North Charleston, South Carolina
February 8, 2001

World Wrestling Federation chairman Mr. McMahon headed to the ring as SmackDown! kicked off from Charleston, South Carolina, and there was a lottery tumbler in the middle of the ring! Mr. McMahon said that in the interest of fairness, he made a match for SmackDown! pitting The Rock against the Big Show, with the winner meeting Kurt Angle for the Federation Championship at No Way Out.

Mr. McMahon then said that both Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H had suggested stipulations for their match at No Way Out, and the owner said he had come up with a way to determine the final stipulation. He said that Stone Cold and the Game would stand at ringside on SmackDown! as representatives competed for them. If Austin's representative could defeat Triple H's representative, then Austin would get to choose the stipulation for No Way Out, and vice versa. Mr. McMahon said that the names of all the superstars were in the lottery tumbler, and he asked for a volunteer to objectively choose the representatives for both superstars.

As Mr. McMahon searched the crowd for a volunteer, William Regal sauntered to the ring, with Trish Stratus on his arm. Regal apologized for being so tired, but he said he hadn't been getting much sleep lately. Trish selected two names from the tumbler, and Mr. McMahon announced that Stone Cold would be represented by "The One" Billy Gunn, and the Game would be represented by Chris Jericho! Regal then kissed Trish before the two left the ring!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H complained to his wife about being represented by Jericho in the match later in the night.

The first match on SmackDown! pitted the Hardy Boyz again Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit of the Radicalz. As the match began, Dean Malenko walked to ringside. Malenko would interject himself into the bout, tossing Jeff Hardy into the ring steps. Dean then threw Jeff back into the ring, where he was easy prey for the Crossface and a Radicalz win.

Triple H and Stephanie were then shown walking together backstage. Triple H then walked in one direction, while Stephanie went in another.

In a locker room, Trish told William Regal never to kiss her in public again. Stephanie then barged into their locker room and told Regal that it was pathetic how he was helping her father to cover up his relationship with Trish. Regal assured Stephanie that his feelings for the "buxom wench" were real. Stephanie warned Regal that he might want her father as an ally, but he sure didn't want her as an enemy. Regal asked Stephanie to sit down with him so they could talk things over.

As Mr. McMahon walked backstage, he was approached by Al Snow. Al said he still wanted to talk about Mick Foley, a topic the Federation chairman quickly averted. As Al continued talking about Foley, Mr. McMahon told him that he had better go to the ring, because he had a match and his opponent was already heading to the ring! As Al walked away, he saw Stephanie coming out of his locker room with a big smile on her face, apparently stemming from her conversation with Regal.

As Billy Gunn got dressed in his locker room, Triple H walked in and asked him to lie down for Chris Jericho in their match so that the Game would be able to set the stipulation for No Way Out. "The One" refused, and said that starting tonight, he was out for himself. The Game then attacked Billy with a fire extinguisher, knocking him out cold!

Al Snow was out in the ring after Mr. McMahon told him he was late for his match, but there was no opponent to be found -- until Rikishi came to the ring, accompanied by Haku! The 400-pounder destroyed Snow, finally pinning him after a devastating sit-down splash. After the match, Haku and Rikishi continued to assault poor Al.

In Mr. McMahon's locker room, the Coach asked Mr. McMahon who would replace Billy Gunn if "The One" were unable to compete. Mr. McMahon said that Triple H would meet Jericho!

Next up, the Dudley Boyz defended the Tag Team Championship against Edge & Christian. Edge & Christian appeared to have the match and the titles won, until the Undertaker and Kane came to the ring to make sure that didn't happen. Taker interfered in the bout, chokeslamming Edge in retribution for what happened on RAW IS WAR, when Edge & Christian cost the Brothers Grim the titles. Kane and Taker then chokeslammed the Dudleyz for good measure.

