Phoenix, Arizona
October 10, 2002

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman found an unorthodox but very effective way to distract the Undertaker leading up to their WWE Championship Match at No Mercy. During this intense episode of SmackDown!, the Undertaker found himself battling not just the WWE Champion and his manager, but accusations that attacked his personal life as well!

Heyman and Lesnar escorted a hot young woman to the arena, causing speculation to swirl about her identity. Heyman tipped his hand early in the night as he explained that the woman - Tracy - would show just what kind of man the Undertaker really is.

Later in the evening, Tracy found herself in the ring staring face to face with Dead Man Inc. She erupted into a fury and accused Taker of lying to her and sleeping with her for three months. She had no idea that Taker was married and his wife is pregnant. Tracy apologized to Sara, saying she hated that the news had to be broken that way. 

Taker stared in disbelief and growled that he had never even seen Tracy before, much less had an affair with her. But all that earned him was a slap to the face from his alleged mistress. Tracy stormed out of the ring and up the ramp past the gloating Lesnar and Heyman!

Later, the Undertaker attempted to convince Sara over the phone that he was innocent. But it became obvious that his wife wasn't buying his alibi. Sara also got a call from Lesnar during SmackDown! The champion told Sara in a mockingly insincere tone that he was concerned for her state of mind.

The Undertaker would vent his frustrations on Brock Lesnar at the end of the evening. He assaulted the WWE Champion after the main event tag team match, using the cast on his broken hand as a weapon!

In other action, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit advanced in the WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament. The reluctant teammates defeated John Cena and Billy Kidman after Kidman tapped to the Cripple Crossface. Eddie and Chavo Guerrero - who seem to be Angle and Benoit's rivals in the tournament - used their future opponents' hatred for each other against them. Chavo claimed to Benoit that Angle had attacked him without warning. When Benoit ran to investigate, he was tossed into a dark room with Chavo holding the door shut. A loud commotion emanated from within until Eddie Guerrero stepped out with a dented steel chair in his hand and a smile on his face!

Match Results

Eddie Guerrero def. Rikishi

Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle def. Billy Kidman & John Cena

Billy Gunn def. D-Von

Torrie def. Dawn Marie in a Lingerie Match

Edge & Rey Mysterio def. Brock Lesnar & Tajiri