Richmond Colisseum, Richmond, Virginia
December 30, 1999

The final SmackDown! of the millennium kicked off from Richmond, Virginia, with Triple H and Stephanie discussing Monday's events in the locker room. Soon Kane entered the locker room, accompanied by Tori. Triple H asked Kane for help, since Triple H had done Kane the favor of a match with Test Monday night. He asked Kane to take on The Rock in a No Holds Barred Match that night, and to up the ante, he pointed out the way The Rock looks at Tori. Kane took the match.

Test made his way to the ring next, and looked at Lilian Garcia in shock as she announced he would take on the Big Boss Man and Prince Albert in a Handicap Match! After the Boss Man hit Test in the face with his nightstick and Prince Albert nailed Test with a bicycle kick, he was easy pickings for the 1-2-3.

As Triple H and Stephanie celebrated Test's loss, Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah came into their locker room and said they didn't like the way the happy couple had treated their friend, Mick Foley. Triple H and Stephanie called them an embarrassment to the company, and said that they had to take on the Hollys that night, or else they would be fired as well.

In the first two "Classic Mick Foley" segments of the night, we saw Mick leaping off the top of a steel cage onto Triple H at SummerSlam '97, and the night Mankind debuted.

Al Snow then made his way into Triple H and Stephanie's locker room, saying that he was overjoyed that Mick had been fired, and wondering if he could take Mick's spot. They said he could have it, plus a special bonus, if he could beat Jeff Hardy.

Rikishi, accompanied by Too Cool, took on Kurt Angle next. As a special stipulation, Steve Blackman was handcuffed to the ringpost to prevent his interference. But when the referee's back was turned, Blackman took a key out of his pocket, undid the handcuffs, knocked Rikishi out cold with a pair of nunchucks and re-attached himself to the ringpost. Angle picked up an easy win, as Triple H wondered allowed how Blackman got a key. Stephanie smiled and said she didn't know, but it was now definite that Angle would be undefeated at the end of the century.

The next "Classic Mick Foley" moment was from 1997, the Summer of Love tour.

As Tori bought a soda, Stephanie approached her and told her that The Rock likes to violate women, and that she saw him looking at her.

With his brother injured, Jeff Hardy made his way to the ring for singles action against Al Snow. As Al stood on the top rope, Jeff’s brother Matt smacked him with a steel chair, allowing Jeff to make the pin.

The next two "Classic Mick Foley" moments took us back to Hell in a Cell and Mankind’s first World Wrestling Federation Championship victory.

Accompanied to the ring by Mark Henry and Harvey Whippleman, Mae Young and Moolah took on the Hollys. The ladies took it right to the cousins – at one point, Mae Young executed a bronco buster onto Hardcore Holly! In the end, Crash Holly clotheslined and powerslammed Mae for the win.

As Michael Hayes was about to interview The Rock, Tori walked by and seemed scared of the Great One.

Kane and The Rock went at it tooth-and-nail in their No Holds Barred Match. After Kane accidentally clotheslined Tori, The Rock stunned Kane with a chair shot to the head and a Rock Bottom for the win. The Rock celebrated as Kane attended to Tori.

The next "Classic Mick Foley" moment took us back to the birth of Mr. Socko.

After a brief highlight package of Monday’s "Pink Slip on a Pole" Match, Jim Ross had a special interview with Mick. Foley spoke of how he wanted to go out on his own terms, in the main event of WrestleMania as Federation Champion. He said he had no bitterness towards The Rock, and that while Rock’s best days were still ahead of him, that his own had passed. He said the two proudest moments of his career were winning the Federation Championship and competing as Cactus Jack at Madison Square Garden in 1997. Mick said that he was the person to decide how he was going to go out, and that he would do something about it somehow.

Watching the interview with Mick, X-Pac laughed backstage. Triple H and Stephanie then told him that if he did not beat the Big Show that night, that he would be fired as well.

Chyna made her way to the ring, accompanied by World Wrestling Federation Women’s Champion The Kat. She addressed the rumors about why she had been helping Chris Jericho win matches – not admiration or mutual respect; she was simply biding her time waiting for her injured hand to heal. And now that it had, it was time to take her title back. Jericho made his way to ringside and said that Chyna actually helped him because she had a crush on him! After a hard-fought match, Jericho suplexed Chyna onto a steel chair. Two referees counted the pinfall, each counting a different competitor’s shoulders down. No ruling was ever made as to who the Intercontinental Champion was.

The next "Classic Mick Foley" moment featured the Rock-n-Sock Connection’s first Tag Team Championship win.

Faarooq of the Acolytes then took on Buh Buh Ray Dudley, as the Mean Street Posse watched from the stage. The Posse soon made their way to the ring and clubbed Faarooq savagely. Rodney executed the "High Society" on Faarooq as the Dudleys ambushed Bradshaw in the corner.

The next two "Classic Mick Foley" moments featured the Rock "This is your Life" segment, and the publication of Mick's book.

The Gothic duo of Gangrel and Luna then took on Viscera and Jacqueline in mixed tag team action. With Gangrel knocked out, Viscera slammed all his weight down onto Luna, knocking her out cold for the win. Numerous EMTs, including B.B., made their way to the ring to stretched Luna out.

Michael Hayes confronted The Rock backstage, asking if he felt guilty for Mankind's firing. The question enraged The Rock, who said it was unfair how Mankind was treated after all he had done for the business.

X-Pac took on the Big Show in the main event in a non-title match, as Triple H and Stephanie watched from the McMahon-Helmsley sofa. With X-Pac in trouble, Triple H announced that it was actually a Handicap Match - and X-Pac's partner was Road Dogg! Minutes later, he added a third man to the team - Mr. Ass! And finally, he made it a four-on-one by joining the team himself! After a brutal chairshot which busted the Big Show wide open, DX delivered a Fame-asser onto the chair, a Bronco buster, and finally a Pedigree, and X-Pac pinned the Big Show. The show ended with Stephanie and Triple H addressing the World Wrestling Federation locker room - saying that if you mess with them, you have to choices: You get your ass kicked, or you get your ass fired!