Toronto, Ontario Canada
October 17, 2002

A night of uncontrollable action saw the finals of the WWE Tag Team tournament determined, and the war between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar escalate to white-hot levels! This week's SmackDown! from Toronto's Air Canada Centre set the stage for this Sunday's must-see pay-per-view experience, No Mercy.

In a shocking revelation, Undertaker admitted that he lied about not knowing Tracy, the woman who claimed last week to be having an affair with the Deadman. 'Taker stated that he knew Tracy, but insisted that it was years before he and his wife Sara even met. Tracy begged to differ, and let SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon know it, swearing that she and Undertaker had been together as recently as ten days earlier!

Tracy was accompanied by WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and his agent Paul Heyman, who had their own axe to grind. Lesnar and Heyman demanded that Stephanie prohibit Taker from wearing his cast during his upcoming Hell in the Cell match with Lesnar at No Mercy. Intent on exacting vengeance upon Lesnar and Heyman-who broke 'Taker's hand in the first place-the American Bad Ass unleashed an unspeakable fury, bloodying both the champion and his agent with the cast. Despite that, Stephanie affirmed that 'Taker would be permitted to wear the cast into the Cell on Sunday.

In the semifinals of the tournament to crown the first holders of the new WWE Tag Team Championship, two teams earned the right to compete for the gold this Sunday at No Mercy. The hot young duo of Edge & Rey Mysterio were victorious over D-Von & Ron Simmons (formerly Faarooq), and in the second semi match, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit got past Eddie & Chavo Guerrero. The friction between Angle & Benoit seemed to be building, as Eddie tried to convince the Crippler that it was Angle who jumped him last week. But Benoit knew that it was in fact Guerrero, and let him know it by laying him and his nephew out with a steel chair in the middle of the ring! Edge & Mysterio will face the Guerreros in the finals of the tournament this Sunday.

Torrie Wilson certainly wished her father Al hadn't started to attend her matches live! She warned her dad about the ruthless and seductive Dawn Marie, but to no avail. Following the mixed tag team match in which Dawn Marie & Matt Hardy beat Torrie Wilson & Rikishi, Torrie began to suspect something was up. Searching the backstage area for her father, she finally found him in the one place she'd never want to find him: in the shower with Dawn Marie! The heartbroken look on Torrie's face said it all, and there's no doubt she'll be looking for some payback from Dawn Marie when they lock up at No Mercy.

In other action, John Cena showed a new side of himself when he blamed Billy Kidman for their tag team loss last week on SmackDown!. Cena and Kidman met one-on-one this week, and Cena managed to pull out a win-though not without a little help from the ropes. Nidia and Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble-the First Couple of the trailer park-were up to their usual games, this time clashing in the ring in WWE's first-ever boyfriend vs. girlfriend match! After beating the tar out of each other, the uncouth couple made nice, embracing in the ring and swapping spit for all the world to see.

Match results

In the first semi-final match of the WWE Tag Team Championship tournament, Edge & Rey Mysterio defeated D-Von & Ron Simmons when Edge pinned D-Von after the Edge-ecution at 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

In a non-title boyfriend vs. girlfriend match, Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble pinned Nidia with a sit-down bodypress in 2:00.

Using the ropes for illegal leverage, John Cena pinned Billy Kidman with a backslide at 5:38.

In a non-title bout, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar pinned Chuck Palumbo following an F-5 in 6:29.

In a mixed-tag team match, Dawn Marie & Matt Hardy defeated Torrie Wilson & Rikishi when Dawn Marie pinned Torrie at 4:01 after Matt Hardy reversed a small package while the referee was distracted.

In the second semi-final match of the WWE Tag Team Championship tournament, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit beat Eddie & Chavo Guerrero when Angle pinned Eddie following an Angle Slam in 10:54.