Charlotte, North Carolina
December 21, 2000

A video of Vince McMahon and clips from Raw is shown to open the show.

Vince and Steph come out. Vince says the he has a confession to make. He confesses that he is not a role model. He goes on to talk about Linda and Mick and his acts towards them. He says that he can do what he did because he is Vince McMahon. Steph gets the mic. She sucks up to Vince and how he gave her his genetics. Steph bad-mouths her mother and how she was a bad businesswoman. She then talks about Mick and how he was fired. Steph says that her father is a role model. She talks about how Mick let Austin drop Triple H 40 feet in a car. Then how Mick didn’t even check up on Triple H ‘s condition for the Hell In A Cell match. Vince wishes everyone a Happy Holidays and leaves with Steph.

Vince is shown telling Steph to go see Triple H. Steph leaves in a limo. Trish then comes to see Vince. Trish asks if Jacky could fight Ivory for the WWF Women’s Title. Vince agrees.

Dudley Boyz vs. Lo Down with Tiger Ali Singh.
The Dudley Boyz jump Lo Down outside the ring. Lo Down takes control in the early part of the match. Some great double team moves are executed by Lo Down. A couple of close two counts take place with Lo Down on the offensive. Both men are trying to make a tag. The Dudley Boyz get the take and take control. A close two count for The Dudley’s come after a top rope clothesline. Buh Buh calls for the table. Chaz comes in and gets the 3D and the Dudley Boyz get the pin.
Winner: The Dudley Boyz

Vince is shown backstage telling Tim White (the ref who was stunned by Austin) that no ref will be hurt when he is in charge. Vince sings some Christmas Carols.

Stone Cold is shown arriving.

Jacky vs. Ivory (WWF Women’s Title Match)
Part the way through the match, Steve Richards, Good Father, and Bull pull the ref out of the ring. Ivory is in trouble. Ivory gets a roll up on Jacky and gets the win. After the match the Acolytes come in and beat up the RTC.
Winner: Ivory (Still WWF Women’s Champion)

Vince is shown talking to Debra and offering her the Lt. Commissioner job to work under Vince. She accepts.

The King’s phone rings. It is Mike and Gary. They say that they want backstage passes for next weeks show. Mike Cole pluggs for their new show.

A limo is shown with Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle all entering the arena.

The Rock is interviewed. He talks about his tag team victory with the Undertaker and the situation with Mick and Vince. Rock says that he is mad at Edge and Christian for beating on Mick after he was down. Rock tells them to come beat on him. He says that he is gonna whip both of their candy a$$es all over Charlotte.

Vince goes to see Stone Cold in his locker room. He asks him about what he did to Tim White. Austin says that he made the wrong call. Vince asks Austin to be an official of the European Title match. Austin says that he doesn’t want to be an official.

The Hardy Boys and Chris Jericho with Lita vs. The Radicalz with Terri
Y2J comes out and throws out some hilarious verbal blows at the Radicalz. He shows Benoit next to the maid from the Jetsons. Now, to the match. Terri almost gets decked by the Hardys but Saturn saves her. The Radicalz take total control. Lita throws Dean into the steel steps outside the ring. Jericho hits the Lionsault on Benoit and scores the pin.
Winner: Y2J and the Hardy Boys with Lita

Vince is shown talking to Raven. Vince tells Raven that it is Mick’s fault about what happened to Al Snow. Vince gives Raven a shot at the hardcore title tonight against Steve Blackman.

Austin is shown instructing where his kegs of beer should go when a ref hands him a refree shirt and tell him he has to wear it. Austin spray paints REF 3:16 on the shirt he has on and wears that.

William Regal vs. Hardcore Holly Special Ref: Stone Cold Steve Austin (European Championship Match)
Regal talks about his win over Austin last Monday. A close match and Austin refs with a beer can in his hand. Regal spills Austin’s beer. Austin give Regal a Stunner. He then gives Hardcore Holly a Stunner. Kane comes out. Kane gives Stone Cold a choke-slam.

Austin goes to see Vince. Austin says that Vince sent Kane to get him. Vince denies it. Vince puts Kane in a match Christmas night against Austin.

Crash and Molly Holly vs. Kaientai
Kaientai controls the early part of the match-up. Molly hits a body splash on Taka and then plants Funaki with a DDT. Crash hits a missile dropkick which allows the three count.
Winner: Crash Holly and Molly Holly

Lilian Garcia interviews the Undertaker. He says that if Vince stays out of his face, he won’t hurt him. When asked about a rematch with Edge and Christian, he replies, “pain is the name of the game.”

Steve Blackman vs. Raven (Hardcore Title Match)
Both men start out with a kendo stick each. They then proceed to fight outside with trash cans and other assorted items. Raven, in the ring, decks Blackman with the kendo stick. Blackman delivers a DDT off the top-rope onto a trash can and gets the pin.
Winner: Steve Blackman (retains Hardcore Title)

Vince is shown praising Angle for his work on Raw. Angle says that Edge and Christin are nervous that Taker and Rock will try to cheat in their match tonight. Vince tells Angle to tell Edge and Christian that he has an idea to make this a fair match.

Angel is shown talking to Edge and Christian. He tells them that Vince promises a fair match. Edge and Christian are not pleased at all.

Billy Gunn vs. Steven Richards
Billy controls the early going. Steven then makes a comeback and takes control over to his favor. Gunn then hits a Half Nelson Slam and gets the pin.
Winner: Billy Gunn

The Rock and Undertaker vs. Edge and Christian (WWF Tag Team Title Match)
Kurt comes out with a ref shirt on. He will be the guest refree in the match. Christian takes control over Taker in the early stage of the match, but, Taker quickly gets the control back in his favor. The Rock gets a tag and goes against Edge. He delivers a double-clothesline on Edge and Christian. Christian then gets the tag and takes control over the Rock. Rock battles back and both men go down with a double-clothesline. Edge gets the Last Ride but Kurt doesn’t count. The Rock gets shoved by Angle. The Rock gives Angle the Rock Bottom. The Rock plants Christian’s head on the announce table. Taker gives Edge the choke-slam. Earl Hebner comes in. 1..2.. Christian breaks up the count. The Rock gets tag and plants the DDT on Edge. No ref bcause Earl is distracted. The Rock gets the Olympic Slam by Kurt Angle and he makes the three count. They get screwed out of the titles by Kurt Angle.

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