Springfield, Massachusetts
October 28, 1999

Excitement was in the air as SmackDown! emanated from Springfield, Mass. The show started off with the most controversial group in Federation history, D-Generation X, reintroducing themselves to the fans. Triple H declared that DX breaks all the rules. He then threatened both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, also reminding them that he is the Federation Champion. DX, he said, was here for one reason only - to run the show. X-Pac told the fans that they could expect a new member that night! Mr. Ass announced that he wanted to take on Stone Cold later in the evening, and the Road Dogg insulted The Rock repeatedly. Then, Triple H called out Vince McMahon, telling the owner that his services in the Federation were "no longer needed." An irate McMahon told DX to "Suck it," but DX retaliated, stating "We're taking over."

Cameras followed Test and Stephanie McMahon walking down the hall hand-in-hand. Gerry Brisco and Pat Patterson greeted the couple.

The Hollys came down to ringside to provide guest commentary for a tag match between Edge and Christian and Too Cool. The Hollys declared Too Cool to have all the qualifications to be superheavyweights. The action was fast-paced, with the two teams exchanging impressive maneuvers. Too Cool pulled off a double powerbomb on Christian, but chose to dance rather than capitalize on opportunities. Edge speared Scott Taylor, but Crash Holly nailed the enigma with his scale, allowing Too Cool to get the cover and secure the victory. Afterwards, the Hollys and Too Cool brutally attacked Edge and Christian.

The Big Show told Jim Ross in an interview conducted earlier in the day that he was leaving the arena because he knew he would "do something he would regret" to the Big Boss Man if he stayed.

Mark Henry was seen ushering hos in and out of his dressing room while clad only in a towel!

Y2J then appeared on the scene. Chris Jericho got on the mic and chastised Stevie Richards for blowing his chance to impress Jericho on Monday's RAW, also stating that Richards will never imitate Y2J. Immediately, Stevie headed to ringside clad in Chyna's ring attire! Unamused by Richards' antics, Jericho proceeded to pummel the misfit superstar. During the match, Chyna and Miss Kitty made their way to the ring. The Intercontinental Champ took advantage of Y2J's positioning and flattened him with her title belt! Stevie pinned Jericho, but then was destroyed by both Chyna and Y2J.

The Rock was met by the Road Dogg as the "Great One" entered the arena. Soon, all of DX was pounding on The Rock, ultimately tossing the People's Champ into the trunk of his own car. Road Dogg then sped off in the vehicle as the rest of DX left the area. When Kevin Kelly asked the group if they were out of their minds, they reminded Kevin that they are in charge.

The British Bulldog made his way to the ring, accompanied by the Mean Street Posse, to take on D'Lo Brown for the European Championship. Bulldog took the early advantage, smashing D'Lo with the steel stairs on the outside. When the referee's back was turned, Rodney chop blocked the champ from behind. Joey Abs tossed the belt to the Bulldog, who used it to nail D'Lo in the head. Brown managed to escape a pin, and then performed his running powerbomb. When D'Lo went for the 'Lo Down, he was tripped up by Pete Gas, allowing the Manchester native to deliver a superplex to his opponent and score the pinfall. The Bulldog became the new European Champion.

X-Pac spoke to Kane backstage, telling the Big Red Machine that DX is only a side venture, and that Kane is where his strong allegiance lies. The superstars headed off to face the Dudley Boyz. Kane controlled the match early, unleashing an arsenal of power moves and even some high-flying. The Dudleys took over on the outside, however. X-Pac then shocked the world by delivering a low blow to Kane, after which the Dudley Boyz attained the victory. All of DX ran to the ring to smash X-Pac's former friend. X-Pac told Kane he was not DX material, and that the Undertaker was right when he called the Big Red Machine "weak."

The Hardys, with Terri, took on the new duo of Viscera and Mark Henry in tag competition. Viscera was accompanied by four hos, who were not quite the caliber of those that are in the camp of the Godfather. Michael Cole mentioned that Viscera is not the pimp that the Godfather is. Instead, the 450-pounder is mean and vicious to his ladies. The two giants practically ran over the Hardys until Terri distracted Mark Henry long enough to allow Matt and Jeff to pull out the win. After the match, Viscera chastised Henry, and then clobbered the former Olympian before splashing him twice!

Accompanied by Prince Albert, the vile Big Boss Man battled Al Snow. The match was dominated by the Boss Man, but when Al Snow gained a brief advantage, Albert distracted Snow and Al was nailed with the Hardcore Championship! A frenzied Snow then challenged the pair to a hardcore match in the parking lot.

Stone Cold Steve Austin made his first appearance of the evening, as he was seen pouring beer on the Road Dogg, who was caught up in a bear trap in the parking area! EMTs arrived to tend to the bleeding degenerate.

Prince Albert and the Boss Man lay in wait for Al Snow, but it was the Big Show who appeared instead! He trapped the diabolical duo in a car, and then smashed the vehicle nearly to pieces with both superstars inside! Show was not done there, as he proceeded to push a dumpster onto the top of the car!

Stone Cold's second attack of the evening also occurred in the parking lot, as Billy Gunn was hanging upside down by a rope! Austin belittled Mr. Ass as he hung helplessly from the rafters.

In one-on-one action, Mankind faced off against Val Venis. The Big Valbowski stated that he knew Mankind wanted respect for all his talents. However, Val warned his foe that he would show Mick Foley that Venis is indeed the fastest up-and-coming superstar in Federation history. The Las Vegas native concentrated on Mankind's left shoulder, which had been previously injured. During the match, Michael Cole was told that the Boss Man and Prince Albert were being taken to a local hospital. Back in the ring, Mankind took over with a double-arm DDT, but couldn't find Socko in his sweatpants! Val went for a Money Shot when Mick was down, but Foley rolled away. Al Snow then appeared at ringside with Socko in hand. With Mr. Socko down the gullet of Val Venis, Mankind pulled out the victory.

DX was seen backstage planning to attack Austin later in the evening, until Stone Cold called X-Pac on a cell phone. When the Rattlesnake warned the degenerate to "Reach for the stars," a huge section of the ceiling fell on X-Pac's head!

Undaunted, D-Generation X headed to the ring. Triple H called out Stone Cold, reminding Austin that Hunter is "The Game," and that DX is truly united. Hunter seemed a bit worried that Austin had a trap set for him, though. The Rattlesnake made his way out, beer and microphone in hand. Stone Cold exclaimed that DX is certainly not taking over, and that he proved that throughout the evening. Austin approached the ring while DX waited in the center. Suddenly, a huge net fell on DX! Triple H broke loose and fought Stone Cold. Once the rest of DX freed themselves, both Kane and The Rock rushed to the ring and obliterated all four degenerates as the show came to an end!