Thursday, April 29, 1999

As the World Wrestling Federation's network television special got underway, Vince and Stephanie McMahon came to the ring. Both McMahons thanked all the superstars that helped Stephanie get away from the Undertaker, especially Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince promised that the way he conducts business would change, starting now. But his son Shane, and the rest of the Corporation, came out and forced Vince and Stephanie to leave! Shane told his father, "you better get your attitude out of my face before I slap the wrinkles out of yours." After his dad and sister left the ringside area, Shane ordered a match for later on Smackdown: Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock against Triple H and the Undertaker! Undertaker appeared on the TitanTron and promised the Rattlesnake that he would pay.

Owen Hart was scheduled to take on Val Venis in the first match-but Owen was no where to be found. So Jeff Jarrett came down to the ring with Debra and told Val that he would be substituting. However, the Blue Blazer attacked Val from behind and he took on the adult film star one on one. Val hit the Blazer, who suspiciously looked and talked exactly like Owen, with a Fisherman's suplex. However, Debra distracted the referee, and Jarrett came in the ring and kicked Val below the belt. Owen, er, the Blazer, pinned him for the win. After the match, the Godfather came out to try to claim Debra as his newest fine ho, but the Blazer and Jarrett fought off the pimp. A little later, Kevin Kelly interviewed the Blazer, who said he was here because the Federation needs a superhero. He reminded all his "little Blazers" to say their prayers, take their vitamins and drink their milk.

Next up, The Big Show took on Test. In an amazing display of agility and strength, the 500 pounder delivered a big dropkick, followed by a one-armed chokeslam on the 280-pound Test to earn the victory! The Big Boss Man came out and attacked his former fellow Corporate member Test, but The Big Show ran off the Boss Man.

The Rock went out to the ring to let everyone know that he would be Stone Cold Steve Austin's tag team partner on Smackdown, but he and Austin are not friends. Suddenly the Rattlesnake came out and got in the face of his soon-to-be tag team partner. However, Shane McMahon walked out to the entrance area and warned The Rock and Austin that both were in trouble-and then he proved why. The lights went out and the Undertaker came out and stood next to Shane! Then all the members of the Corporation and the Ministry emerged, and Shane introduced The Rock and Austin to the Corporate Ministry!

In singles competition, Droz (accompanied by Prince Albert) took on D'Lo Brown (with Ivory). When D'Lo climbed to the top rope, Prince Albert entered the ring and dropped him with a fall away slam, ending the match in disqualification. Droz and Albert were set to give a dazed D'Lo a piercing, but Ivory sprinted to the back and came back out with "Sexual Chocolate!" Mark Henry made his return from a knee injury-just in time to save D'Lo!

After that match, Smackdown took a special look at Sable and how the femme fatale has "gone Hollywood."

The New Age Outlaws attempted to become four-time Tag Team Champions when they took on X-Pac and Kane. While Kane and X-Pac had their normal trouble working together as a team, the Outlaws were unusually non-cohesive as well. In fact, the match ended when the Road Dogg inadvertently knocked Billy Gunn down, and X-Pac pinned him for the win! Out in the parking lot after the match, the Outlaws had a heated verbal exchange. Then Mr. Ass began searching the building for fellow degenerate X-Pac.

Dok Hendrix conducted a special interview with the Brood, who broke their silence for the first time. Gangrel said their visions of darkness are not the same as the Undertaker, and that is why the Brood left the Ministry. Edge said that people that don't understand the Brood would learn in time. Dok said he believed that the Brood was just a gimmick that Christian, Gangrel and Edge were using to draw attention to themselves. Gangrel countered that Dok was the one who was a gimmick-calling him "Michael." Perhaps as punishment for calling them a gimmick, the Brood gave Dok a blood bath!

In an anything goes Street Fight, Ken Shamrock took on Bradshaw. The "World's Most Dangerous Man" was able to choke out Bradshaw with a little help from a baseball bat and win the match. Afterwards, however, Shamrock refused to release the hold until after several officials ran to the ring. Shamrock snapped, going so far as to club Sergeant Slaughter with the bat!

Next up, Mankind took on the Big Boss Man. The Boss Man tried to escape once, but Test came down and threw him back into the ring. Boss Man tried to leave again, but this time The Big Show came out and press slammed the 320-pounder over his head and back into the ring. From there, Mr. Socko went to work, knocking out the Boss Man with the Mandible Claw and Mankind got the victory!

Back in the locker room, Billy Gunn found X-Pac and immediately attacked him! Kane grabbed Mr. Ass and pulled him off X-Pac, and Billy walked away saying "I'm not done with you yet."

In one of the most explosive tag team matches of all time, Triple H and the Undertaker teamed up to face The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. All the members of the Corporate Ministry ran in the ring and ganged up on Austin and The Rock, and the referee ended the match due to disqualification. However, Test, Ken Shamrock and The Big Show came out and evened the odds, fighting the members of the Corporate Ministry back to the locker room. Meanwhile, Triple H and The Rock battled through the crowd, leaving the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin alone in the ring. The Lord of Darkness caught Austin with a chokeslam and Shane threw him a chair. But Vince McMahon, who was supposed to have left the arena, ran down and clocked Shane! Vince went into the ring and tried to grab the chair from the Undertaker, but the Phenom turned around and nailed the owner with it! The Rattlesnake had time to recover, and he dropped the Undertaker with a stunner! Shane ran in the ring to pummel his unconscious father, but Austin turned around and Shane was also the victim of a stunner! Austin grabbed several beers to celebrate, one of which he poured on Vince to revive him!