Columbus, Ohio
February 1, 2001

SmackDown! Xtreme kicked off from Columbus, Ohio, with the Tag Team Championship on the line in a Table Match, as the Dudley Boyz defended against the Hardy Boyz. A spectacular match was made even more intense when the Hardyz brought a ladder into play! The men soon battled their way up the entrance ramp, where Buh Buh Ray Dudley gave Jeff Hardy a full nelson slam off the stage through two tables! That move allowed the Dudleyz to retain their Tag Team Championship!

Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown in a locker room, watching the action and drinking a few Steve-weisers.

After the break, Matt, Jeff, Buh Buh Ray and D-Von were all shown in the locker room area writhing in pain after their table match. Lita came over to check on the Hardyz, and Matt told her not to worry -- and to go out and defeat Ivory for the Women's Championship.

Lita then headed to the ring for a Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship, pitting her against Jacqueline and Ivory. Lita hit the moonsault on Jackie, but Ivory snuck up behind Lita and threw her out of the ring, and then Ivory covered Jackie to retain her title!

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley then entered their locker room to find it covered in empty beer cans and reeking of beer. Stone Cold had been drinking in the McMahon/Helmsley locker room.

The Texas Rattlesnake then came out of the bathroom -- much to Stephanie's horror! Taking advantage of the contract stipulation which subjects Triple H to a six-month suspension if he touches Austin before No Way Out, Stone Cold further aggravated the Game and his wife, before leaving them in their locker room, seething with rage.

Edge & Christian came to the ring to say that they had been booked in the toughest match of their careers -- against Kaientai! As Edge laughed, Taka and Funaki came to the stage, where Taka informed Edge & Christian that Funaki had come down with a rash and would be unable to compete. However, because they are evil, they introduced Edge & Christian's new opponents -- the Acolytes! At one point, Edge & Christian were about to give Faarooq the con-chair-to, but Funaki pushed Faarooq out of the way, sacrificing himself to the con-chair-to. Moments later, Faarooq picked up the pin after nailing Christian with a spinebuster.

In the backstage area, Mr. McMahon complained to officials about all the pressure he was under. William Regal then came over to tell the Federation chairman that someone was on the phone for him, but Mr. McMahon said he was too busy. Regal then whispered to Mr. McMahon to tell him who was on the phone, and the chairman got a big smile on his face and said he would take the call right away!

After the commercial break, Mr.

McMahon was shown on the phone, telling the person on the other end that they were the most important thing in the world to him. The chairman then grew excited when the person on the other end of the phone told him that they were in Columbus!

The Coach then interviewed Billy Gunn about Chyna's recent media appearances. As "The One" talked about the Ninth Wonder of the World, the Big Show snuck up from behind to interrupt. After knocking Billy to the ground, the Show said that he had been gone for six months and he had yet to be interviewed since his return. The Big Show said that he was back in town, and that was bad news for the other World Wrestling Federation Superstars.

Trish Stratus was then shown taking a bath! Trish was on the phone with someone, who she told to come down to join her in the bath -- and she promised that if the person scratched her back, then she would scratch theirs!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H complained to Stephanie about Stone Cold's actions earlier in the night. Stephanie told her husband to focus, especially on once again becoming Federation Champion. She then said she would go talk to her dad.

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho then walked to the ring and issued an "extreme" open challenge for his title. Y2J questioned who would answer his challenge -- Albert with his extremely huge cranium? Chris Benoit with the extremely brutal gap in his teeth? Or Triple H with his extremely large schnozola?

Tazz then came out to accept the challenge -- saying that if anyone knew extreme, it was him! Jericho would retain his title, however, pinning Tazz after a Lionsault.

Mr. McMahon then looked around in the parking area for his limousine driver, as he was apparently in a big rush to get somewhere. As he struggled to find his driver, Stephanie approached him and questioned where he was going. Mr. McMahon said he had some business to attend to. Stephanie then asked her father if Triple H could be added to the Rock/Angle title match later in the night, making it a Triple Threat Match. The chairman said OK, as long as Stone Cold would be nowhere near the match. Mr. McMahon then grew tired of waiting for his driver, and the chairman got behind the wheel of his own limo and burned rubber down the street!

The Kat then came out to the stage and said she wanted to take "extreme" to a whole new level. She said she would give everyone exactly what they wanted to see -- full frontal nudity! But as Kat prepared to take off her bikini top, out came the Right to Censor! Steven Richards was irate at the Federation fans for nearly allowing such a thing to happen! He said that if the fans wanted to see extreme, then the Right to Censor would show them something truly extreme, and it would be for their own good.

Finally, The Rock had come back to Columbus! The People's Champion talked to Kevin Kelly about the Triple Threat Match on SmackDown! Xtreme.

The Rock promised to win the title and to headline WrestleMania for the third year in a row.

Stone Cold then drank a few beers in the locker room area, and shook up a few others.

In a match after their earlier confrontation, the Big Show took on Billy Gunn. The Show pinned "The One" after a chokeslam.

Lilian Garcia talked to Kurt Angle about the Triple Threat Match. Angle said that the developments earlier in the night didn't surprise him, and that nothing surprised him in the Federation anymore. He said that all anyone wanted was to see him lose his title -- and he promised that wouldn't happen.

Kevin Kelly talked to Kane and the Undertaker. The Taker said that on Monday's episode of RAW IS WAR, Haku and Rikishi had unearthed a side of him that fans hadn't seen in a while, and he liked it. He promised to bust the island boys open later in the night. Kevin then asked Kane why he had gotten back together with his brother, and Kane said that blood was thicker than water.

The First Blood Match was up next, as the Taker and Kane took on Haku and Rikishi. After a monstrous brawl, Kane nailed Rikishi with the ring steps, and the Taker creamed Haku with a chair. Both the Samoans were busted open as Taker and Kane won the match! After the match, the fight continued until referees separated the four men.

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H was preparing for his Triple Threat Match when Stone Cold Steve Austin walked in carrying a couple of beers.

The Rattlesnake offered the Game a beer, but the Game just stared him down. Austin then opened one the beers, which was apparently one of the ones he had shaken up earlier, because it sprayed beer all over Triple H! Stephanie held her irate husband back, as Stone Cold laughed and left the locker room.

The main event on SmackDown! Xtreme was the Triple Threat Match for the Federation Championship involving Kurt Angle, Triple H and The Rock. During the match, Stone Cold came to ringside to drink a few beers! After several near falls, referee Earl Hebner was knocked out. Triple H then set up Kurt Angle for the Pedigree, but he went to taunt Austin before he did the move, allowing Angle to hit the Game with a low blow. Angle then rolled up the Game with an inside cradle, and Stone Cold jumped into the ring and grabbed the hand of the unconscious Earl Hebner, quickly banging it to the canvas three times! Kurt Angle had retained his title, and Stone Cold had continued playing mind games with Triple H!