WCW Thunder

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
August 16, 2000

In the homestretch of the WCW Canadian tour, things were still at an all-time high, as Thunder aired from the Riverside Coliseum. While The MIA came together to fight against the Team Canada unit, another faction emerged on the scene, as the Power Plant contingency added another to the fold with "Above Average" Mike Sanders.

Backstage, Kevin Nash and Rick Steiner exchanged words. It ended with Big Sexy challenging Rick Steiner to a match.

Outside the arena, The Cat stopped Team Canada as they got out of their limo, telling them they would fight as a group against MIA later in the show.

Kronic d. Four Unnamed Opponents
Brian Adams rallied the crowd behind his team before the match began. He went on to guarantee victory over their four opponents in two minutes or less. The former champions threw their nameless victims around like rag dolls, taking the biggest of the four up for the High Time in an easy workout. The Harris Boys appeared on the big screen, warning Kronic to watch their backs.

Backstage, Mean Gene and Mark Madden prepared in their respective dressing rooms for the "match of the millennium."

Backstage, "Above Average" Mike Sanders tried to talk himself into The Filthy Animals. At first, the group vetoed the idea, but eventually agreed to give him a tryout.

Backstage, Vampiro stewed about The Demon's turn this past Monday on Nitro, telling Muta that he was to exact revenge against the KISS creature.

Interview: David Flair
Flair came out and asked Ms. Hancock to come to the ring. David got down on one knee, and as he prepared to ask for her hand in marriage, The MIA stormed the ring. The Misfits held Hancock back as Sgt. AWOL destroyed the young Flair. Major Gunns told David he got what he deserved, and she and her men headed to the back. Hancock told Flair that he couldn't even get this right, as she took the ring from his pants pocket and placed it on her finger.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: The MIA
General Rection pumped up his army for their upcoming battle against Team Canada.

Backstage, Crowbar asked Daffney if she was OK with the David Flair and Ms. Hancock situation. She assured him she was fine, as she spoke of her secret admirer.

Disqualification - Rey Mysterio Jr. and The Juice with The Filthy Animals and "Above Average" Mike Sanders d. Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire
Sanders tried to jive on the mic with The Animals, but Konnan told him to shut up. Juvi and Rey worked over their bigger opponents, using their experience advantage to catch the rookies off guard. Soon however, it was Jindrak and O'Haire using quick tags to keep the champions rocking. Guerrera came back with some high-flying, but the powerhouses continued to use their strength against Mysterio and The Juice. Out of nowhere, The Perfect Event and Reno hit the ring after The Animals, as Mike Sanders turned on Konnan and Disco, siding with his Power Plant alumni.

Backstage, Mean Gene asked "Screamin" Norman some advice for his upcoming match against Mark Madden.

Backstage, Tank Abbott told 3 Count to pack their bags, as they were heading back to the States to fix the backups on their latest single.

The Great Muta d. The Demon
Muta ran right for The Demon, ripping into him in the corner of the ring. The bigger Demon turned things around, showing Muta that he could hold his own against the Japanese legend. As Muta placed the KISS creature in a half crab submission, Vampiro made his way to the ring, kendo stick in hand. Vamp distracted Mickey Jay as Muta used the stick on the midsection of his opponent. The Demon fought back, but as he set for the Love Gun, Muta spit the green mist into his eyes and finished him off with a moonsault for the victory. The Dark Carnival put the boots to Demon after the bout. Vampiro took the mic, telling Sting that he had big plans for him at Fall Brawl.

Backstage, when Rick Steiner got up to see who was banging on his dressing room door, no one was around, enraging the Dog-Faced Gremlin even more.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Mark Madden
"Smokey" Madden insulted Pamela Paulshock, telling her that he was prepared to destroy her "sugar daddy," Mean Gene.

