Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 5, 2001


Kane -- the Hardcore Champion -- headed to the ring as SmackDown! kicked off from Oklahoma City! The Big Red Machine teamed with the Undertaker against the Right to Censor in a Handicap Match. Prior to the bout, Steven Richards talked about how the media desensitizes youth to violence, and said that the Right to Censor would put an end to the fans turning men like the Undertaker and Kane into heroes. Taker & Kane downed Bull & Goodfather with stereo chokeslams, and then the Taker nailed Steven with the Last Ride for the win.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon told Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin how impressive he thought Undertaker and Kane are. Triple H promised Vince he would win the Intercontinental Championship from Chris Jericho on SmackDown!, and Stone Cold said he couldn't wait to be interviewed by J.R. later in the show, since he hadn't spoken to his friend in a while. Mr. McMahon then excused himself and headed to the ring.

Once in the ring, Mr. McMahon insulted the Oklahoman crowd in attendance, and then said he wasn't at SmackDown! to insult their intelligence, but instead to talk current events. Mr. McMahon said that much like Richard Nixon is no longer president of the United States, so too is The Rock no longer World Wrestling Federation Champion, since Stone Cold defeated Rock at WrestleMania.

The Federation chairman admitted that he and Austin had not always seen eye-to-eye, but he was impressed with Austin's actions at WrestleMania. Mr.

McMahon said he was even more impressed with Austin's actions on RAW, uniting with him and Triple H to brutalize the People's Champion. Mr. McMahon added that many may wonder why Austin did what he did, and he said those questions may be answered on SmackDown!, when Oklahoma's own Jim Ross interviewed the Rattlesnake.

Mr. McMahon then told the sold-out crowd that The Rock would not be at SmackDown!, since he had been suspended indefinitely. Mr. McMahon said that the suspension was an act of benevolence, so the fans wouldn't have to see Rock lose for the third show in a row, and that the suspension was done in the interest of fairness. Watching Mr. McMahon from a backstage monitor, J.R. seemed disgusted.

Coach interviewed Chyna backstage, and the Ninth Wonder of the World said that WrestleMania was the crowning achievement of her life, because as much as the Right to Censor kept her down, she fought for what she believed in and triumphed.

The Hardy Boyz and Lita entered Commissioner William Regal's office. Regal gave Lita a present -- a blown-up copy of the cover of the brand-new "Divas in Hedonism" magazine, which bears Lita on the cover. Regal then shook hands with the Hardys and commended them for their efforts in TLC II. But the commish then said that since he saw them talking to Shane McMahon last week, that he was going to punish them by making Jeff face the Big Show!

Lilian Garcia interviewed J.R. about interviewing Stone Cold later in the night. J.R.

said the fans deserved answers, and he would ask the tough questions on SmackDown!

William Regal approached Kurt Angle in the locker room, and Angle thanked Regal for making a Handicap Match on SmackDown! pitting the two of them against Chris Benoit! Angle said he had just one request -- he wanted to be the one to finish off Benoit with his "Angle Lock" ankle lock. Regal reminded Angle that his Regal Stretch wasn't such a shabby finisher either -- to which Angle laughed, and then said, "Oh, you were serious?"

In singles action, K-Kwik took on Rhyno. The young rapper was no match for the 300-pound man-beast, falling victim to a gore and a pinfall. As Rhyno left the ring after the bout, he was attacked from behind by Crash Holly. But Rhyno quickly regained his composure and gored Crash to the mat!

Backstage, Edge & Christian told Rhyno that his match was "gore-geous," and to go take a shower so they could leave. Rhyno said no, and that he wanted to leave now, and he would drive!

The Handicap Match was up next, and at first, Benoit did a great job of fighting off both Regal and Angle -- much to the delight of the sold-out crowd! Benoit was even able to lock the Crossface on both Regal and Angle on separate occasions! But the double-team proved to be too much -- especially when Regal put Benoit in the Regal Stretch and Angle put him in the ankle lock at the exact same time! Benoit had no choice but to tap out, giving the win to the commish and the Olympic hero.

After the bout, Angle would not let go of the ankle lock -- so Chris Jericho ran to the ring to help out the Rabid Wolverine, returning the favor from RAW, when Benoit helped out Jericho! After Y2J made the save, he and Benoit stared each other down.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon told J.R. to relax, because this was the biggest interview of J.R.'s career. He told J.R. just to be himself, and to be sure to ask Stone Cold the tough questions.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Debra, asking Mrs. Austin if she felt any sympathy for The Rock. Debra said she felt that what happened on RAW was unfair. Kevin then asked if she approved of her husband's actions, and Debra refused to comment.

In a battle of David vs. Goliath, Jeff Hardy took on the Big Show. Jeff hesitated at getting in the ring at first -- and with good reason, because when he finally did, he was physically dominated by the Show. The Show soon wound up outside the ring and pounded on Matt Hardy, and then went after Lita. As the ref tried to stop him from doing so, the Show got mad and knocked the ref down. Lita then went up top and was about to give Show a hurricanrana, but the Show caught her and was about to chokeslam her until Jeff made the save. The Big Show then went to the top rope -- but missed with an elbow!

