Fayetteville, North Carolina
July 1, 2004


July 01, 2004

JBL may believe that his WWE Championship reign is the “dawn of a new era” in sports entertainment, but sundown might come on SmackDown! in two weeks time.

After the proud new champ polished off hand-picked opponent Spike Dudley, bitter rival Eddie Guerrero appeared. He informed JBL that his contract guarantees a rematch — and this time, it’s Eddie who gets to select the match stipulation. So, when SmackDown! sets down in Providence, R.I., the glad-handing JBL will have to weather Latino Heat in a steel cage.

More than one powerhouse Superstar left SmackDown! scowling: Mordecai’s undefeated streak was stopped by undersized Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio.

In an important update, we learned that Paul Bearer sustained severe internal damage — including injuries to the lungs and trachea — when he was entombed in a Concrete Crypt by the Undertaker at The Great American Bash. The devious Paul Heyman gloated over the Bash outcome, telling the Fayetteville, N.C., crowd that he “compelled the Undertaker to face his only weakness.” Heyman clearly felt Bearer had been holding the Phenom back, and will do so no longer.

“Now the Undertaker has no conscience. Now the Undertaker has no restraints,” Heyman said Thursday night. But now that the Undertaker is unrestrained, Heyman better hope the Deadman doesn’t come for him.

SmackDown! also had implications for United States Champion John Cena. He had words with Kenzo Suzuki and watched Booker T earn the No. 1 contender slot when Booker emerged from a Triple Threat Match with Rob Van Dam and Rene Dupree. As a result, Cena will square off against the five-time WCW Champion next Thursday, with the U.S. title on the line.

Lastly, referee Charles Robinson almost didn’t make it out of Fayetteville intact. After botching the Bash match between Torrie Wilson and Sable, General Manager Kurt Angle ordered Robinson to ref Thursday’s rematch. The contest, in which Torrie triumphed with a DDT, went without incident. Still, Angle wasn’t satisfied, throwing Robinson into the ring to wrestle big man Luther Reigns. Luckily for Robinson, Charlie Haas had unfinished business with Reigns and stepped between the two when the battle had barely begun.

Match Results:

Booker T defeats Rob Van Dam and Rene Dupree (Triple Threat Match) to become the No. 1 contender.

Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio def. Mordecai (non-title match)

Torrie Wilson def. Sable

The match between Luther Reigns and Charles Robinson was stopped when Robinson was incapacitated and Charlie Haas intervened

JBL def. Spike Dudley