Dallas, Texas
September 23, 1999

SmackDown! started off with a bang as the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon, came to ringside. McMahon introduced Triple H, and once "The Game" headed to the ring to meet Vince, the two stood toe to toe. Vince became increasingly incensed as he spoke, screaming at the man who threatened his family and attempted to destroy the owner himself. McMahon ordered Hunter to participate in FIVE matches that evening! He would have to win at least three of the bouts in order to keep his position in the Six Pack Challenge at Unforgiven. But these were to be no ordinary contests ... instead, Triple H would have to face Big Show in a Choke Slam Challenge, Kane in an Inferno Match, the Undertaker in a Casket Match, Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl and The Rock in a Brahma Bull Rope Match!

After laying down the law on Triple H, McMahon immediately introduced Hunter's first opponent, the Big Show! Knowing that he must chokeslam the behemoth to emerge victorious, the former champ quickly went on the offensive. After a few fast-paced minutes, Hunter set Show up for a chokeslam. Show proved to be way too much for Triple H to handle, and Hunter fell victim to two straight Showstoppers, leaving him with the burden of having to win three of his four other contests!

Fans then saw the Federation referees on strike outside Dallas' Reunion Arena. While protesting the unsafe working conditions, the men in stripes ironically saw the "unsafe working conditions" come to them when they were attacked by the Dudley Boyz!

Fans erupted as X-Pac excitedly came to the ring to take on the European Champion, Mark Henry. After "Sexual Chocolate" made his entrance, D'Lo Brown, the 400-pounder's opponent at Unforgiven, came to ringside for guest commentary. Henry managed to overpower his smaller foe for a good deal of the match. However X-Pac recovered and "Sexual Chocolate" was dumped outside the ring. Henry ended up being counted out, meaning X-Pac won the match, but "Sexual Chocolate" retained his European Title. After the match, D'Lo and Henry came to blows, and Henry ended up heaving his former friend into the steel ring post.

Backstage, Luna suggested making the Federation Women's Championship at Unforgiven into a Hardcore Match, a change that Ivory agreed to later in the show.

Accompanied by Miss Kitty, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett approached the ring area. After making some disparaging remarks toward women in general, Jeff focused his attention on a female stage director at ringside! After demanding that she get in the ring to pick up garbage "like a woman should," Jarrett began to apply the figure-four to the helpless Federation employee. Before he could lock on the hold, Chyna ran to the ring and smashed a frying pan over her rival's head! With Jarrett knocked out cold, Chyna dressed the Intercontinental Champ in an apron, put a frying pan in his hand and then ripped off Jeff's tights and put them on herself!

In an Inferno Match, Triple H took on Kane. Kane took the offensive advantage after a chokeslam, but suddenly he spotted a fallen X-Pac on the other side of the steel entranceway. X-Pac lay unconscious and bloody, and the Undertaker, Mideon and Viscera walked out, admitting that they were the ones that put the beating on him. Kane jumped off the top rope onto Mideon and Viscera, and as the three superstars scuffled near the ring, Kane's right hand was set on fire. But Kane didn't care; he ran off to look after X-Pac. The match left Triple H one-and-one for the night.

Backstage, Undertaker declared that his mission was complete, and it was time for he, Big Show, Mideon and Viscera to leave. Vince McMahon reminded Undertaker that he had ordered a Casket Match with Undertaker and Triple H for SmackDown!, but Undertaker insisted that he doesn't take orders from anybody. McMahon declared that if Undertaker left, his spot in the main event at Unforgiven would be taken away. Undertaker reiterated that nobody orders him around, and he told Vince that he just might leave altogether.

Back in the ring, The Rock appeared, and he was later joined by fellow Tag Team Champion Mankind. The duo had the crowd in stitches and then the Road Dogg appeared. The D-O-double-G, who was returning after more than a month away, wanted a shot at their titles, and he even had a partner picked out - Badd Ass Billy Gunn! After Mankind inadvertently ran into his tag team partner, Mr. Ass finished off the Deranged One with the Fame-Ass-Er, and the reunited New Age Outlaws became four-time Tag Team Champions!

Undertaker had left the building, but Vince McMahon was undaunted, and he ordered Viscera and Mideon to replace the Lord of Darkness in a Casket Match against Triple H. But the former champion seemed to get a second wind, and he Pedigreed both his opponents and stuffed Mideon in the casket. Triple H thought he had the match won, but Shane McMahon appeared and said that the rules were a bit different for a Handicap Casket Match. Shane said Triple H must stuff both superstars into the casket at the same time to win the match. Mideon and Viscera made the most of their second chance. Viscera delivered Triple H three consecutive vertical splashes and the two men rolled Triple H into a casket. Triple H would have to beat The Rock in a Brahma Bull Rope Match and Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl to get to Unforgiven.

Scale in tow, the Holly cousins made their way to the ring. Hardcore Holly said that since he helped out Al Snow by beating up the Boss Man on RAW, Al Snow owed him a favor. Snow answered the challenge, and an impromptu match got underway. Hardcore Holly picked up the win after Crash distracted Snow. Just after Holly got the duke, Boss Man came to the ring and shoved dog food down the throat of Al Snow.

In a must-win match for Triple H, he battled Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl. The two superstars clobbered each other with steel rods and other various plunder lying around the boiler room. Triple H even suplexed Mankind onto a pile of steel bolts! But Mankind recovered and slapped on the Mandible Claw. After knocking Triple H near unconscious, Mankind climbed up to a platform 15 feet above the ground and seemed like he was going to dive on to Hunter. However, someone with a steel pole shoved him, and he went crashing down through a table.

Ken Shamrock came to the ring for his First Blood Match with Chris Jericho, followed by Y2J himself, who was wearing an entire hockey uniform, complete with pads, a stick and a helmet. When Shamrock tried to pull the helmet off Jericho, the "World's Most Dangerous Man" was attacked from behind by Curtis Hughes. When Hughes knocked Shamrock down, Jericho had the opportunity to splash him from the top rope. The impact of Jericho in full uniform caused Shamrock to spit up blood, and Jericho was declared the winner!

With the Undertaker apparently out of the Six Pack Challenge match, the Bulldog found Vince McMahon backstage, and asked the owner to let him into the match. After much cajoling, the owner agreed. As a way of "thanking" Mr. McMahon for allowing him into the match, the Bulldog said he would serve as guest referee in the Brahma Bull Rope Match. As Triple H and The Rock battled up the entranceway, Jeff Jarrett attacked Chyna from behind, knocking her out with a frying pan. Back in the ring, The Rock appeared to have the match won after a Rock Bottom, but the Bulldog shocked the world as he attacked The Rock! A Pedigree later, Triple H won the match and the Bulldog, Chyna and Triple H celebrated!