Richmond, Virginia
September 30, 1999

Road Dogg was out for revenge as SmackDown! got underway, as he took on Chris Jericho in singles competition. Remember, it was Jericho who injured Road Dogg, keeping him out several weeks. So infuriated was the D-O-double G that he threw referee Earl Hebner out of the ring, earning himself a disqualification. But Road Dogg wasn't concerned about the match. He grabbed a table and tried to powerbomb Jericho through it, just as Y2J had done to him in late August on SmackDown! But the Holly cousins, who joined Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler for commentary during the match, attacked Road Dogg from behind and delivered a tandem powerbomb, sending Road Dogg through the table. After fighting off Curtis Hughes outside the ring, Mr. Ass came into the ring, but he too was laid out by the Hollys.

Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviewed Vince McMahon, who announced that later on SmackDown!, Triple H would defend the title against the Bulldog. To make sure there was order, McMahon appointed The Rock as the special referee and banned Chyna from ringside.

Mankind came to the ring and called out Val Venis. Val was caught on GTV last Monday on RAW sticking "Mr. Rocko" (a version of Mr. Socko that looks just like The Rock) down his pants. Mankind demanded that Val return Mr. Rocko, or he would make the adult film star eat Mr. Socko.

The Terri Runnels Invitational Tournament got underway as the New Brood took on Christian and Edge. Terri came down to ringside to explain exactly what the Terri Runnels Invitational Tournament was. She said that the New Brood would take on Christian and Edge in a best-of-five series, and the winners would get $100,000 and her services. The referee sent Gangrel back to the locker room and the match got underway. Jeff Hardy climbed to the top rope, but he lost his footing. Edge picked Christian up on his shoulders, and Christian suplexed Jeff off the top rope! Christian got the victory, picking up the first of three wins needed in the tournament.

Next up, the Big Show took on D'Lo Brown. In another attempt to get themselves some "face time on TV," Droz and Prince Albert joined Cole and Lawler at the commentators' table. For the second time this week, Prince Albert came flying off the top rope after the Big Show. But this time the Big Show caught him and delivered a powerbomb. Both superstars made their way back to the locker room, and then Droz attacked D'Lo! Suddenly Mark Henry ran from the back and came to the aid of D'Lo! But the European Champion wanted nothing to do with his turncoat friend, and he pushed him and walked away. Henry grabbed the microphone and declared that he has an addiction - he's a sex addict. Henry said that because of his addiction, he's lost everything he has, including and most importantly his best friend D'Lo Brown. Tears streaming down his face, Henry said he would seek professional help.

In a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match, it was the Acolytes vs. the Dudley Boyz vs. Kane and X-Pac. Buh Buh Ray Dudley came out wearing the "Rock 'N' Sock Connection" jacket that Mankind gave The Rock on RAW. Faarooq shoved referee Mike Kiota, who immediately disqualified the Acolytes. After a chokeslam, Kane pinned Buh Buh Ray, and Kane and X-Pac won the match. But afterwards, the Acolytes showed up again and put a beating on the winners.

After the break, Jeff Jarrett and Miss Kitty appeared, and Jarrett had a shopping cart full of household items, including an ironing board, a vacuum and a mop. Jarrett said that Chyna would get her rematch, but it would be in a Good Housekeeping Match. Jarrett was out to prove once and for all that women should be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Jarrett spotted Cindy Margolis and "Shasta McNasty" star Heather Kozar in the crowd. He challenged them to a Handicap Match. While the women jumped over the barricade, Debra, Jacqueline, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Lilian Garcia and all the other recent female victims of Jarrett's figure four came out. Fully eight women came to the ring, followed by Chyna, who attacked Jarrett from behind and threw him outside the ring. There, he was beaten on by the other women, who used brooms, pans and other assorted kitchen plunder. After Jarrett escaped, Mae Young and Moolah went after Jerry Lawler.

Terry Taylor interviewed Federation head of security Jim Dotson about recent events involving him and Steve Blackman. Dotson said it was his job to protect all the athletes, including the Lethal Weapon, and he hoped everything could be worked out before things got ugly. But suddenly Blackman came from behind and attacked Dotson, tipping over a fence on him and stomping him repeatedly.

Desperate to get The Rock's jacket and sock back, Mankind came to the ring and called out Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Buh Buh Ray, D-Von and Val Venis all appeared. With a little help from a Dude Love-impersonating Stevie Richards, Mankind fought off the Dudleys and regained the jacket. Then he asked Val to come to the ring to return the sock. Val insisted that he had nothing but respect for Mankind, but then he shocked the world and attacked the Deranged One, grabbing him right in the Hardcore Jewels and not letting go. The Dudleys grabbed the jacket and tore it apart and Mankind lay writhing in pain.

It was time for the main event, and The Rock came to the ring to assume his duties as referee. But The Rock wasn't interested in calling the match. Both Triple H and the Bulldog had pinning opportunities, but The Rock refused to make the count. In fact, The Rock hit Triple H with a Rock Bottom, clobbered both superstars with the Federation Title, and then dropped the People's Elbow on Triple H before walking away with the championship. An irate Triple H went searching backstage for The Rock, and he finally found him when The Rock attacked him from behind. Triple H and The Rock exchanged fists until the Bulldog went after The Rock. The Rock dropped the belt and he and Bulldog battled outside the arena. Triple H got back up and found the belt lying next to him. He went back to his locker room, but when the door opened it was Stone Cold Steve Austin standing on the other side. The Rattlesnake laid out the champion as SmackDown! came to an end.