Memphis, Tennessee
October 24, 2002

The Big Show made an immediate impact on SmackDown!, sending a strong message to Dead Man Inc. and the WWE Champion!

The largest man in WWE made his presence felt by blindsiding Rikishi and chokeslamming the Phat Man in the center of the ring! Big Show then announced that he was there to make an impact, and said that there was nobody on SmackDown! who could stand up to him. He issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar and called the WWE Champion a coward! Later, Big Show savagely attacked the Undertaker and tossed him like a dishrag off the stage! Taker, still trying to regroup from Hell in a Cell, was down for several minutes before being helped to the back. As for the champion, Brock Lesnar accepted Big Show's challenge! Find out more about this incredible match-up next week on SmackDown!

Stephanie McMahon tried to reward Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle for putting their differences aside and capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship. But things went wrong when Angle and Benoit ame to the ring to collect their gigantic, elaborate trophy. The two engaged in a tug-of-war for the trophy, which caused it to break and sent Angle smashing into Stephanie! The dazed SmackDown! General Manager staggered to her feet and smacked both men across the face! As punishment, Stephanie ordered the two to face each other later in the evening. That match proved to be a wild, back and forth affair that saw the Rabid Wolverine get the pinfall after some help from the Guerreros!

Eddie and Chavo were still fuming about their loss earlier in the evening in a No. 1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team championship. Rey Mysterio hit the West Coast Pop on Chavo and Edge got the pinfall. Will Edge and Rey get to wrap their hands around the titles that slipped from their grasp at No Mercy? Tune in next week!

In other action from SmackDown!, Dawn Marie broke things off with Torrie's father and Jamie Noble showed off his acting skills by giving Memphis his impression of Elvis before retaining the Cruiserweight Championship against Tajiri.

Check out the mother of all Halloween parties next week on SmackDown! at 8 p.m. ET on UPN!

Match results
Rikishi def. Matt Hardy
Jamie Noble def. Tajiri
Edge & Rey Mysterio def. Chavo & Eddie Guerrero
Billy Kidman def. John Cena
Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle