Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas
December 23, 1999

For the second consecutive week, SmackDown started with a meeting of the World Wrestling Federation Superstars. Only this week, instead of Triple H and Stephanie running the meeting, it was Mankind. He called the McMahon/Helmsley era the McMahon/Helmsley “error,” and said that it stinks. He and the other superstars then vowed that they weren’t going to take it anymore. Suddenly, Stephanie stormed into the meeting, and admitted that she had made some mistakes in the past two weeks. Her biggest mistake, she said, was listening to Triple H. She said it was time to get back to business - and the McMahon/Helmsley era was now simply the McMahon era. To prove it, she booked several matches for the show - Test vs. Road Dogg, The Rock vs. Al Snow in a cage and Big Show vs. Mankind for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, with Triple H suspended above the ring in a cell, and with Test, Edge, Christian and Matt Hardy as enforcers!

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho made his way to the ring next, promising that Hardcore Holly would not have a “Holly Jolly Christmas” after he was done with him. As Y2J put his challenger in the Walls of Jericho, Hardcore Holly’s cousin Crash blasted Jericho with the Intercontinental belt, giving the Ayotollah of Rock and Rollah a disqualification win. As the Holly cousins double-teamed Jericho, Chyna made her way to the ring to help the champ out.

Backstage, in the D-Generation X locker room, Triple H and the New Age Outlaws questioned what had gotten into Stephanie. Kane had been called into the McMahon locker room, where Stephanie asked him to be her bodyguard for the night and to protect her from DX. She said that in exchange for Kane’s help, she would give him a match with X-Pac on Monday’s RAW. Kane accepted.

Rikishi made his way to the ring next to battle the man he teamed with at Armageddon, Viscera. The two monsters shook the ring before Rikishi finally picked up the win with his sit-down splash. After the match, Too Cool made their way to the ring to get down with the big man.

Backstage, Test confronted Stephanie, openly questioning if he could trust her after all they had been through. She swore she was sincere, and said he would trust her after she stopped DX from interfering in his match that night.

The Rock was up next for a special interview with the Coach, Jonathan Coachman. The Rock ran down some great moments of the millennium - Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity, Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon, and the first time The Rock ever turned his head and raised his eyebrow, becoming the People’s Champion. He then said that the worst moment of the millennium was when Mrs. Snow gave birth to Al.

Next, Test took on the Road Dogg. Still wearing a guard to protect his eternally broken nose, Test took it to the D-O-Double-G, and pinned him after an elbow from the top rope.

Backstage, Triple H and Mr. Ass could take it no longer, and decided to confront Stephanie. When they did, Stephanie announced that Billy would have to face Kane on the show. Triple H then took Stephanie aside and admitted that maybe he had gone too far. Stephanie assured him that this was just business, not personal. She said that their sex was great, but she was in charge now. Triple H begged her not to put him in the cage because the seven other superstars would eat him alive. Stephanie said that he would be in the cage, and had four cops hold Triple H under locker-room arrest to made sure he did so.

The Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle made his way to the ring next, saying that he loves the intensity and integrity of Texans, but dislikes their lack of intelligence. That earned boos from the capacity crowd at the Reunion Arena in Dallas. Those boos quickly turned to cheers, however, when Edge came out to face Angle! During the match, Steve Blackman made his way to ringside, and after he hit Edge with his kendo stick, Angle had picked up another victory, continuing his undefeated streak! Backstage, Stephanie then asked Blackman why he helped Angle. Blackman said he was only doing what she told him to do Monday when Angle faced Viscera - but Stephanie said that it wasn’t Monday, it was Thursday. She then told Blackman to stay out of Angle’s business.

Al Snow then tracked Stephanie down. He said that since he beat The Rock on Monday, that he deserved the title shot against the Big Show, not Mankind. Stephanie told Al that if he could beat The Rock in the cage later that night, then he would earn a title shot against the Big Show Monday on RAW. Snow then made his way to the ring to face The Rock in the steel cage. Snow took it to the People’s Champ, even assaulting him with a steel chair. But in the end, it was the People’s Elbow that earned Rocky the win via pinfall, much to the delight of the sold-out crowd.

After meeting with the other female Federation Superstars about the way they had been treated lately, Ivory then made her way to the ring, determined to restore respect to women’s wrestling. She challenged The Kat to a match and said The Kat could add any stipulations she wanted. The Kat, wearing a luscious Christmas outfit, agreed to a no-DQ, no countout, anything goes match-up. The bell then rang, and Chyna made her way into the ring to face Ivory! After a Pedigree, The Kat made her way back into the ring and easily pinned Ivory.

The Mean Street Posse formed a makeshift alliance with Kaientai, who were preparing to take on Christian and Matt Hardy. After Christian and Matt Hardy won, the Posse had words with Taka and Funaki in the ring. When the Posse turned their backs, Kaientai attacked them and then ran away.

Backstage, Jim Ross warned Mankind to watch out for himself in the title match with Big Show.

Kane took on Mr. Ass next. Kane won following a chokeslam. Triple H and Road Dogg tried to leave the DX locker room to assist in the assault on Kane, but Triple H was forced to stay by the cops. Kane got the better of Mr. Ass and Road Dogg in the scuffle, and even got Road Dogg to tell him where X-Pac was holding Tori!

After reciting a special poem for Mae Young, Mark Henry took on Bubba Ray Dudley. D-Von tried to interfere, but Mae held him back, and Mark was able to defeat Bubba Ray after a big splash!

It was now time for the title match between the Big Show and Mankind. Stephanie knocked on Triple H’s door so he could be escorted to his special cell to be hung above the ring. Triple H put up a fight, but eas eventually locked in the cage. Test, Edge, Christian and Matt Hardy then made their way down to be special enforcers for the match. Big Show and Mankind battled it out for the championship, as Triple H watched from above. Eventually, several superstars made their way to ringside to battle it out with the enforcers, as Triple H’s cage began to lower! Triple H then managed to escape from the cage as the New Age Outlaws made their way to the ring. The three superstars brutally assaulted Mankind as Stephanie looked on in shock. But that shock quickly turned to passion, as she gave her husband a big kiss! Their dissension had been a ruse all along! Triple H then said that he and his bride has two words for everyone - “Merry Christmas!”