Green Bay Wisconsin
January 30, 2003


Smackdown for January 31st began with a recap of the return of Hulk Hogan on last week's show, and the resulting confrontation with Vince McMahon.

A-Train defeated Rey Mysterio in 3:38.  Rey went after A-Train before the bell, looking for revenge for being sidelined by A-Train several weeks ago.  Rey kept going to the air, but A-Train kept going back to power moves, winning with the Train Wreck (over the shoulder backbreaker, then drop to the mat).  

Josh Matthews interviewed Paul Heyman about the Undertaker.  Heyman said Big Show will not wrestle the Undertaker, because Taker is looking for revenge, not a match.  Heyman said Show was given tonight off.

They replay John Cena dumping B2 two weeks ago, and joining forces with Red Dogg.

Eddie Guerrero defeated John Cena in 5:52.  Plenty of outside involvement from Red Dogg and Chavo Guerrero.  Los Guerreros were actually the babyfaces here, either because the fans hate Cena's rap, or they appreciate that the Guerreros are much better wrestlers. Chavo ended up shoving Cena off the top rope as he prepared for a dive, setting up for Eddie's frog splash for the win.

The Undertaker arrived.

Paul Heyman was on his phone with the Big Show, talking about Undertaker being at the building.  Heyman goes over to Brian Kendricks (Spanky), who Heyman puts over as being trained by Shawn Michaels.  Heyman tells the awestruck him he has an opportunity for him.  Kendricks tells Heyman he will do anything to make it in this business.

Stephanie McMahon is in her office, complaining on the phone about not having a cell phone.  Vince McMahon enters, upset over her bringing back Hulk Hogan.  Stephanie defends her decision, saying she was just following in Vince's footsteps in trying to beat the competition.  Vince tells Stephanie that he has a big surprise this week.

Billy Kidman defeated Shannon Moore with the shooting star press in 5:50.  Matt Hardy was still shoving and bossing Moore around.  Before the match begins, we find out that Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie will take place on Velocity this weekend. Hardy tries to help Moore, going after Kidman on the top rope, setting Shannon up for a superplex, but Kidman blocks it and tossed Moore to the mat, then follows with the shooting star for the win.  After the match, Matt lays out Kidman with a pair of Twist Of Fates.

Mr. McMahon is heading to the ring, stopping to shake hands with Nunzio.

We see a replay of Hogan's challenge to McMahon last week.

Mr. McMahon comes to the ring, and yells at the fans for chanting "Hogan" at him.  Vince claimed Hogan was a manipulator, tricking the fans.  McMahon said even Hogan doesn't believe the red and yellow "crap" he says.  Vince then took credit for creating Hulkamania. Vince McMahon then said he was going to answer Hulk Hogan's challenge, then pulled a switch and said that Hulk Hogan would face the Rock at No Way Out. Vince starts to leave, but before he does, he announces that the Rock would speak to them via satellite.

The Rock came on the screen, and said he was happy not to be in Green Bay, because it was so cold there.  Rock said he doesn't answer to Vince McMahon, he answers to the people.  Rock said the fans want to see the rematch of Hogan vs. Rock, the greatest match of all time.  Rock said he would face Hogan at No Way Out.  Rock put himself over, promised to defeat Hogan, and delivered his catchphrases.

Bill DeMott defeated Rikishi in 3:54.  Rikishi went for a DDT, but DeMott hooked the top rope, and Rikishi fell to the mat, hitting his head.  DeMott then used the ropes for leverage to get the pin.  DeMott is now 2-1 in matches with Rikishi.

As DeMott headed up the ramp, Undertaker rode down on his motorcycle, and DeMott had to jump out of the way.  Undertaker got in the ring and called out The Big Show.  After a commercial, we see Undertaker sitting on the steps, waiting for Big Show.  Undertaker says his new attitude is "Shut Up and Fight" and once again calls out Show.  Big Show's music hit, and Paul Heyman walked out.  Heyman, from the stage, told Undertaker that Show was not here, but that Show had sent a personal message for him.  Brian Kendricks, in a bellhop uniform, rode a kid's bicycle to the ring.  Kendricks was scared to death, as Undertaker asked what his reason was for coming to the ring.  Kendricks had a singing telegram from the Big Show, apologizing for laying him out a few weeks ago.  Heyman, from the stage, insisted that this was a sincere apology from Show, and that he was sorry.  Undertaker told Heyman to tell Show that when he catches up with him, the Big Show will truly be sorry.  Kendricks was looking for a tip for his song.  Undertaker said he had a lot of guts, if not a lot of brains.  Undertaker tipped him a hundred bucks.  Kendricks was about to leave, but Undertaker asked to see it one more time.  As he began to sing, Undertaker gave him the Last Ride, then took back his money.

A Nathan Jones promo aired.

Kurt Angle was in the back, giving Team Angle a pep talk for their match with Chris Benoit & Edge, in which the winners get a tag team title match against Los Guerreros. Angle got some cheap heat from the Green Bay crowd by ripping on the Packers.  Angle also said he picked Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin for Team Angle, when it was Paul Heyman that picked them.  Haas and Benjamin promised to win it for Angle.

A recap of Brock Lesnar's interview from last week was shown.

We see Edge and Chris Benoit getting ready to head to the ring.

A Sean O'Haire promo aired.

Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) defeated Edge & Chris Benoit in 19:00 (including one commercial break) to become the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship.  Kurt Angle joined in on commentary for part of the match. then started getting involved. The Guerreros were watching on the monitor in the locker room.  Great mat wrestling match.  In the end, Angle hit Benoit with the WWE Title belt, enabling Benjamin to get the pin. 

The Guerreros were shown watching their challengers for next week walk up the ramp as the show ended