Nassau Colisseum, Uniondale, New York
February 22, 2001

World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle headed to the ring as SmackDown! kicked off from Kansas City. The Federation Champion said he was going to take a page out of Edge & Christian's book, and pose for a moment. He then told the fans he knew what they were thinking -- that it was the last time he would ever pose with the Federation Championship. He said that wasn't the case. Angle promised to beat the odds and triumph at No Way Out.

Angle then spoke about "WWF The Music: Volume 5," which features a picture of The Rock on the cover! Angle showed footage of Rock recording the song "Pie" for the CD, and the Olympian then exclaimed, "What the freaking heck was that?" Angle said he was going to play the fans a song they could actually listen to -- and Kurt then proceeded to play his own theme music, with video clips of him beating up The Rock!

Angle said that after No Way Out, The Rock wouldn't be singing about "Pie," but instead Rock would be singing another tune -- "I Just Got My Brahma Bull Butt Beat by the Better Man Blues." Kurt then concluded his interview by proclaiming, "If ya smell what the champ is cooking!"

Backstage, a limousine pulled into a parking area.

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Stephanie said she couldn't believe that she was stunned on Monday night by Stone Cold Steve Austin. She begged Triple H not to attack Austin, however, so as not to risk a six-month suspension.

The Game said he didn't know what would happen when he was face-to-face with Austin, but he said if he was going to be suspended for six months, then he was going to put Austin out of action forever.

The first match on SmackDown! pitted Rikishi against Jeff Hardy, who was accompanied by Lita. The 400-pounder won the match with a Banzai Drop. After the match, Rikishi gave Lita a Stink Face until Matt Hardy came to the ring to save his new flame!

Backstage, Kurt Angle approached William Regal and Trish Stratus. Angle told Trish that it's been great having her in his corner, but he didn't want The Rock to have any excuses at No Way Out, so he was ending their business relationship. Regal said it was a great idea, because now Trish could accompany him to the ring, starting later in the night on SmackDown! when he battled Test. Trish said she had another obligation for the night, and she walked away.

In an interview with Kevin Kelly, the Dudley Boyz announced that Mr. McMahon had made the Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Championships at No Way Out a table match!

Coach interviewed J.R. about having to interview Stone Cold and Triple H at the same time later in the night on SmackDown! J.R. said it wasn't his idea; it was Mr. McMahon's. J.R. said he didn't see how the two men could be in the same ring without tearing each other apart, and he said he thought the No Way Out main event was in jeopardy.

In the parking area, Trish approached the limo, opened the door, and told someone inside that she had been waiting for them all night. Trish then climbed into the limo.

After a commercial break, the limo was again shown -- only this time, the windows were all fogged up, and Trish could be heard moaning and groaning!

Raven provided color commentary for a No. 1 contenders match for the Hardcore Championship, involving Crash, Perry Saturn, Steve Blackman, K-Kwik, Hardcore Holly and the Big Show. The Show won the match, pinning K-Kwik aftr a monstrous one-arm chokeslam. The Big Show will now face Raven for the Hardcore Championship at No Way Out!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Stephanie asked Triple H to promise her that he wouldn't touch Austin. The Game said when it came to Austin, he couldn't promise anything.

J.R. then walked to the ring and talked about how much he was looking forward to the Austin/Game match at No Way Out. As J.R. tried to introduce Stone Cold Steve Austin, he was cut off by the sounds of Triple H's music.

The Game walked to the ring and grabbed the microphone from J.R. He said he wasn't going to touch Austin and risk a six-month suspension. He said that as mad as he was about Austin stunning Stephanie on RAW, he wasn't going to lose his cool -- but he did have an answer. Triple H then gave J.R. a Pedigree! Stone Cold ran to the ring in a frenzy as the Game left J.R. in a fallen heap.

Michael Cole then announced a Fatal Fourway match at No Way Out for the Intercontinental Championship -- Chris Jericho will defend against X-Pac, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero this Sunday!

In a tag team preview of that war, Jericho and X-Pac took on Benoit and Guerrero! An action-packed bout ended when X-Pac kicked his own partner in the face when Jericho went for a Lionsault. Benoit then locked Jericho in the Crossface for the win. After the bout, X-Pac and Justin Credible cleaned house.

Backstage, Edge & Christian complained about having to face Kane and the Undertaker again. Kurt Angle calmed them down, and reminded them that they are five-time Tag Team Champions. He said after this Sunday, Team ECK (that's Edge-Christian-Kurt) would still be on top.

Ivory defended the Women's Championship against The Kat. During the match, Ivory went to yell at Jerry Lawler at ringside, and Kat snuck up behind her and ripped off her shirt! The entire Right to Censor ran to the ring to save Ivory, and when King went to save Kat, he was attacked by Steven Richards, who was disguised as a security guard! The Right to Censor forced Kat to watch as they brutally attacked King!

With The King out of commission, Tazz went to ringside to provide color commentary.

Next up, William Regal challenged Test for the European Championship. During the match, Al Snow walked down the ramp, throwing "Al Snow for Commissioner" buttons to the crowd!

As William Regal questioned what Al was doing, Al clocked him with Head, and Test pinned Regal after a boot to the head!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Stephanie was shown watching footage of the steamy limo. Stephanie looked sick to her stomach. She then ran out of her locker room saying she would show Trish who daddy's little girl was.

The Dudley Boyz then walked to the ring with a table. Buh Buh Ray spray-painted the words "No Way Out" onto the table.

Stephanie then ran to the backstage parking area, where she banged on the doors of the limo, demanding for Trish to show her face. But Trish snuck up from behind and knocked Stephanie head-first into the limo! The entire thing had been a ruse, designed to trick Stephanie! Trish relentlessly attacked Stephanie, even throwing her into a pile of manure which was on hand for a farm show! Trish dumped a bucket of mud onto Stephanie's head, as Mrs. Game just cried and screamed!

The main event on SmackDown! was a six-man tag match, pitting Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian against The Rock, Kane and the Undertaker. During the no-disqualification match, the Dudley Boyz headed to the ring and set up the "No Way Out" table in center ring! The Rock and Angle were battling in the ring when Angle gave Rock an Olympic slam through the table! The Federation Champion then pinned The Rock for the win! Angle locked the People's Champion in a painful anklelock as SmackDown! went off the air!