Bakersfield, California
February 13, 2003


Smackdown for February 13th began with yet another large wooden crate, from the Big Show to the Undertaker, on the stage. 

Charlie Haas, with Paul Heyman, defeated Edge in 5:30.  Kurt Angle was watching from his locker room. Heyman got on the apron near the end, and Edge went after him.  Haas went to attack Edge, but Edge ducked out and went for a spear.  Haas moved, and Edge hit Heyman with the spear, knocking him off the apron.  However, this allowed Haas to rollup Edge from behind to get the pin. 

It was announced that Nathan Jones will be a Smackdown talent, and will have a live interview on the show next week.  A vignette on Jones was shown. 

Kurt Angle was in Stephanie McMahon's office with a rose.  Steph walked in, and Angle gave her the rose.  He moved in to kiss her, when Brock Lesnar walked in.  Angle and Lesnar went face to face, and Stephanie told Angle that it would be Team Angle (Kurt, Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin) vs. Brock Lesnar, Edge and Chris Benoit at No Way Out.  Lesnar said he was looking forward to it, and that he wanted Kurt to come to ringside to watch him beat John Cena tonight.  Lesnar wished Angle a Happy Valentine's Day, and left.  Angle, obviously not happy with the development, took the rose back from Stephanie. 

Last week's incident, where Nunzio told Rikishi "his people" would not like him being disrespected, was shown. 

Rikishi vs. Nunzio never got started, as Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli ran out and attacked Rikishi.  They beat down Rikishi, with Nunzio saying they were "family".  Rikishi headbutted Nunzio, but was beat down some more, and Nunzio gave Rikishi the "kiss of death" before they finished stomping him.  

Rey Mysterio defeated Matt Hardy, with Shannon Moore, in 6:03.  Hardy told the ring announcer he is now 222 pounds, two pounds away from being able to challenge Billy Kidman for the Cruiserweight title. Lots of near falls, but at the end, Hardy played as if his weight loss was making him fatigued, and Mysterio hit the 619 and the West Coast Pop (springboard rana) for the pin.   After the match, Hardy claimed that he was lightheaded from dehydration because he lost eight pounds in a week.  He said he would make some adjustments, lose two more pounds and be able to challenge Kidman at No Way Out.

Chris Benoit and A-Train were shown getting ready for their match. 

A package was shown on how Brian Kendrick will do anything to get a shot in WWE. We then saw Sean O'Haire telling Brian how impressed he was with him.  Kendrick said he got in a lot of trouble for his streaking the previous week.  Bill DeMott went up to Kendrick and said he was going to show him how to make an impact in the business, then rammed Kendrick repeatedly into some lockers.  O'Haire stepped between them, saying that Kendrick had had enough, but that he wasn't telling DeMott "anything he didn't already know". O'Haire and DeMott exchanged smiles as DeMott backed off. 

Chris Benoit defeated A-Train in 5:52 with the Crippler Crossface.  A-Train tried to push around Benoit early and use power moves.  In the end, he went for the Train Wreck (chokeslam powerbomb), but Benoit turned it into a crossface for the win.  He held on to the hold for a short time after the bell. 

Some guy from "Girls Gone Wild" invited Torrie Wilson (who said she loves "Girls Gone Wild") to appear on their Spring Break PPV.  She agreed, saying she could get pretty wild.  He said the show would be uncensored. 

The gift box from Big Show to Undertaker was brought into the ring.  Paul Heyman was in the ring, and explained how Undertaker had turned down previous attempts by the Big Show to make amends for his attack from four months ago. Undertaker came down, Heyman left, and the box was opened to reveal a Boy George impersonator singing to the Undertaker.  The impersonator attacked the Undertaker, and was revealed to be the returning Kanyon.  Underaker trashed Kanyon, beating him around ringside and bent a steel chair across his back, while Heyman watched from the stage.  Undertaker finished off Kanyon with a chair to the head.

Backstage, Matt Hardy was on a lifecycle, trying to sweat off that last two pounds, with Shannon Moore shouting encouragement.

Funaki tried to interview John Cena, using street lingo.  Cena made a bad Chinese food joke (although Funaki is Japanese) and did a rap saying he would beat Brock Lesnar tonight.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Eddie Guerrero in 4:57 (match actually started during a commercial break).  Charlie Haas ran out in the end, but Eddie took him out.  Eddie missed a frog splash, and Benjamin went for a superkick, but Eddie caught it.  Benjamin hit a back heel kick with his other leg (Dragon Whip) and got the clean pin on Guerrero.

Mean Gene Okerlund and Chris Nowinski did a commercial for the movie "Old School" with Nowinski saying this was not a good representation of college life, and a beer-toting Okerlund being all for the party vibe.

A good history package on Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock was shown.  They will both be at Smackdown next week.

Hugh Hefner appeared in a very short clip to announce that a WWE Diva would be appearing in Playboy in the future.

Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie in a Valentine's Day Bra and Panties match in 3:23.  The ring was decorated with stuffed animals and other Valentine's Day gifts.  They actually started the fight on the rampway.  Both women had their tops ripped off.  They tried for pinfalls, for some reason.  Dawn went to climb the ropes, and Torrie ripped her pants off for the win. Nidia ran in, but Torrie deck her and Dawn, and pulled off Nidia's shorts and spanked her.

The "tale of the tape" was shown for Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena.

Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena with the F5 in 6:24.  Brock dominated early, and Cena hit Lesnar with a chain to get a brief advantage.  Cena then tried to use a chinlock to wear Brock down. Brock mounted a comeback and got the win.  Brock then took the mic and invited Angle to come down to the ring.  When Angle did not come out, Lesnar tossed Cena into a ringpost, the same way he did Angle several weeks ago. 

Angle, annoyed that Lesnar was punking him out, headed to the ring, despite the protests of Paul Heyman.

Angle came out on the stage, with Brock in the ring.  Lesnar challenged Angle to get in the ring right now.  Angle teased that he was going to have the match right now, and got nose to nose with Lesnar, but then reneged.  Angle claimed he had a sinus infection.  Lesnar called Angle a "chickens***".  Angle then said he would wrestle Lesnar next week on Smackdown.  Lesnar accepted the challenge, then gave Angle a clothesline and an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Angle fell to the floor, and Lesnar tossed Angle into the steps and gave him an overhead belly to belly on the floor.  Lesnar went to toss Angle into the ringpost, but Team Angle ran out to attack Lesnar.  Lesnar beat down both men, as Kurt Angle crawled up the ramp.  Lesnar gave Benjamin the F5 on the floor.  Angle crawled away from a stalking Lesnar, saying he would face him next week.  Lesnar stood over Angle on the rampway, glared at him, and after tossing the WWE title belt on him, walked away.