamp Lounge: Kwee Wee and Paisley
Awesome adored himself to the Australian crowd, going along with their country chant. As Kwee Wee spoke into the microphone, "That 70's Guy" hit on Paisley, angering the young designer. Johnny the Bull jumped Kwee Wee, as The Harris Brothers destroyed Awesome, telling him to be ready for more later in the night. 

Backstage, Nash asked Sanders why he was warming up. Mike told the coach that he was readying himself for his match against Sting. Sanders then informed Big Sexy that he would face The Cat later on Thunder. 

Goldberg d. "The Event" Chuck Palumbo and "Perfectshawn" Stasiak
Palumbo came strong after the monster Goldberg, but was stopped almost before he got started. Stasiak came in, but was met with a spear. After a pair of Jackhammers, Goldberg pinned both men, giving him two more wins on his way to beating his streak. 

Sting d. "Above Average" Mike Sanders
The Cat joined the announcers, as the match was ready to start. When The Stinger's music played, Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring dressed as the "retro" Sting once again. He lay on the canvas and told Sanders to cover him. Just then, the lights flickered, bringing the real Sting to the ring. He blasted Jarrett to the outside, but was caught with a baseball bat shot, courtesy of Sanders. Mike applied a Cobra Clutch, but Sting escaped, sending the Cruiserweight Champion to the corner. After a series of splashes, Above Average was dropped hard with the Scorpion Deathdrop, giving Sting the 1-2-3 win. 

Backstage, Sanders wondered where the rest of The Thrillers were while he was getting killed in the ring. 

"That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome and Crowbar d. The Harris Brothers
Awesome and Crowbar ran down the aisle and into the ring, looking to exact some revenge from The Harris Brothers' attack earlier. Awesome hit a double plancha to the outside on both Don and Ron, bringing the crowd to their feet. The biker twins used their experience to keep Crowbar down, as he desperately tried to make the tag with That 70's Guy. Awesome finally tagged in, but was soon put in a double Boston Crab by his opponents. Crowbar slid a table into the ring, and clobbered Ron with a steel chair. Don kicked the chair into Crowbar's face and charged after Awesome, who backdropped him into the table and got the pin. 

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Rey Mysterio, Jr. with Tygress
It was a contrast in size and style as Big Poppa Pump faced off against Rey Mysterio, Jr. Steiner threw Rey around like a rag doll, tossing him to the floor and following him out. Back inside, Scott continued his onslaught, even getting in the face of the referee, Mickey Jay. Mysterio came back with a brief flurry, but after a huge Steinerline, he was back on the mat. As Steiner did a set of push-ups, Rey went to the top and brought a legdrop down across the back of Scott's neck. Big Poppa recouped and, after two devastating suplexes off the top rope, finished Rey off with his patented Steiner Recliner. 

Disqualification - The Cat with Ms. Jones d. "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash
Sanders, who was out commentating, distracted The Cat, allowing Nash to get the upper hand going in. Nash asked for a test of strength, but Miller chose to deliver a kick to the ribs instead. Cat had Nash on the defense when Sanders entered, smashing a chair over Miller's head for the DQ. As Big Sexy and Sanders set The Cat up for a double team, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting, and Jeff Jarrett all ran in, followed by Goldberg and Kronik. A huge brawl ensued with all of the Halloween Havoc combatants facing off as Thunder faded to black. 


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