Providence, Rhode Island
March 22, 2001

WWF Hardcore Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Raven
Raven kicks Jericho. Jericho with right hands. Raven tosses a can lid over his head. Raven smashes Jericho over the head with a can lid. Jericho hiptosses Raven on a can. Raven with a knee to the gut. Raven grabs another can. Jericho jumps the turnbuckle and dropkicks Raven. Raven falls into the shopping cart. Jericho wheels the shopping cart and Raven goes over the barracade. Into the crowd. The two battle to the backstage area where a set of pipes fall on Jericho. Jericho throws Raven into a door. Jericho slides Raven across a table of coffee. Jericho mops Raven's face. The two make there way into Regal's office. Raven smashes a bust. Jericho pulls off a picture of the Queen Mother and frames Raven. Jericho shoves Raven's face into some crumpets. Regal enters the office and throws water into Jericho's eyes. Regal smashes Jericho with a vase of roses. Regal goes to check on Raven. Raven smashes Regal over the head with the tray of crumpets. Raven covers Regal and gets the victory.
Winner: Raven

Raven runs out of the office with the hardcore title.

We're shown a recap of Austin giving Kurt Angle a stunner on Raw two weeks ago when Kurt had the ankle lock on Debra.

We're shown a recap of the closing moments the preceeding hardcore match.

Regal is shown in his office looking over the picture of the Queen Mother. Coach comes in and asks Regal if he's ok. Regal says he'll be fine, but Raven will be in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania against Kane and the Big Show.

We're shown a video package of the Shane/Vince saga over the past two weeks.

Triple H and Stephanie are shown in the back watching. Triple H says he did quite a number. Stephanie says he really did. She tells him to make Kane and Undertaker pay tonight because Kane had her over the balcony and was gonna throw her. Triple H says that reminds him that he's got a little business to take care of. Stephanie tells him to be careful.

We're shown The Rock attempting to Rock Bottom Austin on Smackdown last week.

Triple H and the Big Show are shown discussing something in the back.

Grandmaster Sexay, K-Kwik, and Steve Blackman vs. X-Factor
Blackman goes right after Credible with right hands. Blackman with a leg sweep. Blackman misses an elbow. Blackm with a spin kick. Blackman knocks down X-Pac and kicks Albert who no sells. Tag to K. K with a flying headsicissors. Tag to Grandmaster. Tag to X-Pac. Grandmaster and K dance a bit. X-Pac with a kick to the stomach. Grandmaster with an insiguerri. Grandmaster slams X-Pac's head into Credible. Grandmaster knocks down Albert. X-Pac tags Albert. Grandmaster goes up to the middle rope and does a snake. X-Pac runs over. Grandmaster kicks him down. Albert bicycle kicks Grandmaster knocking him to the outside. K tries to come in. Albert picks Grandmaster up by the throat and drops him on his ass. Tag to Credible. Credible with right hands. Credible tags X-Pac. The two attempt a double clothesline. Grandmaster hits a double cothesline. Tag to K. K unloads on Credible and X-Pac. Albert lifts K into the air. Blackman leg sweeps him. Cover. 2 count. Albert pulls Blackman to the outside. X-Pac hits the X-Factor on K. Credible covers. Ref is occupied on the outside. Gramdmaster hits the hip hop drop on Credible. Cover on Credible. X-Pac breaks it up. K with some acrobatics ducking a spin kick from X-Pac. Double superkick by Credible and X-Pac. X-Pac covers and gets the victory.
Winners: X-Factor

Undertaker is shown walking into the arena. Triple H ambushes him from behind and throws him into a steel box on the wall. Triple H says it's nice to see him and leaves. Taker is just a bit frustrated and sits for a while.

We're shown a recap of the preceeding ambush.

Triple H is shown talking to some security guy. Taker comes in. Triple H keeps backing into his locker room. Taker comes into the locker room and cops come to arrest him. Stephanie says to get him. The cops handcuff him. Stephanie says he violated the law. Taker says he'll violate her. Taker asks what it's like to be married to a guy who doesn't have a set. Stephanie says she doesn't know if she wants to press charges and tells the cops to hold him. The cops sit him down on a couch in their dressing room.

William Regal is in his office. Coach walks in and asks what will happen in the main event tonight. Regal says it will have to be a handicap match. Kane vs. Big Show and Triple H.

JR is talking to Austin and thanks him for doing this interview tonight. He tells him to just talk about Wrestlemania. Austin says JR doesn't have to worry about him, but what about the champ. JR says he doesn't know, but hopes he can control himself. Austin says fine and goes to get some water.

JR is talking to The Rock. Rock is here to talk and not fight. JR says they're gonna sit down and talk. The Rock says maybe and walks off.

We're shown the Road to Wrestlemania video package.

We're now in the interview. JR thanks both of them for their professionalism. He asks Rock about his handicap match against Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. JR asks Austin if he would step up and be Rock's partner. Rock says he doesn't need a partner. Austin asks if he is going to answer is questions. JR apologizes and says it's his responsibility. He asks Rock what the WWF title means to him. Rock says it solidifies the fact that you're at the mountain top. He grew up around the industry. It solidifies the fact that he's the best. JR asks Austin if the match means anything new to him from Smackdown last week. Austin says it hasn't changed and it's all about being back. JR says it's probably the biggest Wrestlemania ever except for McMahon making Debra manager of The Rock. The Rock says he doesn't need a manager, doesn't want a manager, but doesn't have a problem. He says she's not his responsibility and it's his wife. Austin doesn't like it either, but he doesn't like the tone of Rock's voice. He tells him to take the base out of his voice. He says he's got the WWF title and he wants it. JR asks about their thoughts on each other as humans. Austin says Rock is probably a great human being, but he doesn't care for him. The Rock says it's no secret how they feel each other. He says professionally they've earned each other's respect and they bring about the best in each other. Personally, he doesn't like him. Austin wants to know why JR never asked what the belt meant to him. Austin says it means he's the best. JR asks about Rock doesn't have to beat Austin, but Austin has to beat The Rock. Austin says he'll do what it takes. He says his strategy has to go in there and do whatever it takes to beat The Rock. JR asks The Rock. He says JR has a point about not having to beat Austin. He says the title is dangling because he's going to beat Austin. Austin appreciates the fact that The Rock won't be on defense the entire night. The Rock says he does want to beat him. The two talk about Just Bring It and Austin 3:16 says I just beat your ass. JR asks for closing remarks from The Rock. The Rock says the only thing that matters is Wrestlemania and not how long the match, how many falls, Debra. He says win, lose, or draw, Austin will get the best of The Rock at Wrestlemania. He says two unstoppable forces will meet and all questions will be answered. JR goes to Austin. Austin says The Rock has brought out the best in him. On a personal level, he wants to beat him. On a professional level, he has to beat The Rock. He says that he will be back and be the champion. He says there can only be one way and that he will be champ after the match with all due respect. JR wishes both of them luck and the interview ends.

We're shown WWF NY. Aerosmith was there on Friday.

We're back and The Big Show is getting in the ring.

Undertaker is shown handcuffed watching the monitor as Triple H comes out.

Handicap Match
Kane vs. Triple H and Big Show
Kane with more right hands to Big Show on the outside. Big Show with a knee to the gut. Kane whips Show into the post. Kane enters the ring. Kane with right hands on Triple H. Kane with a big boot and down goes Triple H. Kane picks Triple H by the throat. Big Show comes back in. Kane with a kick to the gut. Kane with punches to Show. Show throws Kane into the corner. Show misses Kane in the corner. Kane military presses Triple H and throws him on the Show. Kane picks up Big Show. Triple H kicks Kane in the back of the knee and Show falls on him. Triple H and Show kick Kane. Triple H with right hands. Triple H with kicks to the chest on the ground. Tag to Show. Undertaker is in the back struggling with the cuffs. Show with a bodyslam. Kane sits up. Show with a sidewalk slam. Kane sits up. Show with right hands. Show with a suplex. Kane sits up. Show with right hands. Show runs at Kane. Kane pulls the ropes and Show goes over the top. Kane with right hands to Triple H. Kane hoists Triple H on his shoulder and hits a running powerslam. Taker is in the back happy with what he sees. Kane goes upstairs. Kane knocks Triple H down with a clothesline. Kane has got his hand. Kane grabs Triple H's throat. Kane grabs Show's throat. Triple H kicks Kane's gut. Show hits a chokeslam on Kane and gets the win.
Winners: Big Show and Triple H

Taker is shown in the back frustrated.

Triple H grabs Kane's legs and low blows him. Show drops a leg. Triple H with right hands to the skull. Show with a big elbow drop. Triple H goes outside and gets a chair. Show is kicking Kane down. Triple H whacks Kane with the chair. Taker is in the back watching helplessly. Triple H gives Kane a pedigree on the chair. Taker beats up the cops and runs out of the dressing room. Triple H puts the chair on top of Kane and sits on it. He gets the mic and says to him he'll see his dead ass at Wrestlemania. He says Kane's got a date with a Big Show. Triple H says he's gonna enjoy taking his family apart. Taker makes it out and the cops continue to go after him. Taker continues beating them up. Triple H tells Taker to get in the ring. Triple H and Show beat up Taker. Triple H whacks Kane across the back with the chair. Triple H with a chair to Taker's ribs. The cops come to hold Taker down. Triple H says they're not really cops and they're just friends of his. He tells them to put the cuffs on Kane too. Triple H shoves the chair down Taker's throat. Triple H says now that they met some of his friends, let him introduce them to one more. Triple H gets a sledgehammer. He says it's good to have friends. Triple H tells Show to hold Taker and the cops to hold Kane. Triple H hits taker in the head and he's busted open. Big Show and "cops" restrain Kane. Triple H tells Taker that he warned him. He warned him before and now he's showing him. He says Deadman Inc. goes belly up at Wrestlemania. Taker's bloody forehead is being distorted. Taker taunts Taker some more and the entire party leaves.

We're shown a recap of the preceeding events of the last match.

We're shown a recap of the tag title matches on Raw.

Kevin Kelly is interviewing Edge and Christian. Kevin asks about TLC II. He asks if they're worried. Christian asks who was the first US president. Kevin says Washington. Christian asks what did the pilgrims eat. Kevin says turkey. Christian asks who won the last TLC match. Kevin says Edge and Christian. He's confident. Edge is confident as well. Edge says the Dudleyz can bring Spike. He says the Hardyz can bring Lita. He shoves Christian and says Christian. Christian says what. Edge says get the Rhino.

The Dudleyz are shown walking to the ring. Spike budges through them and walks ahead of them.

WWF Overdrive of the Week is the appearance of Spike Dudley.

You think you know me. You think you know me. Out comes Edge, Christian and Rhyno.

Bombs away and out come the three Dudleyz.

6 Man Tag Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Edge, Christian, and Rhyno
Edge starts with D-Von. Edge with right hands. D-Von with a flying clothesline. Tag to Buh Buh Ray. Buh Buh Ray with left jabs. Edge with a spinning heel kick. Tag to Christian. Christian with kicks. Buh Buh Ray hits a back body drop on Christian. Buh Buh Ray rings the arm. Tag to Spike. Spike with a double axe handle off the top. Spike with a small package. Spike with a rollup. Christian with a knee. Spike with a victory roll. Christian drops Spike on the top rope. Christian kicks him in the rib. Tag to Rhyno. Rhyno with a clothesline. Rhyno with a right hand. Rhyno with kicks to Spike in the corner. Spike into the other corner. Rhyno spears Spike in the gut in the corner. Rhyno tags Edge. Edge with a kick to the ribs. Edge drops Spike on the top rope. Edge with kicks to the back. Spike with punches and a headbutt. Edge ties Spike up in the ropes. Edge splashes Spike. Edge with a bodyslam. Edge goes up to the middle. Spike rolls out of the way from the leg drop. Tag to Christian. Tag to D-Von. D-Von with right hands to Christian. Right hands to Edge. D-Von throws Christian up in the air. D-Von with a neckbreaker on Edge. Knockdown on Rhyno. Buh Buh Ray and D-Von stun gun Rhyno. Bodyslam on Rhyno. Whasssssssuuuupppp. Whassssssuuuupppp. D-Von. What. Get the tables!!!. D-Von goes outside and brings a table in the ring. Buh Buh Ray sets up the table. Double flapjack, but Christian moves the table and puts it in a ramp position on the corner.. 3D attempt on Christian. Christian slips out of the ring. Edge whacks Buh Buh Ray with the chair and gets DQed.
Winners: No decision

Edge chairs D-Von. Spike drop kicks Edge. Spike attempts an Acid Drop on Christian. Christian throws him down. Edge and Christian attempt the con-chair-to. Spike ducks and Edge and Christian miss. Rhyno spears Spike into the table. Edge, Christian, and Rhyno leave.

Vince is shown getting some coffee. Austin comes in. He says if anything happens to Debra, he's not only holding The Rock responsible, but he's holding Vince responsible. Vince tries to say something, but Austin asks if he makes himself clear. Vince gulps. Austin leaves.

WWF Burn Of The Week is the Ivory/Chyna segment on Raw.

Sirens hit and out comes the Right To Censor. Goodfather and Bull sit on both sides of Tazz while the rest of RTC stares him down in the ring. Ivory has the mic. She thanks everyone. When Chyna signed the papers on Raw, she exonerated her from responsibility. Righteousness should not be confused with mercy cause she will have no mercy on Chyna's neck at Wrestlemania. Val takes the mic. Here in the WWF, good is perceived as evil and evil is perceived as good. The truth is all around. Since their words will not awake everyone tonight, there actions will. Steven takes the mic. It's a night of redemption. Redemption before Wrestlemania. He comes out to the announce table. He tells Tazz that he doesn't stick his nose in RTC's business. He says Tazz will take responsibility for his actions. He says Tazz will be censored. Tazz jumps up from the announce table and goes after Steven. Tazz locks the Tazzmission on Steven. Bull and Goodfather attack Tazz. Val, Steven and Ivory run off. The APA runs into to take out RTC. Clothesline from Hell on Goodfather inside the ring. Faarooq beats up Bull on the outside.

Benoit is getting stuff out of his bag. Kurt Angle walks in. He says the two of them had a magical moment on Raw. He says when Benoit put the crossface on and he had on the ankle lock, he could feel The Rock snapping. Benoit tries to talk. Kurt stops him and says they should break The Rock in half tonight. He makes some breaking noises and gestures and leaves.

Lugz Boot of the Week is the post main event happenings on Raw including the Rock Bottom on Austin.

Austin is shown opening up a cooler of beers in the locker room and sits down in front of the monitor. He pops a cold one.

Tazz was helped to the back after the attack of RTC.

Austin is shown watching the monitor as the next match's combatants come out.

Handicap Match
The Rock vs. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle
Kurt starts. Benoit distracts Rock. Kurt with right hands. Rock with a right hand. Rock with a powerslam. Cover. 2 count. Kurt with a knee to the gut. Tag to Benoit. Benoit with kicks to The Rock in the corner. Rock clotheslines Benoit from Behind. Rock with a suplex. Cover. 2 count. Benoit with a side suplex. Tag to Kurt. Kurt with kicks to Rock's back. Kurt with a suplex. Cover. 2 count. Front face lock on Rock. Tag to Benoit. Benoit with a kick to the ribs. Benoit with right hands. Rock tosses Benoit over the top. Rock goes after him. Rock slams Benoit's face on the barracade. Rock with right hands. Benoit whips Rock into Kurt. Rock clotheslines Kurt. Rock clotheslines Benoit. Rock throws Benoit into Vince. Rock grabs Benoit and throws him back in the ring. Vince gets up with a devious look. Rock is thrown into Kurt's forearm. Rock punches Kurt. Benoit with three German suplexes. Austin is shown watching again. Tag to Kurt. Kurt with kicks to the back of Rock. Kurt with kicks to the ribs. Kurt with right hands in the corner. Kurt with kicks in the corner. Kurt with a foot in the face. Rock coming back with right hands. Rock runs into an elbow from Kurt. Kurt throws Rock to the outside. Benoit goes after him with a chair. Benoit hits Rock in the face with a chair while Kurt distracts the ref. Benoit tosses Rock back in the ring. Kurt goes outside and up to the top. Kurt hits a missile drop kick. Cover. 2 count. Kurt with a bodyslam. Kurt goes up top again. Kurt misses a moonsault. Austin is shown watching again. Tag to Benoit. Benoit with a bodyslam. Benoit goes to the outside up top. Benoit with a headbutt. Rock moves. Rock tries to punch Kurt. Kurt punches him. Rock battles back. Rock with right hands on Benoit. Rock with a belly to belly on Benoit. Rock with a DDT on Kurt. Rock with a spinebuster. Cover. Kurt breaks it up. Benoit locks the Crippler Crossface on Rock. Kurt puts Rock's foot on the rope. Ref makes him break the hold. Benoit argues with the ref. Kurt tags himself in. Rock with right hands on Kurt. Rock knocks Benoit down off the apron. Rock Bottom on Kurt. Cover and the victory.
Winner: The Rock

Benoit keeps going after Rock. Rock hits a spinebuster on Benoit. Rock with a sharp shooter on Benoit. Kurt smiles and leaves Benoit in the ring. Officials try to get Rock to break the hold. Vince gets in the ring and orders Rock to release it. Vince decks Earl Hebner. Rock Bottom on Vince. Kurt comes back in after Rock. Kurt locks on the ankle lock. Debra is trying to get him to release. Austin is watching on the monitor. Austin gets up off his chair. The refs are trying to get Kurt to release the ankle lock. Austin sits back down with another beer. Kurt still has the ankle lock on as the show fades out.