Anaheim, California
December 2, 1999

Stephanie McMahon made her way to the ring immediately as SmackDown! got underway. She took full responsibility for what happened in Las Vegas - including her marriage to Triple H. She added that she would never forgive Triple H for wrecking her life. She asked her father and brother, Vince and Shane McMahon, to join her in the ring. She told them that she got herself into the problem, and she'd get herself out. She made her family promise that they'd let her handle the situation her way. Shane and Vince begrudgingly agreed.

Backstage, Big Vis was doing himself up nice - spraying himself with cologne and combing his hair - until Kane attacked him from behind. The two super heavyweights battled all the way out to the ring and a match got underway. When Kane gained the offensive advantage, X-Pac appeared on the opposite end of the entrance way and told Kane that he had kicked Tori on purpose last Monday on RAW. Kane chased after X-Pac, getting himself counted out. But the Big Red Machine went back to the ring and chokeslammed the 400-plus-pound monster.

Backstage, Al Snow was watching a tape of an old match between he and The Rock, and growing increasingly angry. He told Mankind that he would not be held responsible for whatever he did later on SmackDown! to the People's Champion. Mankind began searching the building for the "Great One."

In tag team competition, Edge and Christian battled the Dudley Boyz. Edge delivered a hurricanrana off the top rope to Buh Buh Ray, but he hurt his knee on the landing. Edge was promptly pinned by D-Von, and the Dudleys continued to attack Edge's knee after the match -- until the Acolytes came out and ran them off.

The European Title was on the line as the British Bulldog, accompanied by the Mean Street Posse, defended against D'Lo Brown. As the match got underway, the referee sent the Posse members back to the locker room. When the Bulldog spilled outside the ring, Val Venis, who will face Bulldog for the title at Armageddon, attacked him. D'Lo went after Val, and in a matter of seconds there was a brawl among all three superstars.

Outside in the parking lot, Stephanie McMahon awaited the arrival of Test. Triple H arrived in his limousine, and Stephanie ran off at the mere sight of him.

Back in the arena, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws made their way to the ring bearing shopping carts full of gifts. The DX boys introduced their fearless leader and the "newest member of the McMahon family" - Triple H. Stephanie's legal husband came out to the McMahon "No Chance in Hell" theme and he was wearing a Vince McMahon mask. He tore off the mask, but what he didn't take off was his wedding ring. X-Pac and the Outlaws gave him a few gifts -- a family portrait of the McMahons (with Triple H pasted on), toasters, a clothing iron, some lingerie for Stephanie (or was it for Triple H?) and a front row ticket to Armageddon for Stephanie so she could "watch her daddy get the living crap kicked out of him." Triple H also announced that since he has a little stroke now, he was declaring his match against Vince at the Pay-Per-View would be anything goes, falls count anywhere.

Back in the locker room, Mankind warned The Rock about Al Snow, but The Rock didn't seem concerned. Al attacked the People's Champion from behind, and when Mankind tore Al off his Rock 'n' Sock Connection partner, Snow walked away in disgust.

Celebrating his New York Times No. 1 bestseller, Mankind made his way to the ring and thanked the fans for buying his book and making it so successful. But he said he couldn't fully enjoy his accomplishments because his "two best friends," The Rock and Al Snow, had a little problem. He implored his buddies to put aside their differences so there could be a "Rock 'n' Sock and Al" Connection. Chris Jericho interrupted and challenged Mankind to a match later on SmackDown! The Deranged One upped the ante, saying that not only would he accept but that he was ready for a match right away. Jericho's Armageddon opponent, Chyna, appeared at ringside with Miss Kitty, and as Kitty distracted the referee, Chyna clobbered Y2J with the Intercontinental Title. Mankind grabbed Mr. Socko and bounced off the ropes, inadvertently hitting Miss Kitty in the process. Mankind turned to check on Kitty, and Jericho rolled up the Deranged One for the surprise victory.

Meanwhile, the only "real" athlete in the Federation was in competition as Kurt Angle teamed up with Steve Blackman to take on the Headbangers. Blackman kicked Thrasher, who went flying backwards into Angle, who dropped him with a belly-to-back suplex for the win. Blackman seemed a bit peeved at Angle's post-match celebration. In fact, Blackman and Angle will meet one on one at Armageddon.

Backstage, Test and Stephanie finally met face to face. Stephanie apologized and tried to explain that she was drugged when she married Triple H. Test said he didn't know what to feel anymore, and walked away. Stephanie was reduced to tears and was consoled by Vince and Shane.

In a special challenge match, Crash Holly took on Rikishi, accompanied by Too Cool. Hardcore Holly joined Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler for commentary. Rikishi finished off Crash with a sit-down piledriver. After the match, Rikishi and his "homies" Too Cool entertained the crowd with their dancing ability.

Al Snow attempted to take out his jealously on The Rock as the two superstars met in singles competition. The Rock got the victory after a People's Elbow, but after the match a furious Snow clobbered The Rock with Head, and tossed him back into the ring. The New Age Outlaws appeared and joined Snow in putting a beating on the People's Champion until Mankind came out with a chair and chased them off.

In a huge six-man tag team match, the Big Show and the Hardy Boyz, accompanied by Terri, battled the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac. The fast-paced and intense battle ended when Matt Hardy pinned X-Pac with a sunset flip. After the match, a nightstick-wielding Big Boss Man clobbered the Show and the Hardys. DX went after their fallen opponents and within seconds, The Rock, Mankind and Kane hit the ring and a melee ensued in the ring.