Dallas, Texas
December 5, 2002

Kurt Angle won a Fatal Fourway Match to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship

Angle earned a chance to win WWE gold at Armageddon on Sunday, Dec. 15 during this episode of SmackDown! But as the Olympic Hero found out, the Big Show will do whatever is necessary to maintain his WWE Championship.

Angle became the No. 1 contender to the title after outlasting Edge, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit in a Fatal Fourway Match. A top-rope Angle Slam to Edge nearly knocked both men unconscious, but Angle managed to slump himself over Edge and get the pinfall. Just seconds after the bell rang, Big Show and Paul Heyman came into the picture, with the champion chokeslamming the life out of Angle. 

As for Edge, it's a miracle that he even made it to the main event. Shortly after his introduction, Albert blindsided him and smashed a steel chair into his knee! Edge was carried out of the ring to the back in a scene that was eerily reminiscent of the night's opening match. Shortly after Albert pinned Rey Mysterio, the big man clobbered his much smaller opponent with a chair right on the knee. Word is that Mysterio suffered such extensive damage that surgery will be required. Tune in to SmackDown! next week for an update on the condition of WWE's premier high-flying Superstar.

Brock Lesnar wasn't in Dallas for SmackDown! due to being suspended by General Manager Stephanie McMahon, but the former WWE Champion kept a watchful eye on things from his home in Minneapolis. Lesnar appeared via satellite at SmackDown!, and announced that he deserved what had happened to him for associating himself with Paul Heyman. Heyman interrupted his former client and admitted that he and Big Show had indeed screwed Lesnar at Survivor Series, and they enjoyed it! Brock ended the confrontation by stating that he would be watching Big Show's title match at Armageddon in person!

Stephanie McMahon announced that she had made a personal sacrifice on Monday night in order to bring Scott Steiner to her brand. Stephanie also revealed that Steiner will appear on next week's episode of SmackDown! to officially sign a contract with her!

Torrie Wilson learned a lot about personal sacrifice on SmackDown! also. Dawn Marie cornered her archrival and admitted that while she did indeed care for Al Wilson, Torrie was the REAL object of her affection! Dawn Marie offered an indecent proposal to Torrie: if the beautiful Diva did what Dawn Marie wanted, then Dawn Marie promised she would not marry Torrie's father. Dawn Marie slipped Torrie the key to her hotel room and seductively slipped away while Torrie appeared to be ill.

Even though it was obvious that she was uncomfortable, Torrie ended up going into Dawn Marie's room later that night. Dawn Marie reached out to caress the hot blonde, who suddenly turned away. She stopped dead as Dawn Marie accused her of not truly loving her father. Torrie's eyes cast downward as she reluctantly returned to Dawn Marie, who twirled the champagne in her glass and smiled devilishly as SmackDown! left the air! What happened when the lights went down in Dawn Marie's hotel room? Tune in to SmackDown! next week to find out! 

In other action, former Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott showed he can apply the techniques he had been teaching in devastating fashion, Billy Kidman held onto his Cruiserweight Championship after pinning Chavo Guerrero, and Jamie Noble's losing streak continued after a loss to Crash. A distraught Noble declared that he will be bringing his cousin Nunzio into play in order to reverse the trend.


Match results

Albert def. Rey Mysterio

Crash def. Jamie Noble

Bill DeMott def. Funaki

Billy Kidman def. Chavo Guerrero

Kurt Angle won a Fatal Fourway match to become the No. Contender for the WWE Championship