The Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
May 25, 2001

Just 72 hours after one of the most exciting episodes of RAW IS WAR in recent memory, SmackDown! exploded from Anaheim, Calif., with a four-way TLC match on the horizon!

As the show began, Mr. McMahon walked out to the stage and guaranteed the fans an historic night of World Wrestling Federation action. The Federation chairman called it a miracle that Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H on RAW. He then revealed that due to the intensity of that match on RAW, Triple H had suffered a severe quadricep injury, and the Game would be out for four to six months.

Mr. McMahon suggested that the title reign of Benoit and Jericho would be short-lived, as the duo would put their championships on the line in a TLC Match on SmackDown! -- against the Dudley Boyz, the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian!

The Federation chairman said his only hope was that the fans would enjoy the TLC Match as much as he, Stone Cold and Triple H. He then suggested that we could see a title change on SmackDown!, since Benoit and Jericho seemed to be fresh out of miracles.

The opening match on SmackDown! pitted X-Pac against Eddie Guerrero. The leader of X-Factor was still enraged after "Latino Heat" cost him his shot at Matt Hardy's European Championship on RAW.

X-Pac earned a measure of revenge by pinning Guerrero with a top-rope X-Factor, topping off a high-paced affair!

In Commissioner William Regal's office, Yoshihiro Tajiri spoke Japanese to the commish, and the commish told him that he didn't understand a bloody word he was saying! Regal told Tajiri that he knew he was an amazing competitor, but if he wanted to be a superstar, he had to pay some dues -- mostly by buddying up to the commish! Regal told Tajiri to stop bowing, since racial stereotypes are not allowed in the World Wrestling Federation. The commish then told Tajiri to get him some tea and crumpets -- Tajiri bowed and left the office!

Kurt Angle arrived at the arena backstage, and ran into Coach. He asked Coach if he had seen Shane McMahon at the arena, and Coach said that Shane was nowhere to be found. Angle told Coach that if Coach saw Shane, he was to tell Angle right away.

As Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley prepared for the TLC Match later in the evening, Spike again told them that Molly Holly didn't mean to cost them their match on RAW. He said he really cared about her, and didn't want to see her put through a table. D-Von told Spike that Molly had purposely given Hardcore Holly the ring bell, and that she was going to pay. Bubba Ray and D-Von then went to look for some tables for the TLC Match, and Spike went to hang out with Molly.

Angle then approached Molly backstage, who told the Olympian that she hadn't seen Shane McMahon.

Angle said he had broken her cousin's arm, and he would do the same to her if she was lying. Molly got in Kurt's face, reiterating that she hadn't seen the Boy Wonder, and that she was just waiting for someone. Angle then poked fun at Spike Dudley, who approached Angle from behind and told him to leave his girlfriend alone! As Molly smiled from ear to ear, Angle questioned if this was the World Wrestling Federation or Saved By The Bell! Angle challenged Spike to meet him in the ring later in the night, but Spike asked why they should wait, and the two headed straight for the ring!

Spike called Angle a chicken, and the fight was on! Angle soon gave spike an Angle Slam outside the ring, seemingkly knocking Spike out cold! Back in the ring, Angle gave Spike another Angle slam, and then put on the ankle lock -- and Spike sumbitted! Angle wouldn't let go after the bell, so Molly ran down and got in his face! But as Kurt got in Molly's face, Hardcore and Crash Holly came down to pull her out of the ring. Angle then put the ankle lock on Spike once again, and as Hardcore and Crash carried Molly away, she was forced to watch her boyfriend screaming in pain in the ring!

Moments later, Vivian Garcia approached Kurt and asked him if he was proud of what he had just done. Kurt said yes, and he would be even prouder to someday break Shane McMahon's ankle.

Next up, Dean Malenko -- accompanied by Perry Saturn and Terri -- took on Raven.

