Grand Rapids, Michigan
October 31, 2002


Leave it to Halloween night to produce one of the craziest episodes of SmackDown! ever. Some old favorites popped up at the backstage costume party and two bitter rivals set aside their differences for a brief, passionate moment.

Stephanie McMahon, decked out for the night as a witch, was summoned to her office where she was expecting to meet her father, Vince McMahon. But upon her arrival, she was greeted by a man wearing a mask that bore the WWE Chairman's likeness. The masked man said that Scott Steiner would be coming to RAW, and with that, he whipped off the costume and revealed himself as Eric Bischoff! Stephanie attempted to smack the RAW General Manager, but he blocked the strike and grabbed her in for a deep kiss! Stephanie struggled in a frenzy to break away, but suddenly relaxed and pulled Bischoff in closer! The two finally broke apart and awkwardly stared at each other in obvious confusion about what had just happened.

There was definitely no love lost between Brock Lesnar and the Big Show. Big Show's massive size and his aggressiveness as of late caused Paul Heyman to openly question the WWE Champion's ability to overcome the giant. Those doubts gathered more credibility during the night's main event, featuring Lesnar against Rey Mysterio. Big Show -- who earlier in the night had defeated Rikishi -- interrupted the match and forced a no contest. After tossing Mysterio into the crowd, Big Show slammed Lesnar through the announce table as if the champion were a toy!

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit toyed with each other all night. Despite holding the WWE Tag Team Championship together, it's clear that these two skilled mat technicians just cannot get along. Thanks to Angle's interference, the Rabid Wolverine lost a singles match to Edge at the beginning of the night. When a furious Benoit went in search of Angle at the costume party, he came up empty. The Olympic Hero had cleverly concealed his identity by dressing up as the ghost-faced killer from "Scream."

Benoit earned revenge later by clocking Angle with the Tag Team Championship to allow Eddie Guerrero to chalk up a win in over the gold medalist. Angle stomped off to get his hands on Benoit at the costume party. Upon spotting someone wearing the same costume Angle sported earlier, he whipped off the mask and came face to face with … Brother Love! Benoit suddenly attacked the surprised Angle and the two threw each other around the room with reckless abandon until they simultaneously knocked each other out!

The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young made the costume party unforgettable for Tajiri. Mae, dressed as Marilyn Monroe, took a liking to the charismatic Superstar and even planted a surprise kiss on Tajiri, who she called her boyfriend! Things didn't get much better for Tajiri, who lost to Matt Hardy, version 1, after a Twist of Fate. But Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie stole the show by splashing around in a pool of chocolate during a Trick or Treat Match that saw the blond Diva pick up the win. Even ring announcer Tony Chimel was pulled into the wild fray and went for a swim in all the chocolatey goodness!

Match results

Edge def. Chris Benoit

Big Show def. Rikishi

Torrie Wilson def. Dawn Marie in a Trick or Treat Match

Matt Hardy def. Tajiri

Eddie Guerrero def. Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio fought to a No Contest