Cincinati, Ohio
November 18, 1999

SmackDown! started off from Cincinnati with backstage footage of D-Generation X beating the hell out of Gerry Brisco and Pat Patterson. Triple H told Patterson to warn Vince McMahon that the owner is making things too personal. Shortly after, the McMahon family arrived in a limousine only to be told what happened by Sgt. Slaughter. Vince demanded Triple H's head.

Edge and Christian took on the team of Too Cool in the night's opening bout. Grandmaster Sexy said that Too Cool was gonna get wild on the "MoFos." With these four young high-fliers, you better believe the action was all over the ring and outside of it, as well. When Christian nailed Scottie Too Hottie with a reverse DDT, the match seemed to be over, but as Christian went for the pin, the Grandmaster dropped a top-rope legdrop on the Toronto native. Scott Taylor then covered Christian for the victory.

Backstage, the Sarge told Vince that Hunter demanded that Vince come to him. The Federation owner accepted. When the McMahons traveled down to the DX dressing room, Triple H once again warned Vince not to make this personal.

Everyone's favorite "real" athlete, Kurt Angle, then took on Gangrel. The same guy who had a sign proclaiming the WWF as "filth" on RAW was at ringside. Angle seemed confused that the crowd was not behind him, and he let the crowd know about it, proclaiming himself "an American hero." Gangrel beat the hero right out of him, but the Olympian regained the advantage quickly after a series of
throws and suplexes. Angle got the victory after a devastating maneuver.

As Test played the new WrestleMania 2000 video game, Stephanie McMahon opened wedding gifts. The couple received a bowl and an invitation to pick up a gift in a limo outside. Test went to fetch the gift, only to get jumped by DX. The degenerates demolished Vince's future son-in-law and then tossed him into the trunk of a waiting car before Mr. Ass drove it away.

The next match featured the Godfather against the European Champion, the British Bulldog. Godfather was a house of fire early on, but Bulldog gained control as the Mean Street Posse came to ringside to purchase the services of the hos. The pimp was not happy about this, and when he hit the outside of the ring, he ran into the sign-holding fan. This gave the Posse the opportunity to attack the Godfather, subsequently rolling him into the ring where the Bulldog pinned him to retain the European Title.

Backstage, Viscera approached Tori. He told her that she was looking quite good, and that unlike X-Pac, he would never strike her. When Big Vis made a pass at Tori, an angry Kane attacked!

In his second Federation Championship defense, the Big Show took on Hardcore Holly. Crash and Hardcore double-teamed Show early, but the champ easily fired
back on both. After a big boot, the Big Show delivered the Showstopper to his opponent for a 1-2-3 win. After the match, Crash got a taste of the champ's wrath, as well. Suddenly, the Big Boss Man appeared to pull a hit-and-run attack on Show.

Outside, Test was helped out of the trunk of the car by the McMahons.

In a one-on-one matchup, Viscera challenged Kane. These two monsters went at it tooth-and-nail. When Viscera gave Kane a Samoan Drop on the outside, Tori came down to tend to her boyfriend. After Viscera stalked Tori around the ring, Kane came to, tossing his foe back into the ring. Kane then got the pinfall victory after a clothesline and a chokeslam.

Triple H showed up outside the McMahons' locker room with a wedding gift for Test -- a catcher's mask. Needless to say, Vince was not happy with this offering. Officers continued to question Jim Ross over the phone about the Steve Austin incident. J.R. told the cops that Jerry Lawler, who fingered the Oklahoman as a suspect, was a first-class ass. Afterwards, Vince positioned police officers outside his room.

In a Hardcore Women's Title Match, Ivory defended against Luna and Jacqueline. The action spilled into the crowd and then to the backstage area. Glass was broken, heads were pounded and walls were dented. When the bout moved toward the concession stands, food began flying, as well. Ivory even got tossed into the men's restroom! The match ended when Ivory pinned Jackie at a pretzel stand.

Footage of Mankind and Al Snow's Las Vegas vacation was shown. The pair was continually harassed by a brash young Rock fan in a casino. Mick and Al also sang some tunes and went on a roller coaster. Then, they headed off to a Gentleman's Club with some fans, where they tipped the ladies with quarters!

In singles' competition, "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry battled Chris Jericho. Before the match, Henry, told the crowd that he didn't like woman beaters, and that he was gonna kick Chris' ass. Calling him "Mike" Henry, Y2J told his opponent that he couldn't believe that anyone would stand up for Chyna, and then claimed that he is the "better man." Y2J quickly defeated the fired-up Henry after a bulldog and an Asai moonsault.

In the back, the Dudley Boyz were seen talking on a pay phone with the hit-and-run investigators. Afterwards, Lilian Garcia spoke with The Rock, who had finally come back to Cincinnati. He berated the Big Boss Man, showing little respect for the Cobb County native's victory on RAW. He said that he would be the champ one day, but that he was already the People's Champ.

In a Tag Team Championship Match, the New Age Outlaws defended against the Hardy Boyz. The Hardys tried to take full advantage of their championship opportunity, delivering some outstanding aerial attacks. When Jeff went up for an attack on Billy Gunn, Mr. Ass pulled the referee in front of him. Undaunted, the Hardys continued their assault with planchas and centons. Road Dogg was toast after the combination splash/legdrop from the brothers, but the ref was still unconscious. X-Pac interfered, drilling Matt with an X-Factor. The Outlaws walked away with the titles after Road Dogg got the pin, but it was the Hardys who really dominated this one.

Federation Publicist Marissa Mazzola interviewed "End of Days" star Arnold Schwarzenegger about his appearance on SmackDown! a week earlier. Arnold truly enjoyed his experience, as Arnold's fellow "End of Days" star Gabriel Byrne let Marissa know. Surely, no one would want to miss "End of Days."

Backstage, the McMahons smelled something burning in their dressing room. The room filled with smoke and the family spilled out.

The evening's main event was up next, as the Big Boss Man went one-on-one with the Great One. The Rock brutalized the Boss Man at the start. Prince Albert then appeared at ringside. The match went back and forth, with Prince Albert interjecting whenever possible. However, the Prince's interference backfired when the Boss Man missed on a swing with his nightstick, allowing The Rock to get a Rock Bottom and a win. Albert and Boss Man went to work on The Rock, but the Big Show appeared to dispatch with the duo. Then the Hollys attacked The Rock but he fended off his attackers with a pair of Rock Bottoms.

Triple H made his way to the ring with a purpose. Hunter shouted about how his title reign ate Vince alive on the inside. He explained how it's Vince's fault that this war got personal. Hunter called out the owner, who quickly obliged. Triple H warned Vince that he could easily kick him around the ring, but that he wouldn't because he'd be fired. Instead, Hunter challenged Vince to a match, also ordering a stipulation guaranteeing Triple H's security financially after the beating he would hand out to Vince. The match would take place at Armageddon. On the OvalTron, footage of Vince's family was shown. They had fallen down the stairs! Vince dashed to the dressing area to find out what happened as SmackDown! went off the air.