After the match, an irate Edge & Christian went to Mr. McMahon to complain about Kane & Undertaker costing them the Tag Team Championship. The chairman said that to make things fair, Edge & Christian could host HEAT this Sunday, and they could face Kane & Undertaker on RAW, with the winning team getting a shot at the Dudley Boyz' titles at No Way Out.

In a Hardcore Championship match, Raven defended against Hardcore Holly, accompanied by Molly. Hardcore was able to pin Raven to become Hardcore Champion! As the match ended, Raven's mystery woman headed to the ring where she was headed off by Molly, who tried to unmask her! But thanks to Raven's help, the mystery woman knocked out Molly. The mystery woman then helped Raven to knock out Hardcore Holly and to regain the Hardcore Title, thanks to the 24-7 rule!

The APA, Jacqueline and The Kat were then shown backstage playing strip poker!

Kevin Kelly interviewed Steven Richards about what happened with The Kat on Monday's RAW. Steven said he was a man who made mistakes, but he would never make that mistake again. He said the Kat violated him on RAW. Steven said that yes, we come into the world naked, but we also come into the world innocent, something which he said Kat was not. He said that the Right to Censor would ensure that the Right to Nudity never got off the ground. Steven swore he would fight the World Wrestling Federation and the XFL.

In eight-person tag action, the Right to Censor -- represented by Steven, Ivory, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather -- took on the APA, Jacqueline and The Kat. Ivory won the match for her team, pinning Kat with her feet on the ropes.

Jerry Lawler then announced a switcheroo for this Saturday's XFL broadcast on NBC, he will be working with Matt Vasgersian, and Jim Ross would be working with Jesse Ventura!

Next up, Jericho took on Triple H. Prior to the match, Y2J said it was appropriate that the match came about due to a lottery. Jericho said that Stephanie and a lottery had a lot in common -- they had both been played by everyone and they both cost a dollar, but unlike the lottery -- where sometimes you win and sometimes you lose -- with Stephanie, you always get lucky! The two old rivals went at it fast and furious, and the Game was clearly not in a good mood.

During the match, Eddie Guerrero headed to ringside to distract Jericho, allowing the Game to score the Pedigree and win the match. After the match, Stone Cold headed to the ring and stunned Guerrero! Y2J then snuck up behind Triple H and locked him in the Walls of Jericho, and the Rattlesnake took advantage, talking trash to and pouring beer on the prone Triple H!

Coach then interviewed Mr. McMahon, and Mr. McMahon said he was going to have a match to determine the final stipulation for the Austin/Game match this Monday on RAW -- and he said this time, he would personally select the representatives for the Rattlesnake and Triple H. Mr. McMahon selected Rikishi to represent Stone Cold, and The Rock to represent Triple H!

World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle was looking for his "You Lack Intensity" T-shirt when Essa Rios walked by. Angle accused Rios of stealing his T-shirt and selling it to buy tequila! After Kurt made a couple of other offensive jokes, the former Light Heavyweight Champion told Angle that he wanted him in the ring this Sunday on HEAT!

Kevin Kelly then interviewed The Rock. The People's Champion promised to defeat the Big Show and move on to No Way Out to face the Federation Champion.World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle came to ringside for the main event on SmackDown!, a No. 1 contenders match between The Rock and the Big Show to determine who will challenge Angle at No Way Out. In talking to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, Angle confirmed that he will take on Essa Rios this Sunday on HEAT! At one point in the match, the Big Show and Kurt Angle came to blows in front of the announce table! Moments later, The Rock put the Big Show through the announce table! The Show recovered, however, and soon hit Rock with a chokeslam. But as he picked Rock up for the chokeslam, he accidentally knocked out the ref. As the Show went to help the ref recover, Angle attacked the Show with two brutal chairshots. Rock then knocked out Angle and gave Show a Rock Bottom onto a chair! The referee recovered and counted the three as Rock pinned the Big Show to earn a title match against Angle at No Way Out! After the match, an irate Big Show chokeslammed both Kurt Angle and The Rock!