Raven appeared to have the match won following a bulldog, but Terri distracted the ref, allowing Saturn to sneak in and nail Raven with a neckbreaker. Malenko then picked up the pinfall with a bridge. After the bell, Raven slugged it out with both Radicalz. Malenko went to hit Raven with a chair, but Saturn accidentally kicked the chair into his partner's face! Raven then DDTed Saturn, gaining a measure of revenge. For the second time in four days, Saturn was knocked out cold!

Steve Blackman warmed up in his locker room, and Trish Stratus suddenly walked in! She said that since they were teaming up on SmackDown!, they might as well talk strategy while they got ready. Trish then went behind a screen and began disrobing -- causing Blackman to lose control of his kendo stick!

Trish then asked Steve to help her zip up her outfit, so he went behind the screen, just as Grand Master Sexay walked into the locker room. With Blackman, Trish and the kendo stick obscured by the screen, Sexay's dirty mind took over, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing!

The sound of broken glass filled the arena, and Stone Cold Steve Austin marched to the ring! The Rattlesnake held up his World Wrestling Federation Championship and talked smack to the crowd. Austin said he wanted to talk about a few problems in his life. Stone Cold called Monday's Tag Team Championship loss a fluke. He said his biggest problem with RAW was that he was defeated by Chris Jericho.

he said Y2J didn't belong in the same arena with him. Austin said that the loss was because of one man -- Triple H.

The Rattlesnake called Triple H extremely selfish. He said that he was ready to hit Jericho with the Stunner, but Triple H interfered. He also said that as he was about kick out from the Lionsault, Triple H hit him in the belly with a sledgehammer. Austin said that Triple H got exactly what he deserved, having his quadricep ripped from his leg.

Stone Cold said the other problem he had was with the Undertaker coming into his dressing room on RAW and getting in his face, saying it wasn't over. Austin said it was over, because Stone Cold said so. He said you don't threaten Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin said he was a fighting World Wrestling Federation Champion, and he would put his belt on the line against anybody in the dressing room -- just not on SmackDown!, because he said the Anaheim crowd didn't deserve to see him in action!

In the commissioner's office, Tajiri brought William Regal his tea and crumpets, and moments later, Rhyno came in and asked for a Hardcore Championship match against Big Show. Regal said no, so Rhyno asked for a Federation Championship match against Stone Cold, and Regal again said no. Rhyno then asked for an Intercontinental Championship match against Kane, and Regal asked Rhyno if he was mad -- no one wants to wrestle Kane! Rhyno said he did -- so Regal granted his request!

Grand Master Sexay, Steve Blackman and Trish Stratus took on Bull Buchanan, Goodfather and Ivory of the Right to Censor in six-person inter-gender action. Blackman picked up the pinfall over Bull, pinning Buchanan after Sexay hit the Hip Hop Drop. After the bout, Trish danced with Sexay and Blackman! Trish even did the Worm!

Kevin Kelly asked Dean Malenko and Terri about Saturn's status, after the bald bombshell hit his head for the second time this week. Dean and Terri were very worried -- until suddenly Saturn approached them, told them that "bunnies eat radishes because they taste good," and then said "you're welcome" and walked away!

Lilian Garcia asked Edge & Christian if they were nervous about the TLC Match. Christian said they had a habit of winning huge matches when they counted the most. Edge said that Mr. McMahon knew what he was doing when he put them in the TLC Match -- since they were just the team to take the titles from Benoit & Jericho. He promised total victorification.

In an Intercontinental Title match, Kane defended against Rhyno. Kane won a hard-hitting bout, pinning Rhyno with a chokeslam to retain his title.

Backstage, Benoit & Jericho talked about the TLC Match. Benoit said that they had overcome the odds on RAW, and that they were definite underdogs in the TLC Match. Jericho suggested they go out and show that Monday's win was no miracle.

The main event on SmackDown! was the first-ever four-team Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship! The Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian and Jericho & Benoit were focused and ready as they headed to ringside, with furniture surrounding the ring! Edge & Christian were the clear favorites to win the bout, having won the first two TLC matches, and having won the Triangle Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000 -- held in the very same arena as SmackDown!

