Houston, Texas
November 20, 2003

Nov. 20, 2003

Just when it seemed like Mr. McMahon could finally be the WWE Chairman in peace, his biggest nemesis to date may have just arrived. On SmackDown!, Mr. McMahon was still feeling the effects of his Survivor Series encounter with the Undertaker. Despite gashes and bruises all over his face, a concussion, and a shattered ankle, Mr. McMahon claimed the ultimate victory as a result of his win at Survivor Series and claimed to be unstoppable, invincible, and untouchable.


But just as fast as Mr. McMahon’s victory party was to begin, it came to a screeching halt when John Cena emerged from backstage. Fresh off Survivor Series, where Cena scored the pinfall to win the match for Team Angle, not only did Cena blast both Mr. McMahon and Sable in his latest rap, but later Cena would pin the Big Show 1-2-3 to bring the Houston crowd to its feet. By the end of SmackDown!, it was clear that defeating the Undertaker did not solve Mr. McMahon’s problems … in fact, his troubles may have just begun in the form of Cena – who could be the hottest young Superstar on the SmackDown! roster.

Also on SmackDown!, at the request of Mr. McMahon, a RAW Superstar made a one-time-only appearance as Kane entered the arena to give a eulogy to his brother, the Undertaker – who Kane helped bury alive at Survivor Series. In a stirring speech, Kane made a shocking remark that in fact the Undertaker had been dead long before the Survivor Series match ever took place! Kane said his brother had “betrayed himself” by showing compassion in helping Stephanie McMahon in her plight against Mr. McMahon, and weakness by losing to Brock Lesnar at No Mercy. Kane called the Undertaker a “fraud” and that he buried an imposter alive at Survivor Series.

But all eyes during SmackDown! were on Cena, who not only ruined the night for Mr. McMahon, but for Brock Lesnar as well. Lesnar entered SmackDown! determined to gain a measure of revenge on the members of Team Angle, sending A-Train to face Bradshaw and Nathan Jones to meet Chris Benoit. Lesnar’s efforts would prove to be fruitless as Benoit’s victory over Jones, combined with Cena’s heroics, made it a tough night for those on Lesnar’s side. Heading into next week, expect Lesnar, McMahon, and company to be even angrier!

What will Mr. McMahon and Brock Lesnar have in store for next week? Will John Cena’s recent hot streak continue? Only one way to find out … tune into SmackDown! next week at 8/7 CT on UPN!

Match results:

Rey Mysterio defeated Akio

Matt Morgan defeated Shannon Moore

A-Train defeated Bradshaw

Chris Benoit defeated Nathan Jones

Tajiri defeated Jamie Noble

Los Guerreros defeated the Self-Proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team

John Cena defeated Big Show