San Diego, California
September 26, 2002

Smackdown starts with a match.

Rikishi vs. Chavo Guerrero
When the bell rang, Chavo jumped out of the ring and Rikishi jumped out to follow. Chavo makes a move back into the ring to try to get a jump on the match. Rikishi tossed Guerrero out of the ring. Chavo gets on the top rope and Rikishi catches him coming down and gives him a Chokeslam. Chavo gets Rikishi in the corner and goes to give Rikishi a Stinkface; Chavo is unsuccessful as Rikishi pushes him out to the middle of the ring. Chavo now in the corner and Rikishi goes for the Stinkface, Chavo slides out from under rakish and Rikishi gives him a Chokeslam, goes for the rumpshaker and Chavo puts his knees up to stop. Chavo goes for a three count, but only gets two, Chavo grabs the camera from the cameraman and goes to hit Rikishi with hit, Rikishi gives him a kick that knocks him down, and goes for the rumpshaker again to win the match.

Rikishi gives us a dance on the walkway. And the crowed loves it.

Backstage: We see Torrie in her robe rubbing lotion on her legs and fixing her hair getting ready for her bikini match against Nidia.

Bikini competition: Tazz in the ring announcing the judges are Billy and Chuck. First comes out Torrie Wilson in a pink terry cloth robe. Then comes out Nidia, in the same robe, but instead of high heels, she has on tennis shoes. Rules are: they have 30 seconds to show their stuff. Nidia goes first. Wearing a black bikini, and starts dancing in the ring. Billy and chuck said it was great and they were speechless. Chuck gave it a six, and Billy gave it a 9. Giving Nidia a total of 15. Torrie is next, She is wearing a pink bikini with ruffles, (no thong), and does a sexy dance in the ring. Both Billy and chuck give her a ten, with a total of twenty. Nidia was not happy and left the ring pouting, Billy and chuck go in the ring to raise Torrie's hands. Jamie noble comes out, saying no and that there is no way in hell they are going to rank his Nidia lower than Torrie Wilson. And calls for a match.

Billy and Chuck vs. Jamie Noble and Taijiri
Match starts right away.   Billy gets the code red on Taijiri to win the match.

Nidia spits her gum at Torrie and Torrie goes after her, we get to see Torrie and Nidia in the match. Torrie Spanking Nidia in the ring before Nidia can get out and run to the back.

Backstage:  We see Funaki go to Brocks locker room, Brock comes out and Funaki says he is not smart and has a hard hitting question for Brock. Brock messes up Funaki's hair and tells him to go ahead with his question, Funaki asks if it's true that Brock would not give the UT taker a match for WWE championship. He says that's the question everyone wants to know, but Funaki is the only one who has guts to ask him to his face, he says hell answer his question but not here, in the ring. Funaki was happy and said see you in the ring

Steph's office: curt angle comes in saying how funny it was what Steph did to Eric at the PPV. He says he wants a rematch of him and Chris Benoit. Steph said she knew he would have come and ask for a rematch. She said she has something else in mind for the main event. We see Rey Mysterio in the office. Steph announces that tonight's main event is Kurt vs. Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio. Angle said why would she want to involve Mysterio because it's his hometown? Because he was born here 8 years ago? He says to Rey, he'll be the one to get the one two three. Rey said "You plan on getting the 1 2 3? Not if I get the 619.

Funaki is in the ring. And calls out Brock Lesnar.
Brock Lesnar walks out with Paul Heyman. Brock enters the ring. And looks at Funaki holding a chair. Brock enters the ring and Funaki says Mr. Lesnar UT hit you with this chair. Brock picks it up and looks it over, Then throws in down and Funaki drops the mic and is scared. And hits Brock in the face and hits him a few more times. Brock stops him and throws him about the ring. Funaki tries to crawl away. But Brock picks him up and slams him into the turnbuckle. He then throws Funaki across the ring. Brock gives Funaki the F5. Brooke's music starts. And Brock kicks Funaki around the ring and then tosses him out.

Backstage: We see Dawn Marie congradulating Torrie for winning the bikini contest. And hopes that one day we'll have a contest with someone who has something more to offer, like herself.

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero
Eddie goes straight to Edge, putting him in the corner. But that didn't last long. Eddie gets edge in a shoulder lock, and Edge gets out of it.  Edge gets to the top rope, Eddie is up there as well and gives edge a superplex from the top rope. Eddie goes for a cover and Edge kicks out. Edge gets Eddie on his shoulders and drops him on the ropes. Then gives him a clothesline sending him outside the ring. Edge gets a ladder out from under the ring; He runs to hit Eddie but misses and catches the ref. with the ladder. Eddie gets edge back in the ring and hits him with the chair. Eddie gets up on the top rope and goes for a frog splash but edge moves out of the way at the last moment. Both men are down!

