Indianapolis, Indiana
November 16, 2000

Just 72 hours before the 14th-annual Survivor Series, SmackDown! was full of emotion and intrigue, as it aired from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis!
Carrying a sledgehammer, the 424-pound Rikishi sauntered to the ring as the show kicked off. The crowd chanted for The Rock, but Rikishi claimed that Rock wasn't even there, and even if he was there, he wouldn't do anything anyway except get slapped down! 

Rikishi said he was a giving man, just like The Rock. He said that he had given The Rock a sledgehammer right to his chest! Rikishi then thanked the Radicalz -- who said on the OvalTron that it was their pleasure! 

Rikishi then promised to take Rock out this Sunday until there was no more Rock. He said that his problems with Stone Cold Steve Austin were business problems, but his problems with The Rock were personal. He said Rock ain’t seen nothing yet.

Commissioner Mick Foley then came to the stage to a huge ovation! Mick said that taking out Rock with a car and a sledgehammer didn't make Rikishi tough -- it made him a gutless coward! Foley said he felt he needed to take some action as commissioner. He said fines, suspensions, and even firing Rikishi wouldn't be enough. Instead, he said he would leave Rikishi's punishment up to The Rock, since no punishment would be as bad as what Rock would do to him at Survivor Series.

The commissioner said that he didn't want Rikishi to stay at SmackDown!, since he made everyone sick to their stomachs. Foley then invited some cops to go to the ring and escort Rikishi out of the Conseco Fieldhouse! Foley and the cops took Rikishi out to the parking lot and made him get in his car and leave. Rikishi did so, saying it was because he loved to drive so much!

T&A and Trish Stratus -- also known as the T&APA -- took on Crash and Hardcore Holly, accompanied by Molly Holly. Hardcore was soon able to roll up Test for the win! Angered over the loss, Test and Albert surrounded Molly -- allowing Trish Stratus to sneak up behind her and hit her with a bulldog. Trish then nailed her in the head with a boot!

Back in their locker room, the Radicalz complained about the lack of quality of their food!

Triple H then delivered a message to the crowd live from the World Wrestling Federation television studio in Stamford, Conn. He talked about how Austin predicted that something was wrong on RAW -- and it was him. He said that Austin had felt his presence that Monday. He told Austin to be afraid. He ran down the events of the past year, and said that Austin was right to fear him. He told Austin that this was a game he could not win.

As they took on Too Cool, Tazz and Raven seemed to have put their problems from RAW behind them as they took on Too Cool -- for at least a few minutes anyway! Raven soon DDTed Tazz, allowing Grand Master Sexay to pin him after a Hip Hop Drop! During the break, Raven would DDT Tazz off the ring steps onto a chair!

The Radicalz were awaiting their meatballs in the locker room when Eddie Guerrero left for his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Chris Benoit said that as soon as they got their meatballs, the trap would snap shut.

Prior to the match, "Latino Heat" addressed the Rattlesnake, challenging him to come down to the ring. He said if Austin didn't come down, he would start drinking his beer! Eddie then laid down in the ring and said he would give Austin the first shot. We would soon find out where Austin was -- dressed as the Radicalz' waiter, he snuck into their locker room and obliterated them! He then barricaded their locker room with a forklift! Now one-on-one, Eddie Guerrero was easy prey for a Stone Cold Stunner, and the Rattlesnake pinned him for the 1-2-3!

An irate Guerrero went back to the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, followed by Commissioner Mick Foley. Foley said that Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn would take on Road Dogg and K-Kwik that night, and Benoit would take on The Rock, who had arrived at the arena just moments earlier!

Edge & Christian provided some totally awesome guest commentary for the next match, which pitted the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz against Steven Richards, Val Venis, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather of the Right to Censor! Ivory soon tried to get involved in the match, but Lita took her out with a spear! The Dudleyz then nailed the Goodfather with a 3-D, and Jeff Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb for the win! After the match, D-Von nailed Mr. Richards with the "Wassap!" headbutt from the top rope! Buh Buh then went to get a table, but Edge & Christian attacked him before he could do so. 

Prior to their tag team match against Chris Jericho and the Undertaker, Kurt Angle approached Kane and told the Big Red Machine that he was better than both Y2J and the American Bad Ass. During the match, Kane chokeslammed Jericho through a ringside table! Inside the ring, Taker had Angle set up for the Last Ride, but Kane saved the Federation Champion. But the Taker bounced back, chokeslamming his brother. Angle saved Kane from the pinfall with a steel chair. After another chairshot, Angle pinned the Undertaker's shoulders to the mat!

Lilian Garcia caught up to Stone Cold in the parking lot as the Rattlesnake was leaving the building. The Rattlesnake simply said that he wasn't scared.

Road Dogg and K-Kwik brought the sold-out crowd at the Conseco Fieldhouse to their feet as they performed "Gettin' Rowdy" on their way to the ring! Their opponents, Malenko and Saturn, didn't make nearly as flashy an entrance, although they did get rowdy once the opening bell rang. Making his Federation in-ring debut, K-Kwik looked hot as he flew over the top rope to the outside, crushing both Radicalz! As Billy Gunn and Chyna watched on from the back, Saturn accidentally kicked Malenko, and K-Kwik hit a top-rope splash on Malenko for the win!

During the break, Michael Cole was preparing to interview Lo Down and Tiger Ali Singh when Commissioner Mick Foley came over to make another match for Survivor Series -- Road Dogg, K-Kwik, Billy Gunn and Chyna vs. the Radicalz in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

Kevin Kelly then interviewed The Rock, who said he hadn't slept a wink since Rikishi ran him down on RAW. He promised to make things really personal at the Survivor Series.

As Rock and Benoit battled in the SmackDown! main event, Rikishi soon walked through the crowd, heading straight for the ring! The People's Champion cut Rikishi off at the pass, but Benoit saved the 400-pounder. The Wolverine nailed three German suplexes on The Rock, and distracted the referee as Rikishi pounded on the Brahma Bull. Rikishi then annihilated The Rock with a Banzai Drop, squashing the People's Champion's chest! The Rock spat up blood as SmackDown! went off the air.