From the opening bell, the fight was on, as all eight men duked it out in the most brutal match in sports entertainment! E&C tried to set up a ladder and pull off a quick win, but they were quickly knocked from the ladder. Jeff soon threw a ladder at Bubba Ray's skull, and the Hardys hit Poetry in Motion on D-Von -- and Bubba threw the ladder right at Jeff's skull! Moments later, Benoit suplexed Bubba onto the ladder!

D-Von was hurled head-first into another ladder, and E&C used the ladder to clothesline Benoit. E&C then dropped Jericho head-first into a ladder. E&C again tried to climb to the titles, but Matt Hardy powerbombed Christian off the ladder, and as he went up to fight Edge, Benoit knocked over the ladder, with both men on it!

Benoit went up top and went for a diving headbutt outside the ring, but he missed his opponent and instead went gut-first through a table, seemingly knocking himself out cold!

Back in the ring, Jericho and Jeff Hardy set up two ladders, and the Dudleys tried to sneak up the ladders! Jeff and D-Von knocked each other off one ladder, while Jericho bulldogged Bubba Ray off the other ladder!

Tazz then went to check on Benoit, who hadn't moved since diving through the table. EMTs came out to take Benoit away, and still, the Wolverine wasn't moving.

Back in the ring, Edge was all alone in the ring, climbing the ladder. But Y2J snuck up from behind and laid Edge across the top of the ladders. Jericho then locked Edge in the Walls of Jericho on top of the ladders! Luckily for Edge, Christian snuck up from behind and knocked Y2J off the ladders. E&C looked like they were about to win the bout, but the Dudleys and Hardys snuck up from behind and knocked the seven-time former champs from the ladders! The Dudleys and Hardys slugged it out on top of the ladder, and D-Von hip-tossed Matt off one ladder, while Bubba suplexed Jeff off the other ladder!

At that point, Michael Cole announced that the word from the backstage area was that Benoit might have suffered broken ribs -- but suddenly, the Wolverine walked back to the ringside area! The Wolverine set up a ladder mid-ring, but Edge pulled Benoit off the ladder. The Wolverine fought off both E&C, until Christian started pounding on his ribs. E&C hit the con-chair-to on Benoit's ribs!

The Dudleys snuck into the ring, knocked Christian out, and hit the "wassap!" on Edge.

Bubba Ray then told his brother to get the table! As D-Von got the table, Bubba Ray dropped Edge face-first onto a ladder. The Dudleys set up the table in the ring, but Jericho knocked out both Dudleys with a steel chair. But then Christian snuck up behind Y2J and nailed him with a steel chair of his own!

Christian set up a groggy Bubba Ray Dudley on the table, and set up a ladder. But D-Von caught Christian, and the Dudleys gave Christian a 3-D off the ladder through the table! The Hardys then pulled Bubba outside the ring and smacked a TV monitor against his head.

Jeff Hardy then set up a 20-foot super-ladder next to the announce table, with another ladder behind it. Matt set up Bubba Ray on the table, and Jeff jumped off the smaller ladder over the 20-foot ladder, and legdropped Bubba Ray through the table!

Back in the ring, D-Von and Matt started climbing ladders, and Matt gave D-Von the Twist of Fate off the ladders! Matt then began climbing, but Jericho knocked over the ladder, and Matt spilled to the outside. Jericho began climbing another ladder, just as Edge started climbing a ladder of his own. Edge then speared Y2J off the ladder!

Somehow, Chris Benoit climbed back into the ring, and set up a ladder. With his right arm dangling at his side, the Rabid Wolverine pulled down the Tag Team Championships, as he and Chris Jericho retained their titles in one of the most memorable matches in World Wrestling Federation history!Although they were battered and bruised, Jericho and Benoit celebrated their win as SmackDown! went off the air!