Eddie goes for a sleeper hold on Edge. Eddie has it locked in. Another ref. has come out. (they show what happens during the commercial, looks as though edge would have won the match, but the ref.  took to long getting out there and edge only got a two count before Eddie kicked out.) Eddie gives edge the leg scissors from the top rope and goes for a three count, but edge kicked out at two. Edge gets out of the ring and gets the ladder again. Tosses it in the ring and goes after Eddie with it, but Eddie counters it and kicks the ladder sending edge down. Eddie gets out of the ring and gets another ladder and tosses it into the ring. Eddie Knocks edge onto one ladder and then lays the other ladder on top. Eddie flips over the ropes landing on the ladder crunching edge. Eddie goes for the three count and edge gets his shoulder up. Eddie then sets up a ladder in the corner and climbs on top of it. Edge then climbs on the other side of the ladder giving Eddie some punches and Eddie returning them. Eddie gives Edge a spin out powerbomb from the top of the ladder. Edge crawls over to edge for the three count and Edge kicks out!!  Eddie has the ladder set up in the corner and lays edge on in front of it. Eddie goes running to the corner, edge stops him and tosses him over his head into the ladder. Edge gets another ladder set up in the corner and is on top of the ladder. Eddie climbs up as well. Edge gives Eddie and Edgecution and wins the match.

Congratulates Chris. Benoit looks at him and says you suck, then laughs and says that s what the people chants when he walks to the ring. But says that in the ring, angle is the toughest sob, and he is looking forward to being in the ring with him tonight.

Matt Hardy showing Shannon Moore what he did to the Hurricane. He said that he hurt the hurricane so bad he had to run to another show. He also said he was the one who had UT run the last two times. Shannon states that he thinks it was Brock Lesnar that did that and not him.

Briefly we see Brock Lesnar in the back before commercial.

Back from commercial we see a clip promoting Wrestlemania and See the press release that was aired in Seattle announcing Wrestlemania coming there in March.

Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy
This match started with Matt wanted to shake Undertaker's hand. And undertaker does, but wont let go and sends Hardy into the corner of the ring. Undertaker goes running into the ring and Matt Hardy stops him with a kick. Matt hardy kicks Undertaker. And Undertaker stops him and gives him a chokeslam. Undertaker then wins the match. But Brock Lesnar comes in and hits UT with the belt. Busting Undertaker's head and making him bleed. Brock does it again. UT tries to get to his feet. The referees are telling Brock to leave the ring. Brock is smiling as he leaves the ring, and Heyman asks Brock how he feels. The crowd chants asshole as Brock leaves the ring.

They show that during the commercial break undertaker was struggling to get to his feet and get backstage. He kept falling down as he walked up the ramp to get backstage. They show him backstage aggravated as the medical staff tries to take care of him.

Angle talks in the ring about his match. Says that Rey claims to be from San Diego. And that that's something to brag about. The crowd boos him. And he asks if they are from San Diego. They cheer. He says that Rey thinks he's impressive with the 619. But tonight Rey will need another number and that's 911.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
Benoit comes to the ring first and him and Angle have a few words, as Rey Mysterio comes to the ring. The crowd is really pumped up to see this match. Rey enters the ring and we go right at it. Non-stop action. Rey and angle rolling around on the match trying to get each other in holds. They see Rey get up on the ring and Angle knocks him down, Then they go back to rolling around. Rey again tries to get in the ring and Benoit knocks him down. Angle and Benoit are at it again. Rey makes it into the ring. Chris Benoit gives Rey a high impact back suplex. Benoit goes for a cover on Rey but Rey kicks out. Benoit gives Rey an atomic drop. Benoit goes for a cover and again Rey kicks. Benoit throws Rey out of the ring. Angle comes from behind and attacks Benoit. Angle goes for a cover Benoit kicks out. Angle and Benoit battle it out as angle goes for a cover and Benoit gets his foot on the ropes. Benoit starts with his German suplexes, he gets a couple on Angle but Angle counters it and gives Benoit a German suplex of his own. Rey Mysterio gets a drop-kick on Benoit from behind.  And goes for a three count on Benoit, Benoit kicks out. Angle grabs Rey from outside the ring and tosses him out of the ring.  Angle gets Benoit in the ankle lock, but Benoit makes it to the ropes. Rey pulls a double 619 on both Benoit and Angle. Benoit gets angle in the cross face. Angle tries for the ropes, Angle rolled over on Benoit,  Benoit has Angle in the hold and Rey gets on the ropes and gets a springboard on both Angle and Benoit.  Mysterio gets a head scissors on Benoit and wins the match.