Lafayette, Louisiana
October 3, 2002


The show opened with a Stephanie McMahon video introducing herself to the audience, then announced that Edge vs. Kurt Angle, Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy and Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio for tonight.  She then announced a WWE World Tag Team Title tournament, with the finals to be held at No Mercy.  She then said the tournament would begin right now. 

They went right to the ring, with Michael Cole and Tazz calling the action.  It was Eddie & Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry & Rikishi.  The Guerreros attacked at the start, but Rikishi and Henry were soon overpowering them.  Michael Cole mentioned Eddie's great performance with Edge from last week, and that he had nine stitches from the match.  Eddie worked with Rikishi, careful to avoid his rear end.  Chavo tagged in, but was downed with a Samoan Drop.  Henry tagged in, and flung Chavo from the ring.  Henry pressed Eddie, but Chavo clipped his leg out.  Chavo and Eddie began to work over the leg, tagging in and out, and preventing Henry from tagging out.  Rikishi ran in, and while the referee backed him out, Chavo hit Henry in the knee with a chair.  Eddie applied a cloverleaf variation, pulling back on the legs, and Henry tapped out.  Eddie & Chavo move on in the tag team tournament. 

After the commercial break, we saw a replay of the end of the match we just watched.  We then saw that Mark Henry needed to be helped to the back, favoring his leg. 

Torrie Wilson was in the back with her father, who was in town on business.  Torrie introduced Billy & Chuck to her dad, and wished them luck in the tag team tournament.  Dawn Marie came over and introduced herself to Torrie's dad, then wished Torrie luck in their bikini contest tonight. Torrie seemed bemused by Dawn being so nice to them. 

Brock Lesnar was watching himself laying out the Undertaker on the monitor.  Paul Heyman told Brock that  he would have to wrestle Taker at No Mercy, and that Stephanie would not tell him what the stipulation for the match will be.  "She's such a McMahon" he remarked. Matt Hardy entered, and promised that it would not be a Falls Count Anywhere match, because after his match with Undertaker tonight, he would not want to wrestle in that kind of match again. 

We saw Undertaker getting ready for his match with Matt Hardy. 

Prior to the commercial break, we saw an ad for the RAW World Title vs. Intercontinental Title match between Triple H and Kane at no Mercy. 

After the commercial break, we had the Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy match, Falls Count Anywhere.  Undertaker pounded Matt in the corner to start the match, and legdropped him across the ring apron.  Taker took it to the floor, and tossed him across the announce table.  Undertaker went for a chokeslam on the table, but Matt hit a low blow to get away from it.  Undertaker knocked Matt over the security wall, and pounded him through the crowd and around the building.  Matt tossed a beer at Taker, and ran for the back.  Undertaker gave chase, and Matt jumped out from a doorway to attack Taker, but UT shrugged it off and continued his assault on Hardy.  Hardy yelled "We'll meet again" and tried to run away, but he was cornered.  He climbed up some chain link fence, and as Undertaker was about to follow him, Brock Lesnar attacked Taker.  UT beat Lesnar down, and Matt jumped him from behind.  Undertaker began pounding Hardy again, and Lesnar hit him from behind.  Lesnar delivered an F5 into a pile of bagged popcorn, and Matt covered Undertaker for the pin.  Lesnar, Hardy and Paul Heyman were leaving, when Lesnar went back, picked up a metal helium tank, and smashed Undertaker's hand as he was pulling himself up by the chain link fence.  Undertaker screamed in pain, cradling his hand, as they went to break. 

We saw a replay of the attack after the commercial, including a slo-mo shot of the tank shot to the hand.  Undertaker was in the back, holding ice on his right hand, and refusing any help.  The trainer said it looked to be broken, and was going to try to get Undertaker to go to the hospital for X-Rays. 

Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble, with Nidia, vs. Crash Holly was up next.  They traded armbars at the start, then Nidia tripped up Crash, allowing Noble to hit a jumping knee in the corner.  Noble worked over Holly, choking him on the middle rope.  Noble dropped a pair of elbows to the back, and applied a camel clutch.  Crash battled out, and hit a lariat.  Crash hit a series of clotheslines and a flapjack.  Nidia  got on the apron, but Crash ran Noble into her, and the two started to trade pinfall attempts.  Crash went for the Crash Landing (Styles Clash) but Noble blocked it, and rolled up Crash for the pin, using the ropes for leverage.

Kurt Angle was interviewed backstage, and pointed out that Chris Benoit, not him, lost to Rey Mysterio last week.  He said that Benoit would probably lose to Mysterio this week as well, because he is a regular person.  Angle said he was more like a work of art.  Edge walked into the picture and said that Kurt didn't suck, but that he wasn't perfect.  Angle said his gold medals proved he was.  Edge said his bald head proved he wasn't.  Angle said that he has wanted a shot at Edge ever since Edge shaved his head.  Angle sucker punched Edge as he left the set.

After the commercial, clips of last week's Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero match.