Lita then hit a moonsault, Matt hit a top-rope legdrop and Jeff hit a Swanton -- and all three climbed on top of the Show and scored the win, thanks to a fast count from the ref, who was still mad about being shoved down earlier in the match!

After the match, an irate Big Show searched for the Hardys and Lita backstage, but instead found Kane and the Undertaker, who attacked the Show with steel chairs!

X-Factor -- X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert -- took on Grand Master Sexay, Steve Blackman and Billy Gunn in six-man action. Sexay hit the Hip Hop Drop on Credible, but when Billy Gunn went for the pin, Albert broke it up. X-Pac then hit the X-Factor on Gunn, and put Credible on top of "The One" for the pin.

As Chris Jericho stretched backstage, he was approached by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Stephanie wished Jericho luck for his match later in the night against Triple H, since she said the Game would beat him within an inch of his life. Jericho said that if Stephanie tried to get involved in the match, that he would make her scream louder than Triple H ever did.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon told Stone Cold how excited J.R. was about interviewing him. Austin said that J.R. was a very special person in his life, and deserved some special answers.

Stephanie then ran into her father's locker room with a tape, which she said was from Linda. On the tape, Linda said that she had regained her full mental faculties, and had once again assumed her role as C.E.O.

of the Federation. She then said she was debating changing her name from "McMahon" after all that had happened, but there was one McMahon who was standing tall -- Shane. She said she was proud of Shane. She also said it felt great to kick Vince in the gonads at WrestleMania, and she was now going to hit him where it hurt most, and she would tell him where that was this coming Monday on RAW. Linda then brought in Mick Foley, who gave her a knife and two grapefruits. Linda cut the grapefruits in half and told Vince she'd seem him Monday! Back in the locker room, Mr. McMahon was shocked and petrified!

Oklahoma's own Jim Ross walked to the ring next, ready to interview his longtime friend, Stone Cold Steve Austin. As the crowd chanted for The Rock, J.R. opened the interview by asking why the Rattlesnake had aligned himself with Mr. McMahon, a person J.R. said that Austin had despised more than anyone else. Stone Cold said it was an insurance policy, since he had made the single biggest comeback in the history of the business, and he didn't want to roll into WrestleMania without an insurance policy. Austin said that Mr. McMahon was his policy at WrestleMania, and would continue to be in the future.

J.R. asked Austin if he felt any remorse for turning his back on the millions of fans who have supported him. As the crowd continued to chant for The Rock, Austin said he had never asked to be a hero, and had never cared about the fans.

Stone Cold said that he always said "Don't Trust Anybody" -- especially Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said he didn't care about the fans at all.

J.R. then asked why the Rattlesnake would align himself with Triple H, who had conspired to run him down with a car a year and a half ago. Austin said that any man who was that sick and twisted was a man he wanted on his side. Austin told J.R. that if he wanted any more of an answer, he would have to beat it out of him.

Austin then made fun of J.R.'s outfit, and then told J.R. it looked like he had lost his best friend. J.R. said that maybe he had. J.R. said that he was the one who was there for Austin when Austin got out of surgery, and he was the one who interviewed Austin on national television after his surgery, and he was the one who called Austin repeatedly, and he and his wife were the only ones from the Federation at Austin's wedding.

Austin then asked J.R. if all of a sudden, J.R. didn't want to be his friend any more. Stone Cold then knocked off J.R.'s hat and glasses and challenged him to take a shot at him. J.R. said he thought the interview was a mistake and walked away. Austin told J.R. not to turn his back on him, and J.R. apologized and said the interview was over. As J.R. again turned to walk away, Stone Cold attacked him from behind!

Shockingly, Mr. McMahon came out to the stage and told Austin to stop -- because he was taking it too easy on him! The Federation chairman told Austin to bust J.R. wide open to teach him a lesson -- and the Rattlesnake did just that to his former best friend! Mr. McMahon watched on and smiled from the stage, and Triple H and Stephanie also seemed impressed as they watched on from their dressing room.

During the break, EMTs attended to J.R., who had been completely beaten down, both physically and mentally.

The main event on SmackDown! was an Intercontinental Championship match, as Chris Jericho defended against Triple H, who was accompanied to ringside by Stephanie. As Triple H went for the Pedigree, Y2J tried reversing it into the Walls of Jericho, but he couldn't get it all the way over, so he instead slingshotted Triple H into the ringpost. Jericho then hit a bulldog and a Lionsault onto the Game, but as he went for the pin, Stephanie distracted the referee! An angered Y2J went after Stephanie, and when Triple H went to save his wife, Y2J caught the Game and locked him in the Walls of Jericho! Triple H tapped out, but Stephanie was again distracting the ref and so the match continued!

Commissioner Regal ran with a steel chair to save the Game, but Jericho let go of the Walls of Jericho and caught Regal, grabbing the chair and then smacking the commissioner with it! Stephanie then got into the ring and went to slap Jericho, but Y2J caught her and locked her in the Walls of Jericho! As Stephanie screamed in pain, Triple H snuck up behind Jericho and walloped him in the head with the chair!Jericho kicked out, but after a Pedigree, the Game scored the pin and became the new Intercontinental Champion!