Team Canada d. The MIA
Storm introduced Team Canada to their home country before the battle got underway. The MIA interrupted the Canadian national anthem, causing the crowd to start a "U.S. sucks" chant. The faster guys started out, before Oulette came in and nearly took Loco's head off with a vicious clothesline. Team Canada remained in control, using Lieutenant Loco as a punching bag. Rection made the hot tag and battered Storm, as Loco and Cajun sprung off the General's body to the outside onto their opponents. Storm attacked the leg of Rection however, and after rolling into a single leg crab, got the submission win. He would not release the hold, prompting The Cat to charge the ring with a steel chair. Team Canada stomped him down as well before leaving to the adulation of the crowd. The Cat finally got up and challenged Storm to a one on one match. Storm said he would accept if The Cat put his job as commissioner on the line against the Canadian title.

Canadian Title vs. Commissioner Job
Disqualification - The Cat d. Lance Storm
Both men turned it on 10, as the power of WCW was on the line in this all-important match. Storm had the advantage at the beginning, but when Miller took over, Carl Oulette ran in with the Canadian flagpole, causing the referee Jamie Tucker to call for a disqualification.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Rick Steiner
The Dog-Faced Gremlin got two words out of his mouth before a ruckus ensued out of camera range, with the set being tipped over in the direction of Steiner.

Kamloops Street Fight
Mean Gene Okerlund d. Mark "Smokey" Madden
Madden talked smack on Mean Gene as Okerlund came to the ring, dressed in Kamloops apparel, set to begin the "match of the millennium." Gene got the mic and told Madden to blow it out his ass. Okerlund called for a pose down, but after removing his jersey, Madden choked Gene down on the canvas. Norman Smiley arrived at ringside, but Carl Oulette jumped on him, causing Big Vito to come out. Smokey climbed to the second turnbuckle, ready to end Mean Gene's life, but Pamela ran from the back and delivered a low blow, setting Okerlund up for a pinfall victory.

Backstage, Big Vito demanded The Cat to give him a match against Carl Oulette.

Tony Schiavone Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett stated that the wrestling business goes through a change every five or six years and felt that they were going through one currently. He worried about the youngsters coming out of the Power Plant, who aren't getting the opportunity to work a territory and learn the business from every aspect. Jarrett doesn't think the newer guys respect the business, but blames the higher ups in wrestling for the change. After Schiavone told Jarrett that his NBR match against Booker T was a match of the year candidate, Jarrett disagreed, stating that he didn't feel he took it to a different level in that bout, and has and will have much better. In closing, Jeff stated that although there have been several behind the scenes changes over the past 10 months, he now felt that the company was moving in the right direction.

Backstage, Billy Kidman thanked Big Vito for helping him out on Monday night when he was attacked.

Big Vito d. Carl "The Rave" Oulette
The Rave knocked Vito hard to the canvas at the bell. The former Mamaluke came off the top with the Staten Island elbow, but only got a two-count. Oulette countered with a huge splash from the top turnbuckle, but he couldn't put Vito away. A chopfest ensued, followed by a implant DDT for a Big Vito win. Reno charged in after the big Italian, planting him with the "Roll The Dice." As Reno was about to finish Vito off with a chair, Billy Kidman saved, dropping him with the Kid Crusher. The Power Plant entourage swarmed the ring, annihilating Kidman until The Filthy Animals joined the bedlam. When Team Canada got involved in the brawl, Mike Awesome entered the mix, fighting off the Canadian favorites.

Backstage, Rick Steiner spoke with Scott Steiner on a cell phone. Suddenly, Goldberg attacked with a lead pipe, grabbing the phone to taunt Big Poppa as he stood over Rick's prone body.

Backstage, Stevie Ray tried to get word on the condition of Rick Steiner as paramedics loaded him into an ambulance.

Interview: Kevin Nash
Big Sexy said he wasn't going to waste his time calling Bill Goldberg to the ring. He stated that he was there because he didn't want to cheat his fans from seeing the next world champion. Booker T came out and questioned Nash about his statement. T promised the fans that at Fall Brawl, he and Big Sexy would tear the house down and give it everything they had. Nash said he had all the respect in the world for Booker and shook his hand. As the two held their arms high, Nash blindsided the champion with a devastating clothesline, followed by a huge Jackknife as Thunder came to an end.

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