Anaheim, California
March 15, 2001

European Champion Test defended his title against Eddie Guerrero as SmackDown! kicked off from Anaheim, Calif.! This match came about when Guerrero went to Commissioner William Regal earlier in the day and asked for a rematch against Chris Benoit, but Regal told Guerrero that he was too good for Benoit, and gave him a European Title match! Perry Saturn interfered in the bout by attacking Test, and Chris Jericho also interfered, attacking Guerrero! After the melee, Test pinned Guerrero to retain his title!

The Undertaker sat on his bike backstage at the arena, and the Dead Man wasn't in a good mood, after being attacked by Triple H on RAW IS WAR. Kane approached his brother and asked what he was doing, and the Taker said he was waiting for Triple H. Kane said he would wait with his brother, but Taker said he wanted to do this on his own.

Footage was then shown of a sit-down interview taped earlier in the day, as Jim Ross talked to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin said that WrestleMania X-Seven was a huge deal to him, since it was in his homestate of Texas, and since it meant that he had made it back from his injury. Stone Cold then addressed Debra being named Rock's manager by Mr. McMahon. Austin called Mr. McMahon a sorry sonofabitch who was still trying to screw with his life. The Rattlesnake said he gave Rock a Stunner on RAW because Rock had put Debra in harm's way. Austin then promised to destroy Kurt Angle later in the night on SmackDown!

, after Angle had put Debra in the ankle lock on RAW. Austin said it didn't look good for Kurt Angle on SmackDown!

Backstage, the Undertaker found a lead pipe as he continued to wait for the Game.

Hermie then interviewed Commissioner Regal. Regal addressed Jericho's interference in the European Championship match earlier in the evening. Regal said that if Y2J wanted to see action so badly, then Jericho -- and Jericho alone -- would take on the Dudley Boyz later in the night in a Tag Team Table match! Hermie then told Regal that the Undertaker was waiting in the parking lot for Triple H, and the commissioner said he was sure that if he just went out to the parking lot and talked to the Dead Man like a gentleman, then the Undertaker would change his mind about the attack.

In six-man action, the Hardy Boyz and "The One" Billy Gunn took on X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert. The match quickly deteriorated out of control, and the referee called for the bell, declaring the bout a no-contest.

In the parking area, Commissioner Regal tried to talk to the Undertaker, but the Dead Man wasn't listening. Regal suggested that the Taker talk to him before Regal did something he didn't want to do -- and Taker suggested that Regal get out of his face before Taker did something he did want to do! Taker then stared Regal down, and the commissioner slowly backed away.

A limousine then pulled into the arena -- it was Triple H and Stephanie!

The two were about to get out of the limo, but the Taker ran at them, and they locked themselves inside! Taker responded by smashing one of the windows with a lead pipe! As Stephanie screamed for her life, the Game got out and ran from the Dead Man. As Taker stalked the Game, two cop cars pulled up, and a number of Anaheim's finest arrested the Undertaker as Triple H and Stephanie watched on. With the Taker in handcuffs, the Game took a cheapshot before the Dead Man was put in a cop car and taken away! Stephanie then asked Triple H what he was gonna do when the Undertaker got out of jail, and the Game was speechless!

After the break, Triple H and Stephanie complained to William Regal about the Undertaker's attack, and Regal confessed that it was he who called the cops! The Game said he wanted to press full charges against the Taker, and Regal said he would get on it right away. After Regal left, Stephanie said she thought Regal would make a very good commissioner.

Coach then interviewed Shane McMahon, in what was Shane's first public statements in more than six months. Shane -- who made his emotional return on Monday's RAW -- said he was ashamed and embarrassed to have the last name "McMahon" after seeing what his father has done in recent months, manipulating Stephanie, destroying Linda and flaunting his relationship with Trish. Shane said it was time to be a man, and last Monday night, he had enough.

He said when he saw his father in the ring on RAW, he knew it was time to act. With every step he took to the ring, he got angrier and angrier. Shane said when he looked at his father in the ring -- the man who created him -- he didn't know what he was going to do, before he finally unleashed his anger in an uncontrolled rage. He said part of him regretted what he had done, but part of him felt good about it. Shane said that Vince deserved the beating, and he didn't care what the ramifications were. Shane then said that his relationship with his father was over.

In a Tag Team Table match, Chris Jericho faced the Dudley Boyz. It wasn't long before D-Von got the table, and Buh Buh tossed Y2J through it, much to the delight of Commissioner Regal!

Kane then went into Commissioner Regal's office and demanded a match with Triple H on SmackDown! Regal granted Kane's request.

In a backstage locker room, Grand Master Sexay was listening to some phat beats from "WWF The Music: Volume 5." Sexay then told someone that he needed a partner to keep Too Cool alive while Scotty 2 Hotty was out of action, and he asked the person to be his tag partner on SmackDown! against the Right to Censor. The person he was talking to was Steve Blackman! Blackman said he would indeed team with Sexay -- as long as Grand Master kept his mouth shut!

As Triple H prepared for his match with Kane, he told Stephanie that messing with him was the biggest mistake the Undertaker ever made.

The Game vowed that when Taker got out of jail, everything the Game had ever done up until now would look like child's play compared to what he would do to the Undertaker.

Hermie then interviewed Kurt Angle. Angle mocked the Texas Rattlesnake, and then announced that Commissioner Regal had granted his request that his match with Stone Cold on SmackDown! would be no-disqualification! Regal had also declared that if Austin was unable to physically make it to WrestleMania, then Angle would take his spot against The Rock!

In tag team action, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather of the Right to Censor took on Grand Master Sexay and Steve Blackman! Steven Richards tried to interfere in the bout, but Tazz jumped up from the announcer's table and choked him out! Blackman then rolled up Buchanan for the win! After the bout, Grand Master Sexay even convinced Blackman to dance with him!

Hoping to get some revenge for the Undertaker, Kane took on Triple H. The Big Show would make his way to the rampway and watched the action, serving as a distraction to Kane on several occasions. Kane seemed to have the match won with a chokeslam, but Stephanie distracted the ref, and Big Show gave Kane the Final Cut outside the ring. The Game then hit the Pedigree for the pinfall win. After the bout, the Big Show chokeslammed Kane!

The main event on SmackDown! pitted Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle in a no-disqualification match.Midway through the bout, The Rock headed to ringside, throwing Angle into the ring when Austin was prone. But Angle could score just a two-count. Rock then joined Michael Cole and Tazz on color commentary, saying he just wanted the match to continue -- he wasn't trying to screw the Rattlesnake. Rock said that Austin had warned him, and no one threatens The Rock. Austin and Angle soon battled to the outside of the ring, where the Rattlesnake and The Rock locked eyes. Angle soon threw Austin into The Rock! Angle then grabbed a steel chair and went to hit Austin, but the Rattlesnake ducked, and Angle hit Rock! Moments later, Angle also nailed Stone Cold! Back in the ring, Angle put Austin in the ankle lock, but Rock attacked Angle as revenge for the chairshot! Rock pounded on Angle, and then snuck up behind Austin and set him up for the Rock Bottom! But before he could execute the move, Angle nailed Rock from behind! Rock recovered and gave Angle a Rock Bottom, but then Austin snuck up behind Rock and gave the Brahma Bull a Stunner for the second time this week! Austin then covered Angle to win the match!