Denver, Colorado
April 26, 2001

Just 72 hours before Backlash, SmackDown! exploded from Denver, Colorado!

Commissioner William Regal sauntered to the ring as the show kicked off. Regal announced that he and Kurt Angle would be taking on Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit in a tag match fought under "Duchess of Queensberry" Rules. Fans were excited about finally finding out what those rules were! Prior to the bout, Angle apologized for his comments on RAW IS WAR, when he said that Benoit would go down faster than Terrell Davis on opening day. The Olympic hero meant to say that Benoit would go down faster than the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL Playoffs! A fast-paced affair ended when Regal and Angle viciously double-teamed Jericho, locking Y2J in the Regal stretch and the Angle lock at the same time -- causing the referee to disqualify the men! But before the official announcement could be made, Regal grabbed the microphone and said that according to one clause in the rules, the two were allowed both to apply their submission holds, and there was no DQ! Therefore, Regal and Angle were the winners!

In a backstage parking area, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley arrived to the arena. As they did, Mr. McMahon approached the two and said he had some business to discuss with the Game in his office, where Stone Cold Steve Austin was already waiting for them. He said he had some big plans for SmackDown!

Moments later, Mr. McMahon addressed the Rattlesnake and the Game.

The Federation chairman praised the recent accomplishments of the Two-Man Power Trip, and said he believed they could win the Tag Team Championship at Backlash. Mr. McMahon then said that he had spoken to Commissioner Regal, who had made two Handicap Matches for SmackDown! -- Kane vs. Edge & Christian, and Undertaker against the Right to Censor! Apparently, Regal had also made a ruling that if Kane were to interfere in Undertaker's match or vice versa, then only the Tag Team Championship would be on the line this Sunday at Backlash! Mr. McMahon also said that Stone Cold and Triple H would be in action on SmackDown! against a mystery team. Before leaving, Mr. McMahon told Triple H to look after Stephanie, and also told Stone Cold to please control Debra.

After the commercial break, Mr. McMahon was about to leave the arena in Triple H's limo when he was approached by Steven Richards of the Right to Censor, who thanked the Federation chairman. Mr. McMahon shook hands with Mr. Richards, and then got in the limo and left.

In a match for the European Championship, Eddie Guerrero defended against Matt Hardy. The referee was soon distracted by Terri, allowing Lita to go up top and nail Eddie with a hurricanrana. A Twist of Fate later, Matt Hardy scored the pin to win the European Championship! After the bout, Matt and Lita celebrated with a passionate kiss!

Edge & Christian entered the commissioner's office and congratulated Regal on his victory earlier in the night on SmackDown! Regal wished E&C luck in their match, and E&C asked what was in it for them! The commish asked what they wanted, and Christian said he wanted gold, as in European gold! Christian said that his grandmother was Luxembourgian, and that he should be European Champion! Regal said he was going to make a Triple Threat European Championship match for Backlash, pitting Matt Hardy against Christian against Eddie Guerrero. Regal asked what he should do about Raven, since he had promised Raven a European Title match at Backlash -- and Edge suggested putting him against Rhyno in a Hardcore Championship match. The commissioner agreed!

In the Right to Censor's locker room, Steven Richards told Val Venis, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather that he was getting tired of them. He said he loved them like children, but he was letting them down. When Goodfather tried to speak up, Steven slapped him, and the Goodfather looked like he wanted to punch Steven out, but Steven apologized! He said that against Undertaker on SmackDown!, they would get back on track.

In another backstage locker room, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Stephanie and Debra watched Kane walk to the ring for his match against E&C. The Rattlesnake asked his wife to run down the hall and get him some coffee, and then Triple H and Stephanie also placed coffee orders with Mrs. Austin!

Stone Cold told his wife to hurry back!

In a Handicap Match, Kane took on Edge & Christian. The bout ended in a disqualification when E&C viciously attacked the Big Red Machine's injured arm with chairs, much to the delight of the Two-Man Power Trip, who watched on from their locker room. After the bout, a one-armed Kane screamed in pain as he chased E&C away.

Backstage, Debra returned with the coffee. She gave Triple H and Stephanie theirs, and then dumped the Rattlesnake's coffee all over him! An irate Stone Cold told Debra to get in the truck, but not to leave until he told her to.

Next up, Rhyno defended his Hardcore Championship against Test. The fight spilled to the backstage area, where the Big Show attacked Test, allowing Rhyno to score the pin and retain his title! After the bout, the Show continued to brutalize Test, clearly sending a message to Shane McMahon before this Sunday's Last Man Standing Backlash!

Backstage, Steve Blackman complained to Grand Master Sexay. Apparently, Sexay had hooked Blackman up on the new UPN show "Chains of Love," and although he had asked for the "phattest" women around, instead they have given Blackman the "fattest!"

X-Factor -- X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert -- headed to the ring next, just three days before they meet Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike Dudley at Backlash. Justin said the Dudley Boyz were just that -- boys. He claimed to have single-handedly sent the Dudleys packing from ECW.

He also said that while the Dudleys were trying to make a reputation, X-Factor had been making an impact. X-Pac said that "wassap!" was done, and the Dudleys would never hit it on X-Factor again. He also said they couldn't be beaten with the 3-D. X-Pac said that since the Dudleys didn't have the guts to come out on SmackDown!, then they would finish things at Backlash.

That was all that Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike needed to hear -- out came the Dudleys! D-Von said that this Sunday, X-Factor will find out why thou shalt not mess with the Dudleys! Bubba Ray said that Big Daddy Dudley taught them to keep their friends close and their enemies closer. The three Dudleys then ran to the ring and got it on with X-Factor! After a pier-six brawl, Spike hit the Dudley Dog on Albert, and Bubba Ray and D-Von hit the "wassap!" on the Big Man, and then hit the 3-D on X-Pac!

In a four-on-one Handicap Match, the Right to Censor took on the Undertaker. Bull, Val and the Goodfather were able to gain the advantage over the Taker, when Steven grabbed the microphone and said that he wanted to finish the Taker off. He sent the three men back to the locker room -- which turned out to be a really, really bad idea. As the three watched on from the ramp, the Taker nailed Steven with the Last Ride and scored the pin!

Backstage, Stone Cold and Triple H asked Commissioner Regal who they were facing on SmackDown!

Regal said he couldn't tell Stephanie, but he whispered the answer to the Rattlesnake and the Game, who asked if he was ribbing them. Stephanie asked Triple H who the opponents were, but he didn't answer, instead telling his wife that she should remain backstage.

At the World Wrestling Federation television studios in Stamford, Conn., Shane McMahon read a story called "Shane and the Beanstalk." The fairy tale was all about the history between Shane and the Show, and about how Shane was going to kick the Show's ass this Sunday at Backlash!

The main event on SmackDown! pitted Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H against their mystery opponents -- Kaientai! Taka said that he and Funaki didn't fear the Two-Man Power Trip, because even though Austin & the Game were that damn good, they were that damn evil. Funaki added, "Indeed!" Taka then got on the mic again, but it wasn't his "voice" -- it was the Undertaker's! "Taka" said that all he saw in the ring were dead man walking! Kaientai then got in the ring to take on Stone Cold and Triple H, but Taker & Kane snuck up behind the Power Trip and knocked them on their asses! The Brothers of Destruction stood tall in the ring, holding up all the title belts, as SmackDown! went off the air!