Little Rock, Arkansas
December 14, 2000

As SmackDown! went on the air from Little Rock, Arkansas, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley went into Commissioner Mick Foley's office. Stephanie said she didn't want to talk about her husband, she wanted to talk about her mother -- the woman who put Mick in power. She said her mother had been distraught ever since Vince asked her for a divorce last Thursday. Mick said he couldn't help but feel slightly responsible -- and Stephanie said he was definitely a little bit responsible, since he kept egging Vince on. Stephanie told Mick that Vince took that frustration out on Linda. She then asked the commissioner to take it easy on her father for a week or two, and Mick promised he would lighten up, out of respect for Linda.

In the opening match on SmackDown!, Edge & Christian faced off with the Dudley Boyz in a non-title match. The Dudleyz looked to have the match won after a 3-D on Christian, but with the referee distracted, Edge came in the ring and KOed Buh Buh Ray with one of the tag title belts. Three seconds later, Edge & Christian picked up the win.

As Mr. McMahon got out of his limo outside the arena, he was approached by Commissioner Foley. Keeping Stephanie's earlier request in mind, Mick told Vince that he thought they should learn to co-exist, since he refused to resign as commissioner and he was in for the long haul.

Vince was taken aback by the request, and he questioned why a man who took a smelly sock out of his crotch and shoved it down his throat on RAW would now want to co-exist with him. Vince said he would take it under consideration.
World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle then headed to the ring. The American hero said that after winning the Hell in the Cell match and after surviving a Tag Team Table match on Monday and after walking out on SmackDown! with his head held high, that maybe he would have earned some respect from the fans. Kurt said that being a man of integrity, it sickened him to see Mick Foley not keeping his promise about resigning if someone was injured in Hell in the Cell. He said that Vince McMahon was right for wanting to see Mick Foley resign. He then asked how many more superstars would go down before Mick finally realized how dangerous he was. He said that he had three I's, but Mick had three H's -- that he was a hungry, horrible hypocrite!

The commissioner didn't take too kindly to that. Foley came to the ring, saying that in the past he had always found Angle amusing, but now he just wanted him to shut his mouth. Foley said that there was a time when Angle was respected -- but then people got to know him, and they couldn't respect a sniveling, whining, backstabbing crybaby! 

Foley then said that Triple H's injuries weren't caused by Hell in the Cell, but by the accumulation of injuries over a period of months.

And Foley said that Rikishi wouldn't have been injured if Vince had brought the truck to ringside. So he said that resigning would just be rewarding Vince for bad behavior. Foley proclaimed that as bad as Angle might think things were with him in charge, it would be a whole lot worse with Vince in charge.
Suddenly, William Regal's music started playing and the European Champion came to the ring. Regal told Angle that he respected him, a lot more than Arkansas native Bill Clinton and a lot more than "Michael Foley," as he called him. Regal said that Foley didn't love the business, he only loved certain people in the business. Regal asked Foley where he was when he was reading Shakespeare and Austin stunned him a few months back. He asked where Foley was when he was giving his Thanksgiving address and The Rock interrupted. He also asked where Foley was when Austin stunned him on Monday's RAW. He said that Foley treats fine gentlemen like himself and Kurt Angle like dogs, but Foley lets the hooligans who besmirched him run the WWF.

Foley said he did love the WWF, and he had an idea to make everyone happy. He then made a tag team match for SmackDown! pitting Angle and Regal against the "besmirchers" -- Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock! Foley then told Regal to have a jolly good day!

In his locker room, Mr. McMahon was on the phone with a member of his legal team.
Vince instructed the attorney to deliver legal papers to his wife every hour on the hour, seven days a week! He then checked with his attorney to make sure that Linda couldn't touch his off-shore accounts! Mr. McMahon hung up the phone when Stephanie entered his locker room. Although Stephanie said there was information about Linda that she told Vince he didn't know, Vince said he wouldn't discuss the divorce with her -- not tonight, not any night.

Although she was still injured from Monday's RAW, Lita got a title shot against Women's Champion Ivory on SmackDown! During the match, Dean Malenko came to ringside. Lita soon went outside the ring and attacked him. When Dean threw her back in the ring, she was still fixated on him and didn't notice Ivory sneaking up behind her, suplexing her and scoring the pinfall.

Mick Foley and Debra were playing hockey in the commissioner's office when Raven walked in. Mick told Raven that since he took out Mick's best friend witha cinder block on RAW, he was putting him in a hardcore match against the Undertaker on SmackDown!

Stephanie then went back to Vince's locker room and said that he needed to know something -- that Linda was really sick. Stephanie said that Linda had lost a great deal of weight in the past week -- and Vince said that she could stand to lose a few pounds.

