The Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York
September 9, 1999

Backstage, footage was shown of Kane arriving in the parking lot. Triple H, along with Chyna, attacked him brutally. The Undertaker and The Big Show ran out to stop Triple H. Chyna low-blowed The Big Show.

The British Bulldog defeated The Big Bossman via Pinfall, to capture the Hardcore Title.
The Big Bossman came out to a loud chorus of boos. He said he was a sick man. He challenged any dog lovers to come out and fight him for the Hardcore Title. The British Bulldog's new re-mixed music hit the speakers. He made his return in a grey sweatshirt and jeans, to a large crowd pop. The match went very fast with Bulldog hammering Bossman with European uppercuts and some brawling. Near the end of the match, when Bossman went to hit Bulldog with a chair, Bulldog blocked it and whacked Bossman with it. He picked up Bossman's nightstick and clobbered him with it for the victory. After the match, Al Snow's old Rocker Music played and out he came dressed as Leif Cassidy. He ran down the ramp dancing. He stuffed a piece of paper in an out of Bossman's mouth. On the rampway, Bulldog handed Snow the belt and patted him on the shoulder.

Backstage, Kane poured gasoline on Triple H's car.

Edge and Christian (w/Stevie Richards) defeated The New Brood (w/Gangrel).
Edge and Christian were shocked when Stevie Richards followed them through the crowd, who was wearing a shirt similar to Gangrel's and a huge cross to fend Gangrel off. He also had garlic. The two teams wrestled a back and forth match. Near the end of it, the referee got distracted and Stevie Richards Stevie Kicked Gangrel , which led Edge and Christian hitting a combination of a Sidewalk Slam and Scorpion Death Drop for the victory. Stevie followed Edge and Christian through the crowd once again again. The lights then went out and when most thought there would be a Bloodbath, Kane was in the ring once the lights returned. He chokeslammed The New Brood. He got on the microphone and said he would burn Triple H's flesh.

Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviewed Triple H. Triple H told Garcia that he would except the challenge of Kane. He said Kane better bring his ass because he was bringing his sledgehammer and Heavyweight Title.

Backstage, Chris Jericho and Howard Finkel arrived in lucha masks to hide themselves from Ken Shamrock.

Backstage, The Rock and Mankind were discussed the Buried Alive Tag Team Title match with The Undertaker and The Big Show, which would take place later on.

Hardcore Holly vs. Chyna resulted in a No-Contest.
Hardcore and Crash Holly made their way to the ring with a scale. They said they challenged any super-heavyweight who was over 300 lbs. to a match. Chyna came out and Holly said she doesn't count because she weighed 200 lbs. of sillicone on her chest. Chyna then attacked Holly. After a short match, Jeff Jarrett came down to ringside and attacked Chyna with a guitar shot. Mr. Ass came out and fended off Jarrett, Debra, and Miss Kitty. He helped Chyna up, only to hit her with the Famouser. He then saluted her with a crotch chop.

Backstage, Lilian Garcia attempted to interview The British Bulldog, but he walked away out of the building.

X-Pac Interview.
X-Pac called out Kane. He said he hated to do what he was doing to do, but he told Kane that their friendship was over. He told Kane to go win the Heavyweight Title Title. Kane was left in the ring, saddened.

Bradshaw vs. Bubba Ray Dudley resulted in a No-Contest.
Bubba Ray Dudley was already in the ring and The Acolytes came out to a mild pop. The match was a brawl from start to finish that went all over the ringside area with several stiff shots. Bradshaw was going to finish off Bubba Ray, but D-Von ran in the ring, followed by Faarooq. The two teams brawled. The referee threw out the match.

Test, Stephanie McMahon Interview.
Test and Stephanie called out Linda McMahon, Pat Patterson, and Gerald Brisco. They announced that the date for their wedding would be on Monday, October 11, 1999 from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. He said they were inviting all fans of the WWF. The Mean Street Posse and Terri Runnels came down to ringside. Before any physical altercation took place, Stephanie told everyone to stop the fighting. Shane McMahon came out to a large pop and told The Posse to leave the ring immediately. He said it was hard to watch his little sister grow up and he had made a mistake. He said she was a beautiful young lady and she had his blessing. He told Test that he was sorry and shook his hand. Stephanie said thank you and Shane hugged Linda, Stephanie, Test, Brisco.

Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviewed The Big Bossman, who basically taunted The British Bulldog and Al Snow.

X-Pac was shown leaving the arena.

Triple H (w/Chyna) defeated Kane with the Pedigree, to retain the Heavyweight Title.
The two wrestled an excellent bmatch. As Kane was getting the advantage near the end, he nailed a chokeslam on Triple H. Chyna then nailed Kane with a sledgehammer behind the referee's back. Triple H took advantage of the shot and hit Kane with the Pedigree for the win.

Backstage, Ken Shamrock searched for Chris Jericho.

Ken Shamrock called out Chris Jericho. He said eventually he would get his hands on him. He was about to go to the back when the lights went out and Jericho's music hit. When it stopped, Jericho was in the ring, inside a mini-steel cage, with a baseball bat. Jericho said the cage was for him, not Shamrock. He said it was to protect him from Shamrock snapping. Shamrock tried to get in the cage, but Jericho fended him off with the bat. Shamrock took the bat away and was whacking at the bars. Jericho told "Harold" to raise the cage. Howard Finkel was shown backstage talking with Lilian Garcia about the actions of last week when Finkel kicked Garcia out of the ring. Shamrock broke through the bars and got a few shots in on Jericho. WWF officials ran in the ring to stop Shamrock, who then snapped.

Backstage, Chris Jericho and Howard Finkel were shown putting their things in the trunk of their car. Finkel opened the door for Jericho, who then told Finkel that he was an idiot and was fired.

Jeff Jarrett Interview, with Miss Kitty, Debra.
Jeff Jarrett came out to a loud chorus of boos. He talked about women's real roles, which were in the kitchen and making babies. Jarrett mentioned The Fabulous Moolah and Moolah's friend, who was another wrestling legend in the crowd. He called in Moolah, who gave hugs to Debra and Miss Kitty. She was asked by Jarrett if she ever fought any men. Moolah said the reason she never did so was because the men didn't want to get their asses kicked, just like Chyna was going to kick his at Unforgiven. Jarrett told her to get out of the ring, not before hitting her with a guitar and then putting Moolah's friend in the Figure-Four Leglock. Debra and Kitty were furious with Jarrett. They told him to stop, which he did.

The Undertaker and The Big Show defeated The Rock and Mankind in a Buried Alive Match, to capture the Tag Team Titles.
This was an absolutely fantastic match, which saw the teams brawl all over the arena. The Rock and The Undertaker fought to the back and The Big Show and Mankind were fighting on the grave. After many close calls, The Big Show threw Mankind from the ramp in to the grave on the side. The Rock and The Undertakr came back, but fought to the back again. Big Show tried to bury Mankind, but Mankind got up and stuffed Mr. Socko down Big Show's throw. Big Show went into the grave. In the backstage area, Triple H attacked The Rock, which let The Undertaker come out and help bury Mankind. They kept shoveling, but Mankind kept getting up. Eventually, Big Show squashed Mankind in the grave and The Rock fought The Undertaker back all over the building. Backstage, Kane tried chasing Triple H, but did not get to him. Big Show was about to bury Mankind when Triple H came from the back with a sledgehammer. He whacked Big Show in the head, as he fell to the dirt. He finished burying Mankind to win the Tag Team Titles for Big Show and The Undertaker. An ambulance arrived for Mankind as Triple, H gloated on the grave. He opened the ambulance doors only to have Stone Cold Steve Austin popped out and clothesline Triple H. Austin stuffed him in the ambulance. He drove him out to the parking lot where he got in a six wheeler truck and drove the truck in to the ambulance twice. He celebrated to a loud pop as Smackdown came to an end.