Rochester, New York
November 25, 1999

SmackDown! started off with a bang from Rochester, N.Y. as D-Generation X waited for the arrival of Vince McMahon with a lawyer at their side. Jim Ross then introduced the World Wrestling Federation Champion, the Big Show. The champ was rudely interrupted by none other than Chris Jericho. Y2J taunted Show, telling him that he has absolutely no charisma, and that Show should be thanking him for not kicking his ass. Jericho challenged Big Show to a title match, which took place immediately.

The angry Big Show would not be pushed around by his adversary, countering Y2J's high-flying maneuvers with power and more power. Just when Show had things in hand, the Big Boss Man headed to the ring. The champ met Boss Man with a flurry of punches while Chyna and Miss Kitty came to ringside. Chyna clubbed Jericho in the head with a hammer twice and left him lying. Show capitalized, delivering a Showstopper to his fallen foe for the victory.

Vince, Shane McMahon and Test arrived outside the arena and were promptly served with a restraining order which kept Vince from coming within 50 feet of DX. Meanwhile, a Thanksgiving feast was being prepared in the dressing area.

An irate Vince began booking matches for the night, declaring that the New Age Outlaws would defend the Tag Titles against the Hardy Boyz in a steel cage. Triple H and X-Pac would also take on Shane and Test.

A drinking Mae Young and her friend, the Fabulous Moolah, were at ringside all decked out in costume for the holiday.

Kurt Angle headed to the ring to take on D'Lo Brown in singles competition. The match was back-and-forth, with each superstar exchanging impact moves. Angle scored another win after a fallaway suplex. After the match, the Thanksgiving feast continued to be prepared. Meanwhile, Mankind told Al Snow that he would see that Al could start hanging around with Mick and Rock. Al did not seem happy about Foley's affiliation with the Great One.

Val Venis and the British Bulldog went head to head for the European Championship. The match ended quickly after the Bulldog delivered a deliberate low blow to Val, earning a disqualification.

DX was seen strolling outside the arena, asking homeless people to have some food with them after, naturally, making fun of the poor men first.

In a Hardcore Championship Match, the Big Boss Man defended against Kane. The action spilled to the outside early on, with Kane doing most of the brawling at first. The champion fought back, but Kane kept the heat on. During the match, Big Vis once again stalked Tori. When Tori ran to find Kane, the Big Red Machine became distracted, allowing Prince Albert to interfere and the Boss Man to score the pinfall backstage.

In a Number One Contenders Match, The Rock 'n' Sock Connection took on the Hollys. Before the match, The Rock sampled poontang pie at ringside! In a giving mood, The Rock offered Michael Cole, who The Rock said has never had poontang pie in his life, some of his favorite pie. Cole loved it, of course, even if it didn't matter how he felt. When the match got underway, both teams traded furious blows. Even though The Rock doesn't know who the Hollys are, he did apparently know how to beat the crap out of them, securing the victory with a People's Elbow on Crash Holly. The Rock 'n' Sock Connection became Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

In one-on-one competition, Rakishi Fatu, accompanied by Too Cool, took on Joey Abs, accompanied by the Mean Street Posse. Rakishi crushed Joey with several splahes and finished him off with his sit-up spike piledriver. After the match, the two teams went at each other. Backstage, DX continued to taunt the homeless people.

Next up, Ivory and Jacqueline battled in a Gravy Bowl Match with Miss Kitty as the guest referee. Jackie got the win, and the Golden Ladle Trophy, after a DDT into the gravy. Ivory attacked Kitty in a postmatch brawl. Following that, Ivory fought with a buxom EMT.

The next match featured the Godfather against Al Snow. Al went down quickly, as the Godfather scored a pinfall victory after a Ho Train and a rollup.

In one of Vince McMahon's announced matches, the Outlaws faced the Hardys in a steel cage with the Tag Titles on the line. The action was fast and furious as the two teams tossed each other around the cage. Matt Hardy even performed a moonsault off the top of the cage! When Mr. Ass looked to backdrop Jeff Hardy, he accidentally flipped the Hardy Boy over the cage and to the floor. However, the ref did not see the exchange and X-Pac tossed Jeff back in the ring before the ref could notice. After X-Pac drilled the Hardys, Mr. Ass secured the victory by crawling out of the ring.

In the final match of the evening, Triple H and X-Pac battled against Shane McMahon and Test. Meanwhile, Vince let the homeless people eat the Thanksgiving meal. Shane started out the bout by getting clobbered. Then he got choked intensely by Triple H. When the degenerates set up Shane, the co-owner ducked and X-Pac accidentally hit Triple H. Test tagged in and was a house of fire in the ring until Hunter extinguished it. Test countered with a pump handle slam, but X-Pac broke the count. The Outlaws then interfered, and Triple H got the pin after X-Pac drilled Test with an X-Factor.

DX wasn't done there, as the group went to work on Shane. Vince appeared on the entranceway, but he couldn't come to the ring because of the restraining order. The Federation owner instead sent out just about every other superstar in the locker room. It wasn't long before fists and food were flying in the ring. Vince and Triple H faced off before a triumphant Vince left.