Baltimore, Maryland
November 11, 1999

D-Generation X and its alleged actions with Stephanie McMahon were on everyone's mind, and the members of DX came out as SmackDown! got underway to address the subject. The D-Generates admitted that it wasn't really Stephanie they were messing with on RAW, it was just a trick to fool Vince and Shane, and it worked to perfection. Vince McMahon responded immediately by telling Triple H that the owner would get his revenge when he is the guest referee at Survivor Series. Vince added that there would be an eight-man Survivor Series match on SmackDown! pitting the members of DX against Shane McMahon, Test, Kane and The Rock -- and he appointed Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special enforcer. When Triple H continued to insult Stephanie, Test ran out to defend his finance, but the four D-Generates put a beating on the former Motley Crue bodyguard and tossed him out of the ring. It was later revealed that Test had broken his nose.

The first match of the night featured Edge and Hardcore Holly in singles competition. Edge delivered a superplex, but Hardcore Holly managed to roll Edge over, pinning his shoulders to the mat, giving Hardcore get the surprise victory. As the match concluded, Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived!

In a tag team affair, D'Lo Brown teamed up with the Godfather to take on the Dudley Boyz. D'Lo seemed to have the victory, but the referee was distracted by the hos. That gave the Dudley Boyz the opportunity to hit the Dudley Death Drop and get the victory.

Accompanied by the Mean Street Posse, the British Bulldog took on Val Venis. When the adult film star spilled outside the ring, all three members of the Posse attacked him. The Posse jumped into the ring and continued their beating and then Mark Henry, Steve Blackman and Gangrel -- who will team up with Val to face the Bulldog and the Posse at Survivor Series -- came out and a melee ensued.

After that match, footage was shown from the funeral of the Big Show's father. As the Show eulogized his father, who died of cancer last weekend, the Big Boss Man drove up in a car with a loudspeaker on top. The Boss Man lampooned the Show and his family, and as the Show went over to stop him, the Boss Man hit him with the car! Then the Boss Man went over to Paul Wight Sr.'s grave, chain linked it to his car, and drove away with the casket trailing behind him!

Next up, the Boss Man defended his Hardcore Title against Faarooq. The former Florida State football star had the upper hand for much of the match, but Prince Albert appeared and sprayed him with what appeared to be mase. Faarooq was promptly pinned. Bradshaw came out and run off the opposition, twice clobbered the piercing and tattoo artist with a steel chair.

Backstage, Chyna promised to give Chris Jericho an equal-opportunity ass-kicking this Sunday at Survivor Series. After he interview, she was attacked by Y2J, who broke a bottle over her head and continued to pummel her with various feminine products. Chyna was busted wide open and required stitches. Y2J made his way out to the ring area and demanded that Chyna hand over the Intercontinental Title at this Sunday's Pay-Per-View.

LiveWire correspondent Marissa Mazzola conducted a special interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger said he's a huge fan of the World Wrestling Federation, dating back to the days of Andre the Giant, and that he couldn't wait to meet the fans.

In one-on-one action, Grand Master Sexy (accompanied by Scottie Too Hottie) took on Jeff Hardy (with Matt Hardy and Terri). Grand Master picked up the victory after a reverse Russian legsweep

Next up, Vince McMahon came out with a commemorative Federation Championship. He introduced Schwarzenegger, who stars in the upcoming feature film "End of Days." McMahon said that since Arnold was the undisputed world box office champion, the owner was presenting him with a championship belt. Backstage, Triple H was infuriated that Vince had presented him with a belt -- something that Triple H had worked so hard to earn.

The Women's Champion was on the line as Ivory defended against Tori. As the match got underway, Debra, Jacqueline, Luna, Terri Runnels, Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah appeared. All eight ladies will be involved in a sudden-death one-fall match at Survivor Series. The match ended in a no contest when the women began brawling in and outside of the ring.

Next up, it was time for the huge eight-man Survivor Series match. Arnold Schwarzenegger provided color commentary along with Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler. The match turned into a seven-man affair as Test was unable to compete due to a broken nose. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the guest enforcer. Kane and X-Pac immediately eliminated each other via countout as they battled back toward the locker room. After Shane was eliminated due to a Fame-Asser by Billy Gunn, it left The Rock alone against all four members of DX -- until Test made his way to the ring. Mr. Ass clobbered Test from behind with a chair, but referee Earl Hebner saw it and immediately disqualified Mr. Ass. The Rock eliminated the Road Dogg after a Rock Bottom. Triple H clobbered the referee, and Austin grabbed a chair to "enforce" the rules on Triple H. But the champion ducked and Austin hit The Rock instead. Triple H tossed the Rattlesnake back into the ring, and Schwarzenegger got up and handed Austin another chair. This time, Austin got it right, and nailed Triple H. Test made the cover, and he and The Rock were the sole survivors.