Birmingham, Alabama
October 14, 1999

As SmackDown! got underway, Mankind asked Vince McMahon to book one more match involving the Rock 'n' Sock Connection.

Inside the Birmingham and Jefferson Civic Center, the New Age Outlaws appeared. They seemed more than ready for their match against the Hollys at No Mercy. But their segment was interrupted when Triple H appeared, the left side of his face bruised and swollen. Triple H announced that he was retiring, effective immediately. He called out Vince McMahon and blamed Vince for letting the company deteriorate into the point where poisonous rattlesnakes are allowed into the building. Triple H said he was bitten by a snake last Monday on RAW. He told Vince that when Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives that the arena, he will hand the Rattlesnake the belt, because the title obviously means more to Austin than life itself.

Before Kane made his way to the ring for a Handicap Match against the Acolytes, the Big Red Machine told X-Pac to stay away from the match. Even though he was battling two Acolytes, Kane just wouldn't stay down. Finally, Faarooq and Bradshaw were able to pin him after three tandem powerbombs. When the Acolytes continued to double team Kane after the match, a chair-wielding X-Pac made the save.

Michael Hayes had a special interview with Test, who said that all he could do was give Stephanie time and hope for the best. On the other hand, Test said he would never forgive the Bulldog.

The dissention between Chris Jericho and Curtis Hughes reached a boiling point on SmackDown!, as the two superstars came to blows backstage. Jericho promised that he would teach Hughes respect. So the two superstars battled in a singles encounter. Howard Finkel came to the ring and distracted the referee while Y2J whacked his Hughes with a steel chair, and pinned him for the victory. After the match, Jericho said he had a special gift for Hughes -- Howard Finkel! Hughes seemed quite pleased with his new sidekick, while Finkel clearly was not content with the arrangement.

Jim Ross conducted a special interview with the Big Show, who learned on Monday that his father has terminal cancer and only a short time to live. Show said his dad always told him to finish what he started, but thus far, the Show has been unable to do that.

Earlier in the day, Mark Henry had his third session to help cure his sexual addiction (with his third different doctor). This session didn't seem any more successful than the other ones, as Henry ended up walking out after the male doctor made him feel physically uncomfortable.

In a Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match, champion Al Snow defended against the Big Boss Man and the Big Show. After clobbering the Big Show with the nightstick, busting him open, the Boss Man made the cover and became the new Hardcore Champion! Big Show will get his chance at revenge, and the Hardcore Title, when the two superstars meet this Sunday at No Mercy!

During the break, Chyna seemed to be in a panic mode as she ran around screaming for help. Minutes later, Triple H was driven away by ambulance, and he seemed to be having a seizure.

In an attempt to gain revenge for Val Venis' attack on Mankind, Stevie Richards (aka Dude Love) took on the adult film star. Richards hit the Stevie Kick, but Val kicked out at two. Minutes later, after a Money Shot, Val had the victory. He followed up the win by putting on Mr. Rocko and grabbing Richards with the testicular claw.

The British Bulldog appeared and said he only cares about winning the Federation Championship, and he promised to go through The Rock this Sunday to reach his goal.

With several household items in the ring, Jeff Jarrett (with Miss Kitty) came out and demonstrated several of the items Jarrett would use in his Intercontinental Title Good Housekeeping Match this Sunday against Chyna. Jarrett promised that he would prove once and for all that he's the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, and that men are the dominant species. Debra interrupted the proceedings and told Jeff that at No Mercy, there was going to be a new Intercontinental Champion -- and it was going to be a woman!

After the match on RAW ended in a double disqualification, the best-of-five Terri Invitational stood at 2-1 in favor of Christian and Edge as those two superstars and the Brood stepped into the ring on SmackDown! The match ended when Jeff Hardy had Edge pinned, while Christian had Matt Hardy pinned at the same time. Referee Teddy Long apparently only saw Jeff pinning Edge, so he awarded the match to the Brood. The series now stands at 2-2, with the fifth and decisive match coming this Sunday at No Mercy. The winner will receive $100,000 and the services of Terri Runnels.

GTV cameras picked up Stephanie McMahon in a one-on-one meeting with the Bulldog. She tried unsuccessfully to convince him to apologize publicly.

The Ho Train was running on all cylinders as the Godfather took on Mideon, accompanied by Viscera. Godfather got the win after a Pimp Drop, but after the match Viscera and Mideon made the Pimp pay!

In what was supposedly the last match ever for the Rock 'n' Sock Connection, The Rock and Mankind battled the New Age Outlaws, with the Tag Team Championship on the line. Mr. Ass hit Mankind with the Fame-Asser after the referee was inadvertently knocked unconscious. Crash and Hardcore Holly appeared, and Hardcore clobbered Mr. Ass with one of the Tag Team Titles. Mankind rolled over and the referee woke up to make the count. The Rock and Mankind became the new Tag Team Champions -- so apparently the Rock 'n' Sock Connection will live on!

Triple H met Stone Cold Steve Austin face to face backstage, purportedly to hand over the title to the Rattlesnake. But instead of handing it to him, Triple H clobbered the Rattlesnake with it! He kicked and punched his No Mercy opponent, and peeled the supposed snake bite scars off his face -- it was a ruse all along! After beating down the Rattlesnake, Triple H told him that the title means more to him than it will ever mean to Austin!