Atlanta, Georgia
December 12, 2002

With just three days to Armageddon, this week's SmackDown! was packed with intrigue and major happenings. With their WWE Championship match looming, the Big Show scored a crucial pinfall on Kurt Angle in their tag team main event. SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon suffered a major disappointment when Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner, rejected her contract offer and announced that he was RAW-bound! And in the night's most tantalizing development, Dawn Marie announced-much to Torrie Wilson's chagrin-that this Sunday at Armageddon, she intends to air footage recorded last week during their private rendezvous.

Show and his agent Paul Heyman already had a bone to pick with Angle over Angle's request that Brock Lesnar be in his corner when he challenges Show for the WWE Championship at Armageddon. When Stephanie McMahon lifted Brock's suspension and declared that he would indeed be there, Show was sent into an outraged fury. Luckily for him, he was teaming up with Albert (dubbed A-Train by Heyman) to take on Angle & Edge in a tag team main event.

Show took full advantage of the chance to incapacitate his future challenger, using Heyman's distraction to land a brutal chokeslam that put the Olympian down for the count. A-Train dealt out even more punishment after the match was over, putting the boots to Angle in a big way. Angle now has just three days to rebound from the beat down for his shot at Show's gold.

Meanwhile, Stephanie learned that when you make a promise, it's always good business to keep it. Insulted that Ms. McMahon reneged on her offer to become one of his "freaks" if he would sign on the dotted line, Scott Steiner refused to sign his SmackDown! contract. To the delight of the Hot-lanta crowd, he labeled Steph nothing more than a "tease" and announced he had made the decision to sign with RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff!

And what would SmackDown! be without the dynamic Al Wilson? When confronted with the news that Dawn Marie had indeed enjoyed carnal pleasures with his daughter the previous week, Al insisted that he still wanted to go through with the wedding! Amazingly, Dawn agreed, going back on her word that she would cancel the marriage if Torrie would consent to her "indecent proposal." An infuriated Torrie Wilson then stormed the ring and leveled Dawn Marie, even going so far as to push her own father to the mat when he tried to restrain her! 

Once referees got the two Divas apart, Dawn Marie made the most scandalous announcement of all: This Sunday on pay-per-view, she plans on showing the footage she secretly recorded of herself and Torrie at the hotel last week! Undoubtedly, the action this weekend at Armageddon will be the hottest in WWE history!

In other happenings, Jamie Noble's mysterious cousin Nunzio finally crashed the party, making his presence felt during Noble's rematch with Crash. However, he was certainly nothing like the hulking, intimidating giant Noble had built him up to be! Nevertheless, his ruthless aggression looks to make him quite the formidable ally for Noble, despite the lack of size.

Also, Los Guerreros successfully defended their WWE Tag Team Championship against the team of Chris Benoit and the Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman. Eddie's tainted pinfall on Kidman looks to only add more fuel to the fire as far as Eddie's Armageddon match against Benoit goes. Look for that one to be a classic.


B-2 (formerly Bull Buchanan) pinned Rikishi in 2:40 after B-2's homey John Cena hit him with one of his gold chains while the referee was distracted.

Bill DeMott pinned Shannon Moore following a moonsault at 1:38.

In a WWE Tag Team Championship match, Los Guerreros successfully defended the title against Chris Benoit & Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman in 12:15 when Eddie Guerrero pinned Kidman with his feet on the ropes after Kidman missed with a shooting star press.

Crash defeated Jamie Noble by disqualification in 2:07 due to outside interference from Noble's cousin Nunzio.

In the main event, WWE Champion the Big Show and A-Train (formerly Albert) defeated Kurt Angle & Edge at 11:22 when Show pinned Angle following a chokeslam.