Tuscon, Arizona
March 1, 2001

Former World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle made his way to the ring as the March 1 episode of SmackDown! kicked off from Tuscon, Arizona! Angle demanded that the crowd be quiet as he ran down his long list of accolades. He said he'd accomplished every one of his goals -- which is why he was upset after not accomplishing his goal of snapping The Rock's ankle on RAW IS WAR. Angle said that he would have broken Rock's ankle if not for one man -- Stone Cold Steve Austin. Angle said that Austin had made him angry. Angle also speculated that Rock was angry as well -- since it looked like Rock was set to give Austin a Rock Bottom after Austin saved him on RAW.

The American hero then issued a challenge to Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock -- he said he would face the first man to answer his challenge on SmackDown!, and he would make sure that person left the arena on a stretcher.

The sounds of broken glass then filled the Tuscon Civic Center, as the Texas Rattlesnake marched to the ring! Austin said he and Rock weren't friends, but since Rock is Federation Champion, he had a vested interest in his health. Austin said that since Angle wasn't Federation Champion, he had no interest in his health.

The Rock then walked to the ring!

The Federation Champion said that he and Austin had something that Angle didn't have -- a date with destiny at WrestleMania. Rock told Austin that he didn't want and didn't need his help. Angle said he saw things differently -- and Rock said it didn't matter how he saw it! Rock said that he was in the ring for one reason -- to answer Angle's challenge for SmackDown!

Federation chairman Mr. McMahon and William Regal then headed to the ring! Mr. McMahon said he was impressed by the size of Angle's grapefruits, since Kurt had challenged both Stone Cold and The Rock.

The chairman then said that Rock would defend the Federation Championship on SmackDown! against a deserving competitor -- William Regal! Mr. McMahon then said that would leave Stone Cold to face Kurt Angle later in the show! Austin said that if it was going to be him against Angle, then there was no use in waiting -- and the Rattlesnake popped the Olympian in the face! Rock also nailed Regal for good measure!

Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviewed Jeff Hardy, asking about the new relationship between Matt Hardy and Lita. Jeff said that he had always looked at Lita as a sister, and he said Matt apparently looked at her differently. He said that he wasn't spending as much time with his brother as he used to, but he was happy for him and Lita.

The opening match on SmackDown! was a mixed tag match pitting Matt and Lita against Crash and Molly Holly.

Matt won the match for his team, pinning Crash after a Twist of Fate. The happy couple embraced in the ring after the bout.

In the Radicalz' locker room, Chris Benoit told Eddie Guerrero that he didn't trust him anymore, and that Guerrero had better stay away from the ring when Benoit took on X-Pac later in the night. Guerrero said that after all he had done for Benoit, he had no right to talk to him that way. Benoit reiterated his warning, and told Guerrero to stay away.

Backstage, Buh Buh Ray Dudley was talking on a pay phone when he was viciously attacked from behind by Christian, who repeatedly pounded on him with a steel chair.

Elsewhere, Ivory, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather of the Right to Censor stood in front of a locker room door. Ivory listened at the door, and told the men that someone inside was still being interrogated. Goodfather said he hoped the rumors weren't true.

Next up, Benoit took on X-Pac, who was accompanied to the ring by Justin Credible. As the match began, Guerrero sauntered to ringside to provide color commentary for the bout! As the bout began, fellow Radicalz Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn headed to ringside to try to cool Guerrero down. When Credible tried to interject himself into the match, Guerrero snuck in the ring and knocked X-Pac down. Benoit then locked X-Pac in the Crossface, earning a submission victory. After the bell, Saturn and Malenko attacked Credible as Guerrero and Benoit stared each other down.

Backstage, Ivory, Bull and the Goodfather were still listening at the door when Steven Richards emerged from the room -- and Val Venis was seen inside the room, not looking too happy. Steven told the trio that he feared the worst, and he told them to prepare to take action. Steven then went back into the room and was heard to scream, "How could you do this to us? Why? Why?"

The Rock then defended his Federation Championship against William Regal. At one point, Rock had Regal in a sharpshooter, when Angle ran to the ring to interfere, ending the match in a disqualification. Angle tried to put Rock in the ankle lock, but the People's Champion escaped his clutches. Rock chased Angle away with a steel chair, and then nailed Regal with the chair for good measure.

Moments later, Regal talked to Mr. McMahon backstage. Regal said he thought he had Rock beat, and he apologized for disappointing the chairman. Mr. McMahon said he wasn't disappointed at all, and the Federation chairman said that this was just part of a bigger plan.

Back in the Right to Censor locker room, Steven and Val emerged from the room, and Steven told Ivory, Bull and Goodfather that Val had confessed. Ivory, Bull and Goodfather then started beating on Val -- and Steven told Val that it was for his own good! Bull and Goodfather then led Val to the ring.

Val looked like he was about to cry as he addressed the crowd.

Val said that for years, he led his life as a "whoremonger," as a man who knew no better, and that was his excuse. He said tonight, he had no excuse. Val said he had made a horrible, horrible mistake. He said that in one lousy night, all the good he had done for the Right to Censor now means nothing, because he wasn't man enough to resist temptation. He said he had allowed a vixen to engulf him in her perversion, and he had taken pleasure in it. As Val dropped to his knees, he said he had no one to blame but himself, and that he didn't deserve the Right to Censor's pity or forgiveness. Val then broke down and cried, saying he had made the biggest mistake of his life. He promised to cleanse himself of the immorality which had crept into his heart.

Steven asked everyone to forgive Val, saying he had just lost his way. He said the Right to Censor would indeed forgive Val. Steven and Val then embraced. As the five members of the group made their amends, Faarooq and Bradshaw ran to the ring and cleaned house!

In six-man action, Christian teamed up with Haku and Rikishi against D-Von Dudley, Kane and the Undertaker. Since Buh Buh Ray had been taken out by Christian earlier in the evening, Kane joined D-Von in the "wassap!" spot, in a hysterical moment! Team Taker picked up the win, when Taker pinned Christian following a chokeslam and a Last Ride.

The Rock provided color commentary for the main event on SmackDown!, as Kurt Angle took on Stone Cold Steve Austin.William Regal soon sauntered his way to ringside, and he and Rock started slugging it out! Rock then threw Regal into the ring, where Regal and Angle double-teamed Austin, as Rock just watched from ringside! As Austin fought the men off, Rock climbed into the ring and snuck up behind the Rattlesnake, just as he did on RAW. But when Austin turned around, The Rock simply stared him down! The Rattlesnake and the Brahma Bull stared each other down as SmackDown! went off the air.