Detroit, Michigan
August 12, 2004


Aug. 12, 2004

Despite fleeing from the ring last week with a scared look on his face, JBL announced this week that he was not afraid of the Undertaker. In fact, JBL guaranteed a victory over Undertaker this Sunday at SummerSlam. How could the WWE Champion make such a bold prediction? According to JBL, it's because he is going into the match with a plan that will focus on exploiting the Undertaker's few weaknesses. What this plan is is unsure at this moment. Be sure to watch SummerSlam, live on pay-per-view this Sunday, to find out.

JBL then introduced his new Chief of Staff -- the same man that aided JBL last week when faced with the Undertaker. That man is Orlando Jordan. Dressed equally as dapper as JBL, Jordan spoke to the SmackDown! crowd. According to the youngster, he used to expect handouts. He simply sat around and waited for good opportunities to happen to him. Everything changed for Jordan when he saw JBL. According to Jordan, JBL showed him not to just sit around and wait for opportunity. You must grab it for yourself.

Later in the night, in a match arranged by JBL, Orlando Jordan took on the Undertaker in one-on-one action. The young Chief of Staff looked impressive against the legend, despite losing the match by disqualification when JBL interfered. JBL's attempt to soften his challenger just days before SummerSlam seemed fruitless, however, as the Deadman simply sat up after receiving a Clothesline From Hell.

An interesting piece of footage aired, featuring Heidenreich and Paul Heyman. It was not unlike the others that have ran in weeks past. However, Heyman did hint towards Heidenreich victimizing somebody at SummerSlam this Sunday. Whether or not this becomes a reality remains to be seen.

Just days before they meet in what is promising to be an unbelievable match, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero met each other in the middle of the SmackDown! ring. Each one accused the other of lying, cheating and stealing at one point or another in their brutal rivalry. In the end, however, both men reluctantly and physically shook hands at the orders of General Manager Theodore R. Long. There will obviously be no hand shaking this Sunday when they meet at SummerSlam.

SummerSlam has been widely recognized as WWE's answer to the Summer Games. In a prelude to SummerSlam, Theodore Long ordered a Summer Games Relay Match. The contest was one fall to a finish, featuring two teams of three. The match began with two men in the ring. At the end of a five-minute period, a new Superstar would relieve his team's man. This cycle would continue until there was a winner. The teams -- Team Cena (John Cena, Charlie Haas and Rob Van Dam) and Team Booker (Booker T, Luther Reigns and Rene Dupree). After more than five periods of non-stop action, it was John Cena getting the pinfall victory over Booker T, leaving fans to speculate whether this was also a prelude to the best of five series Cena and Booker have coming up. Only time will tell.


Spike Dudley defeated Paul London

Nunzio def. Chavo Guerrero

Undertaker def. Orlando Jordan via DQ

Team Cena def. Team Booker