Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 4, 1999

SmackDown! kicked off with the members of D-Generation X backstage watching some of their recent highlights. Triple H seemed to hint that Vince McMahon hitting his son Shane with the title Monday on RAW may not have been an accident.

In the first match of the night Mankind and Al Snow teamed up and competed for the Tag Team Titles against champions Crash and Hardcore Holly. The match ended with all four competitors battling in the ring. Mankind dropped Crash Holly with a double-arm DDT and covered him for the win! Mankind and Al Snow celebrated becoming Tag Team Champions as Hardcore and Crash Holly fought each other outside the ring.

Next up, Test took on D'Lo Brown in singles competition. Before the match got underway, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler announced that Test and Stephanie McMahon's wedding date had been set: Monday, Nov. 29 at the new Staples Center in Los Angeles and live on RAW IS WAR! As the match got underway, the three members of the Mean Street Posse came to look on. D'Lo came off the top rope to deliver a flying axe-handle, but he appeared to hurt his left leg. Test went over to check on him, and D'Lo quickly rolled him up for the victory. Nonetheless, D'Lo was clearly injured.

In tag team competition, Scotty Too Hottie and Grand Master Sexy, collectively known as Too Cool, battled Jeff and Matt Hardy, accompanied by Terri. After Terri distracted Scotty Too Hottie, Jeff and Matt capitilized, and Scotty was finished off after a senton bomb by Jeff.

The European Title was on the line as Edge, with Christian, took on champion the British Bulldog, accompanied by the Mean Street Posse. As the match got underway, the Headbangers appeared. Edge seemed to have Bulldog defeated after a spear, but Joey Abs interrupted the count. The referee called for the bell, disqualifying the Bulldog, and a brawl erupted inside the ring involving the Posse, Bulldog, Edge and Christian and the Headbangers.

As RAW came to an end Monday night, Vince McMahon clobbered his son Shane with the Federation Championship. It appeared to be an accident, but announcer Jim Ross speculated that it may have been on purpose. On SmackDown!, several superstars, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and even Vince himself, confronted Ross about his statements. Ross said that after further consideration he believed that Vince's actions were in fact accidental. Then D-Generation X appeared, purportedly to clear up all the rumors. Triple H said he was bringing out the newest member of DX -- Vince McMahon! But Vince appeared and said he'd rather join WCW than DX! He announced that he had other ideas -- DX would be competing later on SmackDown! in a Survivor Series elimination match against Shane, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

After the break, the Godfather appeared with four fine Philadelphia hos. Godfather really had the crowd on his side, and to make them happy, he told the hos to strip off their Ho Train T-shirts. Unfortunately, Chris Jericho appeared and announced that just as nobody wanted to see scantily-clad women, nobody wanted to see Chyna as the Intercontinental Champion. So he promised that at Survivor Series Chyna would be his personal ho. Then a match between the Pimp and Y2J got underway, with Chyna watching intently from backstage. During the match, a fifth ho appeared at ringside -- one that looked just like Stevie Richards. This "ho" entered the ring and delivered a Steviekick to Jericho -- the ho turned out to be Stevie after all. After a Ho Train, the Godfather rolled up Y2J for the victory.

After winning the Tag Team Titles, Mankind left the building, searching local strip clubs for Val Venis. Mankind ended up stranded at one of those clubs after his car was towed. Therefore, there was no one to help Al Snow as Val Venis attacked him and left him laying in the locker room.

Finally, the Big Show got the opportunity to face the Big Boss Man one on one on SmackDown! The match ended after only a few moments when both superstars were counted out, but the Big Show didn't care, and he continued to pound on the Boss Man. He chokeslammed the Cobb County native, did the same to Prince Albert and then chokeslammed several Federation officials when they came to the ring.

Shane McMahon, Kane, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin came to the ring for their eight-man Survivor Series-style Elimination Match. Shane speared the Road Dogg after DX came out, and the match got underway. Once Kane was tagged in, all hell broke loose and all eight superstars battled in and out of the ring. Inside the ring, Mr. Ass nailed Kane with the Fame-asser and X-Pac followed up with the X-Factor and Kane was eliminated. Just after Vince McMahon made his way to the ring, X-Pac hit Shane with the X-Factor, and the "Boy Wonder" was eliminated, leaving Austin and The Rock alone against all four members of DX. The People's Champion pinned Road Dogg after a Rock Bottom, and then the sides were evened with Austin finished off X-Pac with a stunner. After The Rock surprised Mr. Ass, reversing a rollup into a pin, the "Great One" himself was eliminated when Triple H delivered a Pedigree. That left Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H as the final two participants, with Vince watching intently at ringside. And then it was deja vu time. Vince entered the ring with the Federation Championship and he seemed to aim for Triple H, but the champion moved and Vince (inadvertently?) hit the Rattlesnake. Austin was pinned, and after the match, he stared down the owner, who claimed that it was a mistake.