Stephanie said that Linda was so weak that she could barely talk to her -- which Vince also said was a good thing, since all she did was talk all the years they were together! Stephanie then said that all Linda could do was lie in bed motionless -- and Vince said that rings a bell too! Stephanie told her dad that sometimes he was really disgusting.
Next up, Val Venis of the Right to Censor took on "The One" Billy Gunn. Ivory tried to give Val the Women's Championship to hit Billy with, but Billy grabbed it from Ivory and used it to knock out Val! That got "The One" disqualified.

Backstage, Stephanie again went to her father's locker room and demanded he discuss the divorce with her. She said that the future of the business, the future of their family, and even Linda's health were at stake. She asked him to please go home and discuss the matter with Linda. Vince said he would never go home, and then slammed the door in his daughter's face! Stephanie then thought for a moment, and said that if Vince wouldn't discuss the matter in private, then maybe he would so do in public!

Stephanie then walked down to the ring, and in the middle of the ring, she again demanded her father's attention. She said she wasn't leaving until her father came out, because she wanted to save his and Linda's marriage. Gerald Brisco went to Vince's locker room and told him what was going on, and the chairman then met his daughter in the ring.

Stephanie apologized for calling him out, and then asked Vince why he would ask for a divorce just because Linda made a business decision by siding with Commissioner Foley. Stephanie told Vince that he had a fairytale marriage, and asked him to reconsider, because Linda loved him. 

Mr. McMahon then gave his daughter a history lesson about his mother. He said that Linda used to live on the other side of the tracks -- the poor section of town. He said that Linda's family never lived up to his. He said he was attracted to Linda because she had a certain "reputation." He said they had a "really good time" on the very first date in the backseat of Linda's 1969 Chevy Impala! Vince then said that Linda didn't love him -- she loved his money! 

Vince then said that he was starting to look at Stephanie in a different light. He said she had her mother's eyes, her mother's hair, her mother's pottymouth and her mother's sour scent. As Stephanie cried in front of him, Vince said that she used to be daddy's little girl, but now she was just like her mother -- a couple of spoiled, ungrateful, rich bitches!

Vince then told Stephanie the same thing he told Linda -- to get out of his life and stay out! As Stephanie ran back to the locker room, Vince told Stephanie to give Linda a message -- that there would soon be a new Mrs. McMahon, a voluptuous woman who could keep up with his sexual prowess! He also promised that the new Mrs. McMahon would be about Stephanie's age!

Stephanie then ran back to the locker room, and Vince demanded that Patterson and Brisco open the ring ropes for him -- but the stooges just walked away!

During the commercial break, Patterson and Brisco were escorting Stephanie from the arena when Vince stopped them and asked where they thought they were going. The stooges just looked at him in disguest and left the arena.

Next up, Raven faced the Undertaker in a hardcore match. As expected, the Undertaker absolutely destroyed Raven -- much to the delight of Mick Foley, who watched on as the man who hospitalized his best friend was bloodied and given the Last Ride through the announce table for the win! 

In tag team action, the Hardy Boyz took on Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit. Shockingly, Jef Hardy rolled up Benoit and pinned him for the win!

As Vince was on the phone saying he didn't care if the stooges ever came back, Commissioner Foley entered his office. Vince asked if Foley was there to "co-exist," and Foley said no. He said Vince might be the owner of the Federation, but he was the commissioner. He told Vince that any man who treated his daughter the way Vince treated Stephanie was garbage. Surprisingly, after Foley left, Vince got an evil grin on his face!

Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko then took on Chris Jericho. Before the match, Dean told Lita how lucky she was to have gotten a kiss from his lips on RAW.

As Malenko talked, Y2J cut him off, and said that if Malenko was looking for something to kiss, he should kiss Jericho's ass! He called Malenko an over-the-hill nerd with the sex appeal of Urkel! During the match, Eddie Guerrero came down to ringside to antagonize Y2J. Latino Heat nailed Y2J when Jericho went for the Lionsault, and Malenko pinned Jericho for the win! After the match, an enraged Jericho put Guerrero in the Walls of Jericho.

Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed The Rock about teaming with Stone Cold against William Regal and Kurt Angle. The Rock promised to whip their candy asses in the main event.

Next up, it was main event time on SmackDown! Oddly, as Kurt Angle and William Regal headed to the ring, Kane walked down the aisle behind them! Angle and Regal faced off with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in an intense affair. Although Kane did everything he could to help out Angle and Regal at ringside, Austin won the match for his team, pinning Regal after a Stone Cold Stunner.

Finally, we go back again to Mr. McMahon's dressing room, where a technician ran in to tell Vince that his son, Shane, was on the phone, and it was an emergency. Shane told Vince that Linda had been rushed to the hospital. Vince said he would rush home as soon as possible. Vince's grief was short-lived, however, as the evil owner looked at himself in the mirror and broke out into a huge smile as SmackDown! went off the air!