Houston, Texas
August 5, 2004


Aug. 5, 2004

The cocky WWE Champion, JBL, attempted to make a joke out of his upcoming title defense against the Undertaker at SummerSlam. Thinking Undertaker was not in the arena this week, JBL called him out to the ring in an attempt to prove he was not scared.

Just as JBL planned, the Undertaker's music rang through the arena. However, rather than having the Deadman come out to the ring, JBL arranged for a mini-Undertaker to come out. The young man, dressed in Undertaker clothing, stood about three feet tall. The WWE Champion then showed his dominance over the mini-Undertaker by picking him up for the Tombstone. It was at this moment that the Undertaker's music hit again. This time, the real Undertaker came to confront JBL. Luckily for the champ, Orlando Jordan ran to the ring to save him before Undertaker could do any real damage.

Speaking of Orlando Jordan, the young man made his return to the ring after a long hiatus. It has been learned that Jordan, who is one of 11 children, took the time off to tend to family matters.

Elsewhere on SmackDown!, John Cena defeated Rob Van Dam in a thrilling No. 1 Contender's Match for the United States Championship. As a result, Cena was awarded a shot at Booker T. This will not be a regular one fall match, however. Right after the match, General Manager Theodore R. Long made the announcement that Cena and Booker will do battle in a best of five series of matches. The first Superstar to pick up three wins will be the undisputed U.S. Champion. The first match in the series will take place at SummerSlam.

In one of the more despicable acts seen this year on SmackDown!, Spike Dudley turned on his partner Rey Mysterio to join forces with his brothers D-Von and Bubba Ray. To prove his point, Spike went as far as to put Mysterio on a table and jump off the top rope onto him.

In other SmackDown! action, Kurt Angle looked great in his return to the ring, forcing Charlie Haas to tap out

Match Results:

John Cena defeated Rob Van Dam

Orlando Jordan def. Rene Dupree

Kurt Angle def. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions Kidman & London def. The Basham Bros.

The Dudleys def. Spike & Rey Mysterio