Anaheim, California
June 5, 2003

SmackDown! started off this week with Piper's Pit. Roddy Piper and Sean O'Haire made their way to the ring where Piper started talking about a very special guest he had lined up for the show. That special guest is Zack Gowen, whom Piper called out but instead, Vince McMahon marched to the ring. McMahon said he was going to make a change for the better and introduced Zack Gowen who was accompanied by Mr. America. McMahon offered Gowen a contract with WWE, but under some certain stipulations. McMahon booked himself in an arm-wresling match next week in Orlando, Florida. Mr. America was quick to accept the challenge but McMahon said the challenge wasn't to him, it was to Gowen himself. McMahon cracked some insults before he shoved Gowen down and the three heels ran up the ramp. McMahon said Gowen had as much chance of winning as a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest does.

Tonight also marked the return of Kurt Angle and they showed an Angle highlight here when he doused the WCW/ECW Alliance with milk.

The Undertaker defeated Chuck Palumbo (with Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli). Taker was in control from the start until he was dumped to the outside where Nunzio and Stamboli attacked him. Despite the FBI's best efforts, Taker scored a chokeslam on Palumbo for the win. Afterwards, Nunzio and Stamboli jumped Taker but Taker fought back and had Nunzio set for the Last Ride when Palumbo clocked him with a superkick. Nunzio then brought a chair in as Stamboli and Palumbo held the Undertaker back. However, Taker broke free and cleared the ring.

A very nice video tribute was shown to commemorate the life of "Classy" Freddie Blassie.

Non-Title Match: Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri defeated The Basham Brothers. Wow, I can't tell which Basham brother is which but they both looked pretty good here, I missed their debut last week. Anyway, Guerrero was the man in this match, hitting his signature moves, the consecutive vertical suplexes as well as a huge Frog Splash late in the match to I believe, Danny Basham. Tajiri then landed the Buzzsaw Kick for the win.

After the break, Kurt Angle made his return. Angle was so happy to be back, he had his music fired up again when he was in the ring just so he could hear the crowd chant, "You Suck!" Angle said while he was laid up in the hospital, there was one man who kept visiting and calling him to make sure he was alright. Angle was about to name him when Big Show came out. Show got in the ring and got right in Angle's face. Show said it was his time now because next week he has a shot for the title against Brock Lesnar. Show said when he wins the title, maybe he'll let Angle have a shot, but he told Angle he didn't want to face him. After Show was done, Angle said, "Okay, Show... these are breath strips." Hilarious. Show told Angle he better get serious and Angle stepped up on the second rope so he was taller than Show. Angle said he wrestled in the Olympics and in the WrestleMania main event with a broken neck so he asked show to forgive him if he wasn't exactly pooping his pants right now. Show grabbed Angle by the neck when Brock Lesnar's music hit and he came down to the ring. Show let go of Angle and headed up the ramp saying, "Not right now." Angle and Lesnar stare each other down for a moment and Angle said he just wanted to thank Brock for all the concern he showed while Angle was in the hospital. The two embraced and raised each others hands to end the segment.

John Cena defeated Chris Benoit. Benoit controlled most of the way through and had Cena almost beat after the rolling Germans but Cena went for his chain. Rhyno came out and grabbed the chain from Cena and went to deck him with it but Cena ducked and Rhyno nailed Benoit instead. Cena then clocked Rhyno and scored the win over Benoit.

Mixed Tag Match: Rikishi & Torrie Wilson defeated Jamie Noble & Nidia. Before the match, Noble and Rikishi both show off their ladies. Pretty typical mixed tag. Rikishi worked with Noble, Torrie worked with Nidia, the usual. Late in the match, Rikishi hit Nidia with the stinkface which allowed Torrie to take advantage, hit a swinging neckbreaker and get the win. After the match, Rikishi and Torrie danced for the crowd.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio was interviewed by Josh Mathews. Mysterio said he was focused on his match and not worried about his groin injury. Eddie Guerrero showed up to offer some words of encouragement, both in English and Spanish. Eddie told Rey to not even think about coming back to the locker room without the gold.

Meanwhile, Stephanie McMahon entered her office to find Vince hanging around. Vince told Stephanie things were changing and he introduced Stephanie to her new personal assistant, Sable. Stephanie reminded Vince of how Sable sued WWE for millions over sexual harrassment but said all she needed to do to get in good with Vince was shake her ass his way and shove her breasts in his face. Vince said that was then and this is now. Vince left and Sable and Steph just kinda uh, stood there.

Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio defeated Matt Hardy (with Shannon Moore & Crash). Excellent match, lot of back and forth action, near falls and whatnot. Eventually, Moore and Crash were ejected from ringside. Hardy worked over Mysterio's knee for a good part of the match. At one point, Matt hit his trademark move, the Side Effect from the second rope but couldn't keep Mysterio down for three. Hardy grabbed his title which distracted the ref, allowing Moore and Crash to sneak back in the ring and deliver a forward falling vertical suplex to Mysterio. Hardy went up top and hit the legdrop but again, Mysterio kicked out. Eventually, Mysterio, still ailing from his worn out knee, hit the 619 but Hardy kicked out and went for the Twist of Fate, however, Rey countered with a rollup and got the victory to win the Cruiserweight title. Afterwards, Rey's son Dominic walked in the ring and got hoisted up onto his Dad's shoulders and held the title as the show ended.