Louisville, Kentucky
March 13, 2003

A replay of last weeks incident with Lesnar and the two Angle's play.

Rhyno vs. Charlie Haas
Rhyno explodes on Haas. He throws him out of the ring and swings the tag title around like a madman. Haas climbs back in the ring and Rhyno gets on the attack again. Shelton Benjamin aids Haas and knocks Rhyno out of the ring. Benoit rolls Rhyno back in the ring. Haas nails a belly to belly suplex followed by a shot to the knee. Haas locks in a knee submission. Rhyno gets to his feet and Haas kicks him down in the back of the left knee. Haas locks in another leg bar. Rhyno screams in pain as he crawls to the ropes. Once he reaches Benjamin takes some cheap shots at him from outside the ring. Rhyno gets to his feet and chops at Haas. Haas slams Rhyno to the mat with a knee drop. Haas applies another leg bar, then kicks the hamstring of his left leg. Rhyno powers out and delivers a back drop to Haas. Both men are down and the ref begins to count. Rhyno gets up at 5. Rhyno clotheslines Haas then sends him for a ride with a back body drop followed by a text book belly to belly suplex. Rhyno sets up for the gore but Benjamin pulls him away. Haas grabs the tag belt and clocks Rhyno and gets DQ'ed. Benjamin and Haas attack Rhyno until Benoit gets in the ring.

Brian Kendrick is backstage with Stephanie. Steph says she is angry with him for defying her by streaking, wrestling in matches, she says he is a liablity. He says that he wanted to impress her, he says he is sorry. She tells him not to be sorry, that she doesn't want to yell at him, but to offer him an opportunity. She says if he can beat Shannon Moore tonight he will have a job with Smackdown. Kendrick is excited.

John Cena is somewhere rapping about no one giving him his "props." He makes an open challenge for a rap contest at Wrestlemania. Cena says he is focused on rapping and the next big thing. Cena says he laughed when Angle screwed him, and he didn't think it was funny that he tried to screw up Eric's career. He says next week he is coming back to Smackdown.

A Guerrero promo is shown. They are on a golf course giving golf tips to some guys on the course. They say that the Guerrero's belong in the kitchen. They says that they are here to play. Chavo says that a three iron is also good for hitting them with. They agree to play a "foursome." The Guerreros milk the dirty things that could be implied by that and make a challenge to the golfers. They play, the Guerreros cheat 2 win and collect everything that the golfers have. Viva la raza!

Los Guerreros and Rikishi vs. FBI
Eddie and Nunzio start off the match. Eddie delivers a few punches before pulling him into their corner and tagging in Chavo. Chavo delivers a sit out power bomb and covers Nunzio for 2. Palumbo is tagged in. Chavo delivers a leg scissors take down. Chavo goes after Palumbo but is clothes lined to the mat. Palumbo applies a half Boston crab on Chavo. Chavo tags in Eddie but the ref doesn't see the tag. While the ref is distracted, Stamboli helps with the Boston crab. Nunzio attacks from the second rope. The ref turns around and the FBI clear out leaving Palumbo. Palumbo hits a Samoan drop on Chavo and covers for 2. Palumbo sets up to ram Chavo into the turnbuckle but he reverse it into a DDT. Chavo tags in Eddie. Eddie takes Palumbo down with a leg scissors then drop kicks Stamboli. Eddie gets to the top rope an cross bodies Palumbo and Nunzio. Rikishi is tagged in. Rikishi clothes lines eve ryone. The entire FBI is backed up into the corner and Rikishi backs it up into them all. Palumbo is left in the corner alone. Rikishi its his heel kick and Eddie nails a frog splash and covers Palumbo for the win.

Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble
Mysterio monkey flips Noble but he lands on his feet. Rey takes Noble down with a leg scissors. Noble gets Rey on his shoulders and power bombs him into the turn buckle. Noble lifts Rey and delivers a back suplex. Noble slides Mysterio out of the ring. Rey struggles to his feet and Nidia clothes lines him. Noble rolls him back in the ring and covers for 2. Noble lifts Rey on his back and locks in a submission. Mysterio counters with a tornado DDT where Noble lands on his shoulder. Both men struggle to get to their feet. Rey takes a massive chop at Nobles chest and hits a cross body off the second rope.. Rey covers for 2. Rey is the whipped into the ropes and Noble delivers a quick power slam. Noble covers for 2. Mysterio gets up and delivers a drop kick to Noble. Mysterio gets to the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. Nidia tries to unmask Mysterio. Mysterio turns around and pounces on top of her. noble goes to attack Mysterio right away. Noble attempts a tiger bomb but Mysterio counters. Mysterio connects the 619 followed by the West Coast pop. Mysterio pins 1-2-3 and wins the match.

Backstage Kurt and Eric Angle are talking. Kurt says that this was unnecessary and Brock was just jealous the he beat him fair and square. Kurt says they will go out to the ring and give Brock a piece of their mind.

The Angle's come out to speak. Kurt helps Eric into the ring. Eric is wearing a giant knee brace and is on crutches. Kurt says look who is still the WWE champion. Kurt says when Steph forced him to face Lesnar for the title on Smackdown he says he was nervous...for a second. Then he remembered he is not only the greatest athlete in the business, he is also the smartest. Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence. He says Eric withstood Lesnar's brutality long enough for Kurt to slide in the ring and beat Lesnar 1-2-3. Kurt says that Eric is the best brother a guy could have. He says he loves Eric and not like the people in Kentucky love each other. They embrace. Eric says that he appreciates Kurt's words and that their mother was right, Kurt doesn't suck. Kurt says that no one lays their hands on his brother Eric. Kurt says Lesnar claims to be the next big thing, but in reality he is the next big sore loser. Kurt says Brock is an embarrassment and a disgrace to amateur and professional wrestling. Kurt says he is the champion and Brock is not. Then Kurt says he wants an apology for what he did to Eric last week. Kurt says Brock better come down or he will give Brock something to be sorry about. There is a dramatic pause and music hits. Its not Brock's, its Stephanie's. She says that she is sorry, sorry that Kurt has to defend his title at Wrestlemania, but if anyone interferes or he tries to get disqualified, he automatically forfeits the title to Brock. She says that it is not a punishment, he asks what it is. Stephanie says that Kurt and Brock are the best and they owe it to everyone to give the best match the people have ever seen. Kurt says that it is fine, but he isn't doing it for the people. Kurt says he and Eric aren't leaving the ring until Brock comes out to apologize. Stephanie says that Kurt can have it his way, here comes the pain. Brock's music hits. Brock gets down to the ring and clotheslines Kurt. Eric hits him with a low blow. Kurt attacks Brock with a chair by Angle slamming him through it. Brock writes in pain as Kurt wretches his back. Angle grabs his belt and leaves.

Undertaker vs. Bill Demott
The two big men lock up in the ring. Demott shoves Taker into the ropes but Taker knocks Demott down with a shoulder block. Demott attempts a hip toss but can't lift Taker. Taker locks in a leg bar and rolls it through for a pin. Demott kicks out. Nathan Jones is watching from the back. Taker grabs Demott and delivers the snake eyes. Demott nails Taker with a spine buster and covers for 2. Taker gets up and takes charge. Taker locks up Demott for the old school arm drag knock down deal. Taker signals for a choke slam but Demott responds with a belly to belly and a cover for 2. Demott goes for a clothes line but Taker sets up the choke slam instead. Taker finishes Demott off with an old school tombstone pile driver. He covers Demott for the win.

Backstage Brock is being evaluated by doctors and the like.  Brock says that its sore and tells them not to touch it. They say they fear he may have broken ribs that are sticking out.

Brian Kendrick vs. Shannon Moore w/ Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy graciously included Shannon in his book. Shannon's idol is Matt Hardy. Matt goes to the announcer tables to give Tazz and Cole an autographed copy of his book. Brian Kendrick needs to gets some music, so he comes out to silence. Kendrick and Moore lock up. Kendrick locks in some submissions then knocks Moore down with his shoulder. Moore whips Kendrick into the corner and Moore runs towards him only to be met by Kendrick's boot. Kendrick delivers some stiff punches to Moore. Moore finally levels him with a clothes line followed by a set of suplexes. Moore covers for 2. Moore kicks at Kendrick's chest and smacks him around. Kendrick sends back a few chops and his knee into Moore's face. Kendrick nails a missile drop kick and covers for 2. Moore attempts a release suplex but Kendrick lands on his feet. Moore soon turns it around and covers Kendrick for 2. Moore stomps on Kendrick on the apron. Matt Hardy sends Kendrick into the steel ring steps. Matt rolls Kendrick back into the ring. Moore covers but Kendrick kicks out. Matt takes one more cheap shot before Rey Mysterio comes out. Moore is distracted and Kendrick rolls him up for the win.

They announce that the girls from the Miller Lite cat fight commercial will be at Wrestlemania.

Backstage Vince looks through his contract with his lawyer. He makes sure that the contract says that if Hogan loses he retires from wrestling.

Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin
Benoit locks up with Benjamin and drives him into the corner. He chops at Benjamin and delivers a back suplex. Benoit clothes lines Benjamin then chops at him in the corner. Benjamin counters and slams Benoit's neck on his knee. Benjamin delivers a back drop to Benoit and covers for 2. Benjamin chokes Benoit then drives his knee into Benoit's back. Benoit locks in the cross face but Benjamin maneuvers out of it. Benoit nails Benjamin with a one legged drop kick. Benjamin attempts a heel kick up Benoit locks in the cross face. Haas attempts to break it up but Rhyno nails the gore. Benjamin is left alone in the cross face and is forced to tap out to Benoit.

Gene Okerlund gets to the ring. He gets on the mic and says that with out Vince McMahon or Hulk Hogan, there wouldn't be a Wrestlemania. He says that tonight both will come out to a sign a contract for their pay-per-view match. He says that this has been a match in the making for 20 years. Hogan comes down tot he ring first. It is made clear again that if Hogan should lose this match that he will have to retire from wrestling permanently. The people in the crowd start chanting for Hogan. Okerlund wants to get on with the singing but Hogan says that the Hulkamaniacs here tonight are amazing. This causes another set of chants from the crowd. After a while Hogan begins to speak. He says he fully understands the terms of the match but he promises to not let Hulkamania die. Hogan says that he couldn't believe the audacity of Vince to say he created Hulkamania. Hogan says that that statement was dead-ass wrong. Hogan says the waiting is over and calls out Vince. Backstage Vince tells people to keep his eyes on him. Vince music hits but he doesn't appear at the stage. Vince sneaks up behind Hogan and attacks him with a chair. Once Hogan is down Vince nails him several times in the head, cutting him open and drawing blood. Vince signs the contract and Hogan is forced to sign it in blood.