Tampa, Florida
December 19, 2002


Just days after defeating Big Show for the WWE Championship at Armageddon, Kurt Angle shocked the world by revealing that he had Paul Heyman in his corner the whole time, even though Heyman was working for Big Show. According to the newly formed business partners, their union was formed in an attempt to screw Brock Lesnar out of the WWE Championship.

While celebrating their new business arrangement in the ring, an enraged Big Show emerged from the backstage area. Pissed off, Show went straight for Paul Heyman. Heyman, however, was quick with his words and was able to convince Show that he was still his favorite client, and to prove it, he was awarding Show with the first shot at Kurt Angle's WWE Championship.

Also on SmackDown!, Torrie Wilson told the fans that she was not humiliated by what she did with Dawn Marie in room 357. In fact, she said that she was rather proud of herself. According to Torrie, engaging in sexual activities with Dawn Marie showed that she loves her father and would do anything for him.

On the other hand, however, Torrie said that she was ashamed of her father for breaking her heart. After hearing this, Dawn Marie quickly invited everybody to her and Al Wilson's wedding in two weeks on SmackDown!

Match results:

Eddie Guerrero def. Billy Kidman via pinfall

John Cena def. Chuck via pinfall

Brock Lesnar def. Shannon Moore via pinfall

Bill DeMott & Crash def. Nunzio & Jamie Noble via pinfall

Edge def. A-Train via pinfall

Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle via disqualification