Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 6, 2003

When you're hot, you're hot, and Team Angle was definitely scorching on SmackDown! The rookie duo of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas overthrew Los Guerreros to become the WWE Tag Team Champions and Kurt Angle slipped past Chris Benoit and orchestrated a beating on his arch rival Chris Benoit!

The Rock made an appearance on SmackDown!, via satellite, in order to poke fun at his No Way Out opponent, Hulk Hogan. The People's Champion was completely condescending to Hogan, who promised that Hulkamania would run wild over The Rock at No Way Out!

One week after presenting the Undertaker with a singing telegram to apologize for beating up the Undertaker, the Big Show ordered up another surprise and had Paul Heyman deliver. Taker opened up a huge wooden crate in the ring to find none other than Brother Love inside! Brother Love said he was delivering a message of love and forgiveness to "Brother Dead Man," but all he got for his effort was a chokeslam and a Tombstone piledriver!

Brian Kendrick was again backstage at SmackDown! looking for an opportunity to make an impact in WWE. He made an impression alright, thanks to Sean O'Haire. O'Haire convinced Kendrick to imitate the Nike Shox commercial by stripping down to sneakers and a scarf and streaking around the stadium! Kendrick rushed past A-Train as he was making his entrance, and managed to elude security during a wild sprint throughout the arena until he found himself cornered and had no choice but to burst in on an unsuspecting Stephanie McMahon.

After losing to Billy Kidman after the Cruiserweight Champion executed an incredible counter move, an irate Matt Hardy pledged to cut weight and compete in the Cruiserweight Division so he could win the title away from Kidman. Matt's not the only SmackDown! Superstar with some hard work ahead of him. John Cena challenged Brock Lesnar to a one-on-one match that will take place next week on SmackDown!

Match results:

Rey Mysterio def. Jamie Noble

Rikishi def. Nunzio

Billy Kidman def. Matt Hardy

Team Angle def. Los Guerreros

A-Train def. Shannon Moore

Kurt Angle def. Chris Benoit