St. Louis, Missouri
November 4, 2004


Nov. 4, 2004

This time JBL managed to avoid being pinned.

But the WWE Champion still couldn’t escape another dose of embarrassment at the hands of Booker T Thursday night on SmackDown! As a result, their showdown at Survivor Series on Nov. 14 just got a little more interesting.

After JBL had interfered with Booker T’s match with Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan earlier in the night, Booker demanded a rematch against both Superstars in St. Louis.

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long refused to make a handicap match, leaving Booker T in desperate need of a partner.

Enter, Josh Mathews.

That’s right, the former Tough Enough finalist and SmackDown! announcer was berated by JBL earlier in the show. A furious Mathews told Long he had completely had it with the antics of the WWE Champion.

So the match was made. After Mathews managed a flying body press from the top rope and a nifty sliding kick, the experience and strength of JBL and Jordan began to take their tool on a reeling Mathews.

But before the job could be finished, Mathews made the tag to Booker, who cleaned house before landing a resounding Axe Kick on Jordan for the victory.

Meanwhile, the seven contestants in the $1,000,000 Tough Enough had another rough night.

After being put through some physical rigors by Al Snow in the parking garage before the show, the seven hopefuls had a squat thrust competition, with the winner – Chris Nawrocki — getting an immediate match with Kurt Angle.

Angle mauled Nawrocki before taking volunteers, next pinning Daniel Puder in a slightly tougher, but still relatively easy match.

Also, Spike Dudley’s plan to eliminate Big Show completely backfired as Show chokeslammed both Bubba Ray and D-Von through tables.

Still, Angle managed to find a fourth and final member for his Survivor Series team in United States Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Ironically, Eddie Guerrero, who thought his team was set last week, lost Rey Mysterio after Long entered him in a Fatal Four Way for the Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series.

Latino Heat now has one week to find a capable Superstar to fill out his team.

Heidenreich, who actually seemed in control last week with the help of a straight jacket, got loose Thursday.

As a result, an already injured Charlie Haas was completely destroyed by Paul Heyman’s unstable and crazed client.

Haas, who came to the ring on crutches to break up another fight between fiancée Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie, was crushed by Heidenreich as Heyman pleaded with the animal to stop.

Apparently, this was a violent message for the Undertaker, who Heidenreich faces at Survivor Series.


Kurt Angle def. Chris Nawrocki

Angle def. Daniel Puder

Booker T def. Orlando Jordan via DQ

Rey Mysterio & RVD def. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak

Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie in Arm Wrestling Contest (No Contest)

Booker T & Josh Mathews def. JBL & Orlando Jordan