Louisville, Kentucky
October 21, 1999

SmackDown! started off with a dejected Mick Foley heading to the ring. Foley said his book, "Have a Nice Day!" is his greatest accomplishment, and that's why it was so painful when The Rock threw it away. Foley said that he wanted what The Rock had -- a title shot -- and he called out Vince McMahon and asked for a match with The Rock on SmackDown! to earn a shot at the title. The Rock came out to speak for himself; he said Mick would get his match. The Rock then implied that it was unfair that he was the only No. 1 contender in action tonight. McMahon responded that nobody had challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin. Upon hearing those comments, Val Venis came to the ring and did just that. Then Austin appeared and accepted Val's challenge -- by punching him in the face.

It was supposed to be a Test vs. British Bulldog rematch, but when Bulldog came to the ring with the Mean Street Posse, Test responded by bringing out Edge and Christian. The match turned into a six-man tag team bout involving Test, Christian and Edge against Bulldog, Rodney and Joey Abs. Test's team was able to win after Edge and Christian delivered their patented stacked-up superplex to Rodney, and Test followed up with an elbow drop off the top rope.

Al Snow's 17-year career culminated on SmackDown! when the Lima, Ohio, native got a title shot against Triple H -- but not before the champion attacked him backstage. Snow actually had the advantage and picked up Triple H for the Snow Plow, but the champion wiggled his way out, kicked Al in the midsection, and dropped him with a Pedigree to win the match.

The two members of the Rock 'n' Sock Connection went at it one on one as The Rock took on Mankind. Val Venis provide commentary for the match with Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Mankind had the Mandible Claw on The Rock on two occasions, but the People's Champion fought his way out with punches and a low blow. When both superstars spilled to outside the ring, Val Venis clobbered Mick with Mick's own book, causing a disqualification. Val dragged Mankind back into the ring, but The Rock came from behind and hit the adult film star with the Rock Bottom. The Rock was going to do the same thing to Mankind, but Triple H came out, and he and The Rock got into a scuffle.

The Federation Women's Championship was on the line as the Fabulous Moolah took on Mae Young. The match ended when Ivory, who is probably about 40 or 50 years younger than both Moolah and Mae, attacked both women. Other contenders for the women's title -- including Jacqueline, Tori and Luna -- soon followed and a brawl ensued that had to be broken up by Federation officials.

After acquiring the services of Terri, Matt and Jeff Hardy attempted to win the Tag Team Titles as they took on Crash and Hardcore Holly on SmackDown! The Hollys retained their titles when Hardcore Holly pinned Jeff after he dropkicked him in midair. After the match, the New Age Outlaws attacked the Hollys before the cousins were able to scamper back to the locker room

The Big Boss Man came to the ring with the phony police officer who had convinced the Big Show on RAW that his father had died. Boss Man and the fake cop laughed it up until a rippin' pissed Big Show hit the ring. The Boss Man high-tailed it out of the arena, leaving Boss Man's cohort in the ring to be chokeslammed multiple times by the Show.

The Godfather convinced Mark Henry that he doesn't have a problem -- he's just a big guy with a big appetite. "Sexual Chocolate" believed he was cured, and he was so happy that he tagged up with the Pimp for a tag team match against Viscera and Mideon. "Sexual Chocolate" and the Godfather proved to be a formidable duo as they finished off Mideon and Viscera after Henry splashed Mideon.

Val Venis proved he's the fastest up and coming athlete in the history of the World Wrestling Federation when he stepped into the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, Austin proved that he's pretty good, too, as he defeated the Big Valbowski after a stunner. Austin had little time to celebrate as Triple H came from behind just as the match ended and hit the Pedigree. As Triple H verbally tore into Austin, The Rock appeared and hit the champion with a Rock Bottom! As The Rock retreated to the locker room, Austin recovered, and the two superstars glared at each other as SmackDown! came to an end.