Uniondale Long Island, New York
February 15, 2001

The big question heading into Thursday's episode of SmackDown! was what stipulation Triple H would name for his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at No Way Out. The Game would indeed declare that stipulation on the show -- and it was a bombshell to say the least!

Mr. McMahon headed to the ring as the show kicked off from the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York. The chairman said he loved his life, and he loved sharing his life, his family and his wealth with the fans. He said he was going to share with the fans a Valentine's Day moment with his wife, Linda, later in the show.

Mr. McMahon then introduced his son-in-law, Triple H. As the Game entered the ring, Mr. McMahon asked if Stephanie was still mad at her dad. Triple H said yes, but that wasn't why he was out there. The Game said that for weeks, he had been trying to think of a stipulation which would encompass all the emotion which had been building up between him and the Texas Rattlesnake over the past two years. On one hand, he said he wanted a simple one-on-one match. On the other hand, he wanted just to rip him limb from limb.

Triple H then named his stipulation -- two out of three falls, but not just any two-out-of-three falls match. The Game said that the first fall would be about pride -- one-on-one in a regular match.

He said that he would break Austin's spirit in the first fall.

In the second fall, he promised to break Austin's bones, in a no-disqualification, anything-goes street fight. The Game then reminded the Long Island crowd that he defeated Long Island's own Mick Foley in a street fight at Madison Square Garden.

Triple H then said that if it was necessary, then the third fall would truly be No Way Out -- a steel cage match! He said that two men would enter the cage, but just one man would exit.

Mr. McMahon then made a couple of matches for SmackDown! -- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit, and Triple H vs. The Rock! Mr. McMahon said that the same thing would happen after the Game's match against The Rock on SmackDown!, and the Game's match with Stone Cold at No Way Out -- Triple H's arm would be raised!

A brief piece of footage was then shown of Linda McMahon at a private sanitarium, looking out the window.

The first match on SmackDown! pitted Kane against Edge. The Undertaker and Christian accompanied their brothers to the ring, and the Dudley Boyz also watched the match at ringside. Kane pinned Christian after a top-rope clothesline. After the match, Kane had some words with the Dudleys -- and Christian wound up putting Kane through a table the Dudleys had set up at ringside. Shockingly, Kane just sat up after going through the table, and got back into the ring, where he and his brother chokeslammed Edge & Christian

In a backstage parking area, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrive at the arena. Kevin Kelly asked him about his match against Chris Benoit, and the stipulations for No Way Out. The Rattlesnake asked Kelly what the stipulations were, and when "Hermy" told him, Austin just laughed and walked away.

During the commercial break, Al Snow left the arena. He said he was still frustrated from Mr. McMahon's attack on RAW, and he wasn't going to take it. Al said he was going to go to Mick Foley's house.

Lilian Garcia asked Chris Benoit what his game plan was for his match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Wolverine said his strategy was simple -- to win, because he is the best damn technical wrestler in the Federation.

In the locker room area, the Matt Hardy begged Lita to stay backstage, so as not to be subjcted to another attack by Dean Malenko. Lita said that she was definitely going to be at ringside.

Matt Hardy -- accompanied by Lita and Jeff -- took on Perry Saturn, who was seconded by Terri. Dean Malenko soon sauntered to ringside, and as Terri distracted Jeff Hardy, Dean snuck up behind Lita and kissed her, just as Matt rolled up Saturn for the pin! Lita slapped Dean, and then grabbed the microphone and challenged him to a match on RAW!

The Coach then asked Raven why he would accept a challenge from the Big Show for his Hardcore Title on SmackDown! Raven said that if he could defeat the Big Show, he would be the greatest Hardcore Champion ever.

Coach then asked if it was true that Raven's mystery ninja had forced him into the match -- and Raven reluctantly said yes!

Next up, Chris Benoit went one-on-one with Stone Cold Steve Austin! During the match, Triple H made his way to ringside. The Game even distracted the ref when Austin went for a pinfall! Triple H then slid a chair into the ring for Benoit -- but it made no difference, as before Benoit could use the chair, Austin nailed him with a Stunner and picked up the pinfall, much to the Game's dismay!

Mr. McMahon then walked back to the ring, carrying a heart-shaped box of chocolates. The chairman said he wanted to share a heartfelt moment with the fans -- his Valentine's Day gift to his wife, Linda. Mr. McMahon then showed footage on the TitanTron of him visiting Linda at the home.

In the footage, the chairman told his desolate wife that he still loved her, which is why he placed her in such a ritzy sanitarium. He then handed his wife some roses, although he said it was too bad she couldn't appreciate them, the same way he said she never appreciated him. Mr. McMahon then said that his wedding band was a token of just how much he still loved her -- and he showed her his wedding band, which was conveniently on his middle finger! He said that a lot of people thought that he and Linda were divorced, but he said he wisened up once she got sick.

He said that when she got sick, he got 100 percent of everything, but if he had gotten divorced, then Linda would have gotten 50 percent of everything. Vince also said that Valentine's Day was about friendship -- and he brought in Trish Stratus. The chairman introduced Trish to Linda. Trish said that Linda reminded her of her grandmother. Trish then kissed Linda on the forehead, and said that Linda was cold as ice. Mr. McMahon said that some things never change. The chairman then said that since Linda couldn't appreciate the roses anyway, he was going to give them to someone who would appreciate them -- and he gave the roses to Trish! Mr. McMahon and Trish then left Linda sitting there.

Back in the ring, Mr. McMahon introduced the crowd to two of his closest friends -- William Regal and Trish Stratus! The two walked to the ring, and Mr. McMahon gave the box of chocolates to Trish. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley then walked to the ring with a look on her face which could turn a man to stone. The chairman told his daughter to stay away from the ring -- but Stephanie got in the ring, speared Trish and slapped Regal! Regal and Mr. McMahon separated the two ladies, who were irate at each other!

Back in the parking area, an angry Trish told Mr. McMahon that she wanted to fight Stephanie! Mr. McMahon said no, and he and Regal put Trish into a limousine. Regal then suggested to Mr.

McMahon that a Stephanie-Trish match on Pay-Per-View could make a pretty penny for the chairman, and the owner -- who just moments earlier was repulsed by the thought -- suddenly seemed interested in making such a match for No Way Out!

Chris Jericho defended his Intercontinental Championship against X-Pac. Before the match, Y2J congratulated X-Pac on his transition from being a greasy-haired, cheap-bandanna-wearing jerky in black and green tights to being a greasy-haired, cheap-bandanna-wearing jerky in black and red tights! X-Pac seemed to have the title won after an X-factor, but Eddie Guerrero interfered in the bout, attacking Jericho. Justin Credible then ran to the ring to help X-Pac attack Guerrero. Y2J drove Credible and X-Pac away with a steel chair, and then nailed Guerrero over the head!

In a match for the Hardcore Championship, Raven defended against the Big Show. The Show seemed unphased by every weapon Raven could find! When Big Show got on the offensive against Raven, the mystery ninja attacked the Show with a 2x4. It didn't take long for Kaientai to run down to try to take advantage of the 24-7 rule, but they got a double-chokeslam for their troubles! Albert and K-Kwik also tried to win the title, but the Show disposed of them as well -- even chokeslamming K-Kwik onto a trash can! Val Venis also tried to win the title, but the Show destroyed him as well!

Raven and Big Show then fought through the crowd into the backstage area, where Tazz, Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman all tried to win the Hardcore Championship, only to be fought off by the Big Show! As the Show fought off the men, the woman in black helped Raven escape the Nassau Coliseum with his title.

Footage was then shown of Al Snow visiting Mick Foley's house! The former commissioner appeared to be in good spirits, and seemed really to be enjoying his time at home. Al told Mick that Mick should return to the Federation to get revenge against Mr. McMahon, but Foley said that he was content staying at home. Mick then suggested two words which would really drive Mr. McMahon crazy -- "Commissioner Snow!"

As Kevin Kelly waited outside The Rock's locker room, he was caught on tape picking his nose! When The Rock finally came out of his locker room and Kelly tried to interview him about his match against Triple H, the People's Champion said he saw Kelly picking his nose! Rocky told Kelly to stick his finger in his nose and to keep it there while he was talking! The Rock said that he defeated Rikishi on RAW for himself, not for Triple H. The Rock promised to kick Triple H's ass, and to send a message to Kurt Angle, who he will challenge at No Way Out. He said you can't stop The Rock.

Stone Cold Steve Austin provided color commentary for the main event on SmackDown!, pitting Triple H against The Rock.Referee Earl Hebner was soon knocked out, and Kurt Angle headed to the ring to attack The Rock! As Triple H gave Rock a Pedigree inside the ring, Stone Cold attacked Angle and kept the ref outside the ring, so Hebner couldn't count the pinfall! The Rock then hit a Rock Bottom on the Game, and Austin threw Hebner into the ring to count the fall, but Angle broke up the pin. As Angle continued his assault on Rock, Austin got into the ring and attacked the champion. Chris Benoit then got in the ring to join Angle in a double-team on Austin. Benoit then locked Austin in the Crossface, and Angle put Rock into an ankle-lock! Triple H then poured a beer over the prone Rattlesnake's head as SmackDown! went off the air!