Kurt Angle vs. Edge was next. Edge and Angle traded holds at the start, while Cole bragged about the ratings for Smackdown last week, mentioning it beat FOX, ABC and WB.  Edge and Angle exchanged armbars and headlocks, then criss-crossed the ring until Edge hit a hiptoss, dropkick and armdrag, then went to work on the left arm of Angle with a keylock and an armbar. Edge hit a back elbow on Angle, then went back to the armbar.  Angle backed Edge to the ropes, and resorted to punches and kicks in the corner.  Edge returned fire with kicks to the gut, and hit a spinkick after Angle missed a clothesline for a two count.  Angle backdropped Edge to the apron, and Edge yanked Angle's arm across the top rope while jumping to the floor. Angle went out for a breather, but Edge put him back in the ring, and tossed Angle into the ringpost shoulder first. Edge applied an armbar, and Angle grabbed a fireman's carry and tossed Edge to the floor. Angle dropped Edge over the security wall chest first, and stomped him on the floor. Angle hit a vertical suplex in the ring for a two count. Angle punched Edge and kicked him on the mat.  Edge fired back with punches, and Angle ran into a boot, but Edge then ran into an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Angle snapmared Edge, then applied a rear chinlock with a body scissors.  Edge battled up, broke free, but Angle hit a knee to the gut and kicked him in the ribs.  Angle stomped Edge and covered him for a two count.  Angle applied an abdominal stretch, and drove his elbow into Edge's side.  Edge finally hiptossed out.  Angle went for the knee to the gut again, but Edge turned it into a cradle for two.  Angle hit a back suplex for a two count.  Angle applied a reverse bearhug with a bodyscissors on the mat.   Edge elbowed out, and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Both men were slow to get up, and they exchanged punches when they did.  Edge hit a flying forearm and a series of clotheslines, followed by a back body drop and a face plant for two.  Edge flipped out of a back suplex attempt, and hit a superkick.  Edge measured for the spear, but Angle grabbed him in a released overhead belly to belly, sending Edge crashing into the referee. Angle went for the Angle Slam, but Edge floated out and hit the Edgecution.  Edge covered, but the ref was still out.  Angle hit Edge with a low kick, then hit the Angle Slam. Angle covered, as a second referee came out, but Edge kicked out at two.  Angle pulled the straps down, and applied the ankle lock, but Edge made the ropes.  Angle went after Edge, who yanked Angle throat first across the top rope.  Edge went to the top rope, and Angle went for the walking the ropes superplex, but Edge shoved him off.  Angle went and crotched Edge on the top, and hit a superplex.  As they landed, both men attempted to roll over, and their legs became entangled.  The second referee counted Edge' shoulders down, and declared Angle the winner.  However, the first referee raised Edge's hand.  The two referees argued, with the first referee (Mike Chioda) slugging the second (Mike Sparks).  More referees came out, as Cole and Tazz wondered who actually won the match.

After the commercial break, we saw that the match was continuing.  Michael Cole explained that both referee's had seen that the other wrestler was pinned, which explained the confusion.  Mike Chioda, the first referee, then decided to continue the match.  We saw that Angle had hit a belly to belly suplex on Edge on the floor during the break.  Back to live action, Angle speared Edge, who was tied in the ropes, twice.  On the third try, Edge moved and Angle went through the ropes to the floor. Angle got on the apron, and Edge speared him back to the floor. Edge went to the top rope, and hit a bodypress on Angle on the floor. Back in the ring, Edge hit a missile dropkick for a two count. Edge and Angle traded reversals, and Edge hit a reverse facebuster for a two count. Angle hit a German suplex.  Angle then hit three consecutive German suplexes, as Chris Benoit walked out.  Angle went and hit a fifth German.  He went for a six, but Edge turned it into a rollup for a two count.  Angle hit a clothesline, but was distracted by Benoit.  Angle ran into a Edge boot.  Edge went for a sunset flip, but Angle rolled through into an ankle lock.  Edge kicked out, sending Angle through the ropes to the floor.  Angle grabbed a chair, but Benoit grabbed at it.  Angle went to hit Benoit with it, but missed, and hit the ropes.  The chair sprung back and hit Angle in the face.  Edge then hit Angle with a spear and got the pin.  Benoit was laughing at Angle as he walked to the back.

They showed a Rey Mysterio highlight video, hyping that he would wrestle later tonight.

After the commercial, they replayed the finish of Edge-Angle. Angle was in the back, screaming for Benoit.  Angle found him, and charged, but the locker room held them apart.  Stephanie ran in, and declared that Benoit and Angle would be a tag team in the title tournament next week, and that they had to get along, or they would be suspended.  Angle sucker punched Benoit, then Stephanie said they needed to start getting along right now.

Paul Heyman was psyching up Brock Lesnar.  Matt Hardy walked in, boasting of his win over Undertaker.  Matt said that he didn't think Undertaker could wrestle at No Mercy because of his hand, and since he was the number one contender, and Matt beat him, that meant Matt should be number one contender. Matt said he was going to talk to Stephanie about it. Paul Heyman nodded along with Matt's points, then as he left, turned to Brock and said that Matt would "kill him".  Brock and Heyman both chuckled.

Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo got ready for their tag team title tournament match with Reverend D-Von and Batista.

An ad for "Divas Undressed" on the Fanatics series was shown at the end of the commercial break.

Billy & Chuck vs. D-Von & Batista was next, but D-Von came out with Faarooq instead.  The announcers were puzzled at the new pairing.  Billy Gunn got on the mic, and asked "Ron Simmons" what he was doing.  Faarooq took the mic, and then hit Billy with it.  Faarooq hit a suplex on Chuck for an early two count.  D-Von tagged in, but Chuck hit him with a side throw.  Faarooq tagged back in, and Chuck fired off with right hands, but Faarooq hit a drop toe hold and pounded him.  D-Von tagged in, pounded Chuck and told Billy to "suck it".  D-Von and Faarooq continued to work on Chuck, until he and Billy reversed a "What's Up" headbutt attempt, with Billy shoving D-Von off the top rope into Faarooq.  Billy tagged in, hitting a backdrop on D-Von and cleaning house, until he was double teamed.  Faarooq and D-Von hit a back suplex/neckbreaker on Billy for a two count.  Billy escaped a reverse suplex by D-Von, but Faarooq grabbed Billy in a spinebuster.  D-Von covered Billy for the pin, as Faarooq kept Chuck at bay.  D-Von & Faarooq advance to the next round.

Backstage, Dawn Marie showed Torrie Wilson's dad her bikini.  He seemed to like what he saw.

After the break, the bikini contest was up, hosted by Tazz.  Torrie came out in a white robe, sucking on a lollipop.  Dawn Marie came out in a black robe. Each woman would have thirty seconds to display their wares, then the fans would decide the winners.  Both ladies strutted their stuff, and Torrie was declared the winner.  Dawn offered a left handed handshake, which Torrie accepted, and Dawn slapped her.  Dawn then tossed Torrie out of the ring and to the floor, then walked away.  Torrie was left on the floor, clutching her knee.

Backstage, Stephanie informed Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman that the Undertaker's hand was broken.  Brock and Heyman joked about whether the stipulation for No Mercy would be thumb wrestling or having a hand tied behind their back, when Stephanie informed them that it would be a Hell in a Cell match.

Clips of last week's three way with Mysterio vs. Benoit vs. Angle was the "Color Of The Night".

Michael Cole and Tazz discussed the announcement that Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker at No Mercy would be a Hell in a Cell match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Benoit was the final match of the show.  Benoit started off strong, hitting a backbreaker and whipping Rey hard into the corner.  Benoit ran into a pair of Mysterio boots.  Mysterio avoided a tilt-a-whirl, but Benoit caught him with a chop.  Benoit put Rey in the corner, and went for a crucifix powerbomb, but Mysterio turned it into a rana.  Mysterio kicked up the speed, hitting a bulldog out of a body scissors, and using a rana to send Benoit to the floor.  Rey hit a springboard somersault senton on Benoit.  Back in the ring, Benoit hit a press style backbreaker.  Benoit hit a back suplex for a two count.  Benoit hit a high backdrop, and kneed Mysterio in the back in the corner.  Benoit applied a crossarmed chinlock, but Mysterio rolled out and reversed the hold.  Mysterio turned it into a sunset flip for a two count, but Benoit stopped his momentum with a clothesline.  Benoit hit a chop, and stomped Mysterio on the mat.  Benoit worked over Rey in the corner, ramming him back into the buckles.  Benoit applied a surfboard, and Mysterio got out.  The two traded reversals, but Benoit forced him over with a wheelbarrow suplex for a two count. Benoit hit a short-arm clothesline for a two count.  Benoit went for a flapjack, but Rey shifted in the air and hit a dropkick.  Rey hit a series of punches, and went for a springboard moonsault.  Benoit caught him, but Mysterio floated over, shoved Benoit into the corner and hit a dropkick.  Benoit slumped in the corner and Rey dropkicked him in the face.  Rey hit a split-legged moonsault for a two count.  Mysterio went for a victory roll, Benoit avoided it, but Mysterio hit an enzugiri.  Mysterio went for the 619, but Benoit caught him and hit a shoulderbreaker.  Benoit went to the top and hit the flying headbutt.  Benoit was slow to cover, and Rey kicked out at two.  Benoit grabbed the crossface, but Mysterio grabbed the ropes.  Benoit went for a German, but Rey floated over and hit a dropkick, and followed with a leg drop off the ropes to the back of the head.  Rey hit the 619.   Mysterio went for a springboard rana, but Benoit ducked under it.  Kurt Angle appeared at ringside, grabbing Benoit and yanking him throat first across the middle rope.  As Benoit staggered back, Mysterio caught him in a rana for the pin.

Benoit and Angle went nose to nose and began trading punches.  Angle hit a German suplex and applied the ankle lock, but Benoit reversed it into a crossface.  Officials broke it up, but then they went back at it, only to be broken up again, as the announcers reminded us that they have to tag together next week, and get along, or